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Connect with Like-minded Academic Singles

Academic singles can be hard to find. The lifestyle of an academic often involves a dedication to work that other professionals don’t understand. Long nights, a difficult work/life balance, and a striving for excellence are the hallmarks of a typical academic. But, how do you find a partner who will understand that?
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Finding Academic Singles Online

Dating can be a challenge for academic and professional high-flyers. Many dating sites mix everyone together and make it almost impossible to pair up with people who share the same intellectual abilities and passions. But EliteSingles is different. Our dating platform includes sophisticated matchmaking and testing tools which deliver personalized selections of intelligent singles. Whether you're an art history professor, a museum curator, or a bestselling author, our academic dating site is the place to find love.

What Makes Academic Dating Different on EliteSingles?

It's a common situation for academic singles. You've aced every test you've ever sat, climbed career ladders, played starring roles at international conferences, and built an expert reputation, but love is still as elusive as ever.

If that sounds familiar, don't worry. Academically-minded singles often struggle to find partners who are a good intellectual fit, so you're hardly alone. At the same time, our academic and professional lives can make it hard to set aside the time to date, get to know people, and decide whether you are ready to commit.

So what's the solution? In these circumstances, EliteSingles may just have the perfect answer. Our team know a lot of high-flying individuals who haven't translated their academic credentials into lifelong romance. As we saw them struggle to find suitable partners, it became obvious that the dating market was missing something fundamental: a proven, easy-to-use platform which brings together intelligent singles for academic dating. Now, our platform has been perfected, and it's ready to fill that niche. Let's explore how you can use it smartly to boost your love life.

Smart Personality Testing that Links Academic Singles Effectively

When we were putting together the EliteSingles website, we tried a few other academic dating site alternatives on for size — and found them wanting. It turns out that matching complex, intelligent, unpredictable individuals isn't a simple task (who'd have thought?). What might work for the general populace doesn't produce good results for academics and intellectuals. In fact, some of the results were simply bizarre.

As a result, the EliteSingles system takes as many variables as possible into account, allowing us to assess our entire user base and find the most valid matches. The core of the website is our personality test. We chose to use a "Five Factor" process (McRae and Foster, 1990), which produces a sensitive matrix based on key personality elements.

This personality test isn't solely geared around the courses you teach, the theaters you visit, or the books you love. Instead, the in-depth test really builds a picture of who you are and the kind of people you would resonate with. Looking at various facets of your personality, it provides a comprehensive outline of what is important to you. 

When that's done, you'll be sure to appreciate the caliber of the recommendations it generates. There's a vast difference between our outputs and those of typical dating platforms, ensuring that academic singles can connect like never before. And with EliteSingles sending you 3-7 profiles daily, it's just a matter of time before you meet your match! 

Discover Local Academic Singles Who Tick All of Your Boxes

Our testing process goes beyond matching personalities. That's important, for sure, but not enough to guarantee fruitful academic dating. To refine our recommendations further, we added a few other dimensions to the process, putting even more daylight between EliteSingles and other services.

For example, some of the questions in the test will ascertain the stage your professional and personal life has reached. That way, we can try to match academics who are interested in travel and exploring the world, or couples who may be ready to start a family. Timing is really important in dating, and our platform works hard to couple academic singles whose lives are in perfect harmony.

Furthermore, users can refine the matches they receive, making them even more relevant. You can filter outputs based on age, religion, and level of educational attainment, turning your daily set of recommendations into a few surefire prospects. And you can focus on geography, as well, setting your recommendations to cities as diverse as San Francisco and Chicago.

Ready to start a new chapter? Sign up today! 

More dating advice

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Take Your Time

Firstly, it's well worth spending time to complete our personality test thoroughly and creating a great profile.  With comprehensively designed questions,you can revisit it to complete them all whenever it is convenient; it's not necessary to finish in one sitting.

As you run through the questions (almost all of which are simple but precisely targeted), treat each one seriously. There's a very good reason for this. The more thought you devote to the test, the higher the quality of the data we receive, and the higher the quality of the recommendations we provide.

Our team needs this information to make assessments and produce the best possible matches, and the test is a crucial component. You won't regret giving it an extra 30 minutes.

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Don't Be Afraid to Ask Questions

When it comes to making contact, it's important to remember that EliteSingles attracts a highly qualified, sophisticated crowd. 85% of our members have achieved above average educational credentials, and they are looking to meet their match in a partner. They come to us because they know that high-achieving individuals will be looking for love, and they are prepared for high-level conversations.

Without being too bold with Derrida references or obscure Shakespeare quotations, don't be worried about launching ambitious conversations. Academic singles on our platform are well-read, witty, and prepared for a different kind of encounter — one where an extensive vocabulary is expected and the Oxford comma is always in the right place.

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Let Our Filters be Your Friend

Finally, EliteSingles is a place to find exactly the kind of partner you desire. Our membership is hugely diverse, with members from every background, religion, intellectual discipline, and professional situation.

If you want to find love at your local modern art gallery, you can find fellow obsessives on our search engine. And if you're looking for a fellow computer geek who understands your coding jokes, that won't be a problem. Just engage our filters, use our recommendations system, and get in touch with singles who catch your eye.

There's no better way for academically-inclined Americans to find love. So create an account, download the app, complete our test, and dive into our dating community.