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LDS Singles: Online Dating for Elite LDS Singles

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Tired of limiting your love life on the more niche LDS dating sites? EliteSingles is a fantastic alternative; our diverse members all have one thing in common – the search for like-minded and long-lasting love. Our LDS singles are no different! Join them today and see who you’ll be matched with…

Meeting LDS Singles Online

Far from being a new phenomenon, meeting LDS singles online has been a popular way to find love for over 20 years. With more and more success couples in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it’s only natural for more and more Mormon singles to want to see what all the fuss is about! Fast becoming the best way to meet prospective partners outside your ward or community, it’s easy to understand why. Now Mormon dating online is being taken into the mainstream – with plenty of eligible LDS dating sites to choose from, it’s all about finding the right one for you…

What Makes Latter Day Saint Singles Different?

Those who attend The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are going to have a different approach to dating than most other religious singles due to their unique viewpoints both in faith and social customs. Whether you’re a lifetime Mormon or someone who’s recently moved to Salt Lake City and wants to see what LDS dating is all about, EliteSingles can pair you with single LDS members if your values align no matter where you live or what your desires for a partner are.

Beliefs and Values

Despite being the fourth-largest denomination in Christianity, the LDS church is pretty far removed from the traditional practices we associate with many evangelicals today. That’s because the Bible isn’t the sole principle text, with the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants (D&C), and the Pearl of Great Price all being equally influential.

This canon was first adopted during the Second Great Awakening, which was a Protestant revival that saw the original leader of the LDS church, Joesph Smith, receive lost texts of the Bible, exegesis, and work written by ancient prophets.

This prompted the church to form its own additional principles altogether, and the president of the entire LDS organization is under the direct supervision of God to make sure they’re followed accordingly. LDS members are expected to maintain their health and sexual purity, observe the Sabbath, fast, and tithe to remain in line spiritually, but a series of symbolic covenants also establishes their role in their respective congregation.

LDS singles are also bound to have certain moral standards in their daily lifestyle, which include their efforts to dress modestly, abstain from things like alcohol, coffee, or tobacco, and follow the law of chastity, which prohibits a wide array of intimate or sexual acts that may factor in if you’re not a Mormon yourself when navigating a relationship down the road.

Church Involvement

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that single LDS members are going to be heavily involved in their church. Because the hierarchy in a local Mormon community involves so many moving parts, each person in the body plays a specific part in the church’s daily operations. From attending Sunday and weekday services to hosting local events and educational sessions, there are many opportunities to get involved spiritually when participating in LDS dating. Because each member is embarking on a series of ordinances in their local church, encouragement and companionship are welcomed.

Family First

The construct of the family is likely to be at the forefront of any latter-day saint single’s mind because the prospect of raising children purposefully under God’s supervision is one of the highest tributes you can make in his honor. Led by the foundational teachings of Christ, those growing up in LDS homes usually saw the father as the breadwinner while the mother taught and nurtured, with both having the duty to raise children.

In fact, LDS families are expected to spend one night a week rejoicing in the Gospel while also cherishing this quality time with each other. If you’re going to date in the LDS community, family approval and involvement is non-negotiable.

Abstinence and Chastity

The law of chastity is a crucial concept when it comes to dating in the LDS community because it largely removes the chances of intimacy for a couple before they are betrothed under the supervision of God in the church. Sexual relations are strictly prohibited outside of marriage, but the lines have been somewhat blurred in modern times in relation to public displays of affection or even just the prospect of casual dating. Regardless, you must respect the customs and values of an individual’s personal beliefs, so understanding this concept is vital before pursuing a relationship with a Mormon.

Digital Adaptions

The original church may have never considered the possibility of LDS dating sites, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t embraced their introduction. Because latter-day saint communities can be so spread out, it can make finding other LDS singles difficult if you don’t live in major places like Salt Lake City. LDS churches have grown to accept technology for all its informational and communication benefits, but they still encourage the following of their specific teachings in order to maintain a just relationship with God. Using technology as a source of sin in private is still overseen and will be judged by the Father.

LDS Dating with EliteSingles

The chance to meet great people online is just one of the reasons to start LDS dating with EliteSingles. Offering you support throughout your online dating experience, complete our easy registration process to get your love life on the right track with America’s leading dating site for professionals.

So just who uses EliteSingles? Our members come from a diverse range of backgrounds, but the things they tend to have in common are a good education, a mature outlook on life and a desire to find a committed relationship. 85% of our members are highly educated, and the average age of our members is in the mid-forties (though ages frequently range between 30-55 years old.)

While other, more niche LDS dating sites offer a higher proportion of LDS singles, our site attracts thousands of new registrations every week – put faith in our intelligent matchmaking system to find the very best matches for you. You can search through profiles using our ‘Have you met…’ feature, but we’ll send you between 3-7 new profiles each day that we think are worthy of your consideration, which means you won’t have to trawl through countless bad matches to find ‘the one’. This is dating made simple!

LDS Singles: Mormon Dating Tips

Is there a special way to woo LDS singles? Probably not. The vast majority of our members just want to keep things simple early on – there’s no need to overcomplicate things, just take the time to get to know one another and sense whether your beliefs, personalities and ambitions are indeed compatible. It’s the best way to gurantee yourself a second date!

There are plenty more great reasons to sign up with EliteSingles, including ways in which we support you in your search for love – check out the section below and learn how to get the most out of our service. Meet LDS singles with us today!

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