Best Dating App for iPhone

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EliteSingles is the dating app of choice for professional, well-educated, and successful singles. If you haven’t downloaded the EliteSingles app to your iPhone yet, you may want to do that now so you can follow along with certain sections of this article. If you happen to have an Android device, you can also find it on Google Play, and it works just as well.

Why Successful Individuals Choose EliteSingles

Whether you’ve already established yourself in the workplace or are a young professional on the rise, your time is your most valuable commodity. If you’ve tried using a dating app that primarily uses a swiping feature to match individuals, you know how time-consuming it can be. You may swipe on dozens or even hundreds of profiles in a day to get a handful of matches. Then, it’s up to you to narrow it down to the ones you think are worthwhile.

Ultimately, you might get a date or two out of it before it’s back to the drawing board. That’s not the case with EliteSingles. The EliteSingles dating algorithm takes into account your preferences and finds members who match these parameters. Then, it highlights members who are also looking for what you have to offer. The result is a carefully curated list of three to five daily selections.

The system’s AI functionality also improves its suggestions as you improve and reject different profiles. EliteSingles’ algorithm takes the endless search phase out of the equation and skips right to connections and dating. And what successful person do you know who doesn’t want to save a little time?

Best Dating App for the iPhone

With an overall four-star rating, EliteSingles is among the best dating apps for the iPhone. Naturally, our dating app doesn’t appeal to everyone. For example, while higher education is not a requirement for joining the site, 85% of our members are over 30 years old and have a higher education. Many of our members are high-income earners or have a substantial net worth.

Many of our members prefer to date people with similar education levels and backgrounds. Consequently, some newer members may sign up for EliteSingles but then feel that they would do better on an app that’s not geared toward driven individuals. Those who are seeking what EliteSingles members have to offer will find the app convenient and loaded with features and functionality.

The EliteSingles app is accessible with a Premium account. If you want to try EliteSingles before committing, we encourage you to try our dating site on Safari or another iPhone browser. This will allow you to set up your profile, complete your psychological quiz, and browse profiles. Then, when you do decide to upgrade your account, your profile automatically ports to the app.

Advanced Matching Algorithm

The value of EliteSingles relies greatly on our matching algorithm. Because EliteSingles represents a large dating pool of successful, well-educated singles, it helps to have a program that can review thousands of local profiles in the span of a few seconds and determine each member’s ideal matches. When you sign up for EliteSingles, you will provide basic information, including your gender, age, location, and gender preference. Then, you’ll be instructed to fill out an extensive dating profile. This may seem like a lot of work upfront, but the fact is that it should only take about ten or fifteen minutes and is an invaluable use of your time.

Your answers to these questions will determine your compatibility with other members. The more accurate your responses are, the better the algorithm works. For example, you may be interested in finding someone to start a family with. The app will use this information to find other members who are in that frame of mind. There are multiple parameters that will help find the perfect match for you. If you don’t care for a profile, you are not obligated to match. The algorithm will look for patterns in the profiles you select and try to find similar singles. The more you use it, the better.

Safe and Secure Platform

EliteSingles and its iPhone app get high marks for safety. Here are some of the ways that EliteSingles protects you and your information.

Data Encryption

All information transferred between you and other parties is conducted over a secure, encrypted connection. If someone is able to access your signal via public wifi or some other known type of attack, they will not be able to decipher the information.

Closed Ecosystem

Only EliteSingles members are able to view profiles. If you’re concerned about your employers, colleagues, or family members seeing you on a dating app or finding out about certain aspects of your personal life, you can rest easy. They would also have to be members of EliteSingles. While it’s possible that they run across your profile, it’s not as probable as with less secure sites.

No Data Sharing

EliteSingles must receive information in order to collect your payments and fuel our algorithm. However, we do not share data with third parties. Other members can only see the information you put in your public profile. With that said, use caution with the information and photographs you post in your profile.

Profile Screening

Our security team reviews all new accounts. Accounts that seem suspicious or appear to violate our terms of service are selected for further review. We also review all complaints and reports of terms of service violations. Members who participate in harassment, bullying, or other violations are subject to cancellation.

Benefits of the EliteSingles iPhone App

Most of our members enjoy the functionality and convenience of the app, which is available for Premium members. Here are some of the features that have made EliteSingles such a hit among professionals and academics:


Whether you’re on your way to work, grabbing a quick cup of coffee and a snack, or spending a little downtime in the evening, if your iPhone is with you, so is EliteSingles. The app is simple and easily navigable. It also acts as a messaging system, which enables you to keep your contact information private.

Improved Dating With Results

You’ll receive three to five profile recommendations every day. In addition, you may appear in other members’ searches. So, despite the fact that EliteSingles filters out incompatible results, you can keep yourself busy building rapport with the compatible members you match.

Dating App Safety

EliteSingles keeps you safe in several ways. As was previously mentioned, you can avoid sharing your social media profiles or contact information by using the real-time messaging system. Once you meet someone, you can share your phone number or social media if you choose to.

Exciting Dating App Features and Options

On the app, you can further refine your dating parameters to narrow your search. You can also see all of the other members’ profiles, including whatever images they’ve posted. The app allows you to see who has visited your profile so you can find out who might be truly interested in you. With this in mind, read receipts allow you to see who has read your messages and who might just have been too busy to read them. Premium members are featured in “Have You Met,” which boosts your visibility among compatible members.

Reliable Customer Support

Have you ever been on a dating app talking to someone, and a frustrating glitch interrupts what had been a meaningful conversation? EliteSingles offers 24-hour support for the app and site. If you can’t access your account or are having trouble with a feature, contact us immediately.

Tips For Dating on the EliteSingles iPhone App

If you’re excited about getting started on the EliteSingles platform, these tips will help you get the most out of your experience.

Include Several Pictures

Pictures are essential for success. Make sure your pictures are recent, unfiltered, and accurately represent how you look. It might be tempting to doctor your photos, but this usually backfires. Your photos should show you in both posed and unposed settings. Avoid ostentatious displays of wealth. A certain level of success is expected, and showiness is a red flag for most members.

Cast a Wide Net

You don’t need to keep up 20 conversations, but until you meet someone who you really connect with, it’s important to keep your options open. If you aren’t meeting the type of person you want, look at your dating parameters. Do you travel for business? It might make sense to include locations that you frequent as well as your hometown.

Avoid Negativity

When you’re writing your profile, list the things you want as opposed to the ones you don’t. Keep your list of “must haves” short when you’re writing. The algorithm already has a pretty good idea of dealbreakers. It’s better to write something like, “I prefer someone who leads a healthy lifestyle” than “No smokers, drinkers, etc.” Naturally, everyone has varying ideas of what a healthy lifestyle is, but that’s what conversations are for.

Keep First Dates Casual and Convenient

Comfort levels can make or break first dates. It’s normal for both parties to be nervous, but if you set the date up right, there’s no reason to be. An hour is plenty of time for a first date, so consider these options:

  • A morning coffee at a cafe
  • Happy hour drinks
  • Lunch if you work in the same area
  • A quick face-to-face at a park, mall, or some other public place

Be Safe and Respect Safety

You should always be thinking about your personal safety when meeting new people. It’s also essential that you respect other members’ boundaries. You might know you’re a safe person to be around, but they’re just meeting you. Here are a few tips to help ensure your safety when dating on the EliteSingles iPhone app:

  • Don’t disclose personal or financial information on your profile or through the messaging system.
  • Schedule a pre-date video call to verify each other’s identities before meeting in person.
  • First meetings should always be in public places that other people frequent.
  • Tell a friend or loved one the details of your planned meeting. Update them as the date progresses.
  • If you go to a second location, pass the address along to a trusted loved one.

Start Your Dating Journey Today

If you aren’t ready to commit to a Premium membership, we encourage you to sign up for a Basic account on our site. You can use Safari on your iPhone or another browsing app. Then, you can unlock advanced features on the dating app. Are you an elite single looking for someone who’s in your league? Sign up for EliteSingles today.