Charlotte Bridge, 02.28.2017

Romantic restaurants in DC: Our favorites for brunch, lunch and dinner

The nation’s capital has no shortage of delicious eateries to set the stage for romance. Whether you’re in the mood for a boozy brunch, lavish lunch or delectable dinner, we’ve come up with a list of the best romantic restaurants in DC. These are our favorites so all you need to do is pick your date.

We’ve tried to display the city’s diverse culinary scene by choosing our favorite romantic restaurants according to what time of day it is. So from a classic waffle brunch to an authentic Italian dinner, here’s our list of DC’s finest. Bon Appetite!

The Most Romantic Restaurants in DC

  • Junction restaurant1/9
  • Espita restaurant2/9
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  • Iron Gate restaurant9/9
  • #1 Romantic Restaurants in DC: Brunch: Junction Bakery & Bistro

    Junction is a restaurant which perfectly combines American flair with rustic charm offering a delectable brunch menu. With a real homely feel, Junction offers simple but excellent ingredients including freshly baked bread every morning to accompany the brunch classics of eggs, bacon and sausages. For those more adventurous breakfasters, the menu also offers an Asian and Mediterranean twist with kimchi and falafel cake options. On top of this, the restaurant itself has a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.


  • #2 Romantic Restaurants in DC: Brunch: Espita

    For those who fancy spicing things up for brunch a little more, Espita is the choice for you. As far as romantic restaurants in DC go, Espita exudes Mexican charm boasting a menu filled with eclectic flavors. Respecting the traditional Mexican flavors of time past, Espita experiments with these by implementing a modern twist and creating a fiery menu. The breakfast omelets are a must have brunch choice and the maitake mushroom tacos are pretty special too. The relaxed setting makes this a great brunch pick.


  • #3 Romantic Restaurants in DC: Brunch: Founding Farmers

    Founding Farmers is a fantastic brunch spot for couples seeking a hearty breakfast. The lavish menu boasts all the morning classics as well as some more exceptional options. Whether you’re in a sweet or savory mood, Founding Farmers has it all. The breakfast chicken and waffles with scrambled egg is an in-house specialty and the French toasts and poached egg hashes are also popular amongst regulars.


  • #4 Romantic Restaurants in DC: Lunch: Compass Rose

    Compass Rose is a truly unique lunch spot perfect for new couples. It boasts cuisine from all over the world – a specialty dish from over twenty different countries and all made using the freshest ingredients. As far as romantic restaurants in DC go, Compass Rose is a more unique dining experience.  We recommend sharing a few dishes so you can sample a taste of some of the different flavors on offer. Standouts include the Japanese pork belly buns and the chicken pastels from El Salvador. The restaurant itself exhibits an open traveler vibe, giving you the taste of something exotic.


  • #5 Romantic Restaurants in DC: Lunch: Blue Duck Tavern

    Offering a selection of more traditional dishes, this eatery has a simple menu but everything is of the highest quality and cooked to perfection. Sourcing only the freshest, seasonal ingredients from local farms and ranches, the chefs at the Blue Duck Tavern prepare most of the meals in the wood-burning oven to give a rustic and homely flavor. The restaurant also exhibits an open kitchen to help guests feel more at home. The wood oven-fired steak is an absolute must try and the restaurant itself offers a lunch date with understated charm.


  • #6 Romantic Restaurants in DC: Lunch: Toki Underground

    For those seeking a more low key lunch spot, Toki Underground is the place for you. With the perfect fusion of Japanese and Taiwanese cuisine, this menu gives a delicious taste of the Far East. Toki Underground encapsulates the perfect lunch date vibe with pleasant surroundings and comforting food. The ramen is to die for and won’t break the bank either.


  • #7 Romantic Restaurants in DC: Dinner: Bistro Cacao

    Cited as ‘The most romantic restaurant in DC’ by USA Today, there is no shortage of romance in this establishment. Oozing French charm, this restaurant offers the best in French cuisine, bringing a contemporary twist to the traditional classics. The Moules Frites are a favorite and the duck breast is also worth a try. The extensive wine menu makes Bistro Cacao the perfect dinner date spot for you and someone special to get closer.


  • #8 Romantic Restaurants in DC: Dinner: The Red Hen

    Located in one of DC’s most up and coming neighborhoods, The Red Hen offers an Italian inspired American menu orchestrated by chefs and long term friends Michael Friedman, Michael O'Malley and Sebastian Zutant. The trio have endeavored to maintain European flair both within their menu and with the rustic decor of the restaurant itself. The menu is unique, offering a particularly large range of seafood options and the extensive wine and cocktail list successfully make it one of the most romantic restaurants in DC.


  • #9 Romantic Restaurants in DC: Dinner: Iron Gate

    And last but by no means least; Iron Gate is a truly fantastic date spot. It prides itself on providing the best of the best in all aspects. With partnerships with regional farmers and artisans, Iron Gate offers the highest quality ingredients and everything is freshly made. The menu offers pure indulgence, with many dishes made for sharing, setting the stage for seduction. With over 400 types of wine and 60 different craft beers, the establishment is complete for a night of true romance.