Pandemic Dating Study: Finding a ‘Bubble Bae’ is the New Relationship Milestone

A study from dating site EliteSingles has revealed that pandemic dating has given rise to a new relationship milestone: finding a ‘bubble bae’ to quarantine with. 70% of people say they consider bubble sharing a major sign of commitment, one that falls between dating exclusively and moving in together on the romance timeline.

  • 70% of people say that bubble sharing is a major sign of commitment
  • 69% of people think you must be dating exclusively before you share a bubble
  • 57% would want to have the bubble conversation within the first three months of dating
  • 17% would have the conversation in the first few weeks of dating
  • 42% of singles would rather find a new bubble bae than quarantine alone

The EliteSingles study, which surveyed 1000 singles from the US, UK, and Canada, found that the pandemic has given rise to a new relationship milestone: agreeing to share a bubble. The EliteSingles team has dubbed this milestone ‘finding a bubble bae’.

70% of those surveyed say that agreeing to be someone’s bubble bae is a major sign of commitment, with 69% saying you must be dating exclusively before bubbling up. In terms of romantic timelines, this puts becoming bubble baes somewhere between agreeing to be exclusive and moving in together.

In more measurable terms, 57% of singles think that the “should we share a bubble talk” should happen in the first three months of dating. This includes 17% who say that they’d ask someone to be their bubble bae after just a few weeks of coupledom.

However, this timeline may be sped up for those whose ‘love language’ (the way they express love) is physical touch. 62% of those who express love through touch would bubble up by the three-month mark, including 25% who’d want to do so after a few weeks.

The EliteSingles team also found that experiencing pandemic related lockdowns may encourage singles to find a bubble bae sooner rather than later. 42% of singles said that they’d rather be quarantined with someone they’d just started dating than experience a strict lockdown on their own.

You can read more about this study in our in-depth article

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