Kindness Trumps All When it Comes to the Perfect Match

Kindness is the most important attribute for singles when looking for a long-term partner, according to the latest study of over 490,000 EliteSingles users.

The singletons surveyed were asked to rate the importance of certain qualities in a potential match. The results revealed 81% of women and 62% of men consider kindness to be very important in a partner.

Kindness beat personality traits and values including sex appeal, emotional connection and moral values to take the number one spot. Both genders consider an emotional connection to be the second most important attribute in a partner. Surprisingly, the survey findings show sex appeal is more important to women (60.5% consider it important) than men (54%).

The top three qualities identified by women:

  1. Kindness (81%)
  2. Emotional connection (76%)
  3. Moral values (72%)

The top three qualities identified by men:

  1. Kindness (62%)
  2. Emotional connection (57.1%)
  3. Sexual compatibility (57%)

Salama Marine, in-house relationship psychologist at EliteSingles, commented on the findings: “After couples have been together for a while, they can begin to lose respect for each other. They tend to become careless with how they speak to one another and this can seriously harm the relationship. The majority of the singles in this study have already experienced marriage or some form of long-term commitment, so they know all too well how forgetting to be kind can destroy a relationship. It’s therefore not surprising that ‘kindness’ is the most important attribute in a potential partner when seeking long-term love.”

“It’s scientifically proven that kindness and generosity are the two most important elements to a lasting relationship. Kindness is not about pretending to be happy all the time but rather about being considerate towards your partner. It’s the act of carefully expressing your feelings to them – both good and bad,” Marine added.

* Data sourced anonymously

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