Senior date ideas: The best ways to enjoy dating later in life

Dating at any age is fun! Here are some of our favorite date ideas for over 50s to enjoy together.

9 Genuinely Good Second Date Ideas

Creating a good first impression is as hard as dating gets – picking interesting second dates needn’t be so tricky…

‘Sex gets better with age’ say American singles over 70

Survey reveals seniors have more satisfying sex – and want it more - than singles in their 20s

7 things that being single can teach you about love and relationships

Being single doesn't have to be a ticket to lonely misery. With the right attitude, it can be a blast - and it can teach you some valuable lessons about love and relationships.

The Seven Types of Love: Exploring the Triangular Theory of Love

Robert J Sternberg's Triangular Theory of Love says that there's not just one, but seven different types of love. What are they, and how can you tell which kind represents your relationship?

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Go West! Where do America's most monogamous men live?

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The best free dates ideas to try in 2019

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Looking for a Teacher dating site? Join us!

Intelligent, caring and professional, dating a teacher can be richly rewarding. Hoping to meet single teachers? Start right here!