What do men want? Find out here!

We shed some 21st century light on the age-old question; what do men want?

Meet Portland Singles, Find Lasting Love with Us

Dating in Portland, OR, and want to meet single men and women looking for more from love? We can help. Our site is designed to help interesting, dynamic singles connect. Learn more about how we can help you here!

The Science of Men’s Behaviour After a Break Up

While the internet is awash with break up advice for women, there’s very little information out there on how men deal with breakups. Therefore, in an effort to aid all the sobbing ex-boyfriends of the world, let’s pull on our lab coats and have a rummage around inside the average male head!

Geek Dating: Amazing Things about Dating a Nerd

Smart, interesting, fun: geek dating is the answer to your problems. Check out these 5 brilliant reasons for dating a nerd!

How to make your date night perfect

Planning the perfect date night can be tricky. There are just so many ideas to explore! Luckily, with the insights offered to us by our EliteSingles members’ surveys, we know exactly what ingredients you need for an ideal, romantic night out...

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Have You Met... All You Need To Know About Our Search Function

One of the major benefits of our premium membership, the Have You Met... feature is yet another great way to meet singles through us! Here's our guide...

New relationship: are you suited to your partner?

Thinking about entering into a new relationship? First read this controversial method of partner selection from therapist Alexandra Redcay.

Looking to Date a Nurse? You’ve Come to the Right Place!

Want to start dating a nurse? There are all kinds of opportunities for new experiences at EliteSingles, including nurse dating!