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21 of the world's worst first dates

In our recent international survey we asked 45,000 singles across 15 countries to share stories of the worst first dates they’d been on before joining EliteSingles. Read the world's funniest dating horror stories here.

Is your relationship based on love or lust?

Struggling to tell whether you're in love or lust? Find out how to identify the key differences between the two now!

36 questions to fall in love: what are they – and do they work?

It's been nearly impossible to avoid the hype surrounding the 36 questions to fall in love. But what exactly are they? Where did they come from? And, most importantly, do the 36 questions actually work?

Good relationships: the secret to health and happiness

What can we do for a better life? Turns out good relationships are the antidote to life’s stresses and strains. In the longest academic study on human happiness, Harvard has found that good relationships are the secret to happiness and health.

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Online dating tips for men: Five ideas that work

The search for a truly like-minded partner is easier when you have the right advice. Why not start with these five great tips?

Law of Attraction, Love and How to Manifest it

If you’re wondering how to apply the law of attraction, love, and how to make sense of it all, EliteSingles explores the ins and outs attracting your dream partner.

21 motivational divorce quotes to help you heal and move on

Being divorced can actually be an incredible time in your life: a chance for growth, fun, and discovery. To get to such a place, sometimes all you need is a little flame of hope - and these 21 motivational divorce quotes might just strike that spark.