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If you’re a bisexual person and you’ve been turned off by other dating sites, you’re not alone. Few dating sites understand that there’s more to being bisexual than having the person freedom to date both men and women. Rather than helping you refine your choices to find someone with whom you’re truly compatible, they just show you a wide offering of men and women — many of whom are not bisexual themselves and never considered what it would be like to date someone who is attracted to both men and women.

EliteSingles: The Best Bisexual Dating Site

EliteSingles is the premier dating site for bisexual men, women, and non-binary individuals. Because we cater to successful, well-educated, and compatible individuals, we are an ideal site for bisexual people to connect with others who are aware of what this entails. Each member completes a panel of questions to help our algorithms determine the best matches for them.

Then, you will be able to choose from hundreds of local profiles in your area. Maybe even more, depending on your dating preferences. What sets EliteSingles apart from the competition is that we are actually trying to connect people for relationships instead of parading a series of photos across their screens for summary judgment. Sign up today to see potential matches in your area. Once you set your profile up, you can decide whether you want to sign up for a Premium subscription and unlock all of our features.

Meet Like-Minded Bisexual Singles

Most bisexuals know that it can be easier to date other bisexuals. You may find happiness with a heterosexual man or woman, but they may never truly understand what it’s like to be someone who’s attracted to both sexes. EliteSingles can match you with people who are open to dating someone who is bisexual, other bisexuals, or polyamorous people. Bisexual dating can go much smoother with a site that caters to your personal needs. Find bisexual love at Elite Singles.

Find Your Perfect Match Today

If you’ve tried to find bisexual partners through the singles scene, you know it can be challenging. Many people claim to be bisexual because they went through an experimental phase, but when you get to the third or fourth date, they disclose that they are primarily only attracted to one sex. That can work out, of course, but it may be different than what you had in mind. EliteSingles allows you to take the time to get to know someone before meeting them at a bar or through work. You can chat through the messaging system and screen potential candidates to make sure that meeting them is a valuable use of your time.

Join Our Community of Bisexual Singles

According to a Gallup Research poll, one in five of the Gen Z generation identifies as LGBTQ, and 57% of those individuals also identify as bisexual— more than any other generation. But as a percentage of the total population, the odds are still stacked against you randomly finding suitable dating partners in your everyday life.

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Source: Gallup

EliteSingles puts the odds back in your favor. Instead of trying to meet people on the dating scene or even the LGBTQ dating scene and feeling them out, you can use our portal to generate dozens of potential matches. Try the free version of EliteSingles before you decide. It’s a game-changer.

Safe and Secure Bisexual Dating

While there is greater acceptance for bisexuals than at any point in U.S. history, there is still an antiquated social stigma across certain regions and cultures. Many of our members would prefer that their bisexuality is not public information. EliteSingles protects your privacy. Only members who match you through our algorithm will see your profile. While it’s possible for someone you know to see your profile, you can decide what you want to disclose.

You can search for bisexual partners by adjusting your search settings. Unlike many hookup sites, EliteSingles carefully curates our members. We take reports of inappropriate behavior very seriously. We also encourage our members to follow these safe dating practices:

  • Don’t share private information with someone you’ve just met online, including phone number, email address, physical address, place of work, hangouts, or financial information.
  • Always meet in a public place for the first introduction.
  • Check for signs of scams. For example, someone who always has an excuse not to meet or brings up investment opportunities early in the conversation.
  • Tell a friend or family member what your plans are. Arrange a few check-ins so they know you’re safe.
  • Don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, like getting in their car to go to a second location. There will be plenty of time to share more adventurous experiences once you’re comfortable with your date.

EliteSingles caters to successful individuals, which is also a desirable group for spammers. Approach any new encounter with cautious optimism.

Advanced Matching Algorithm

EliteSingles strives to match members with similar interests, passions, and other compatibility factors. If you’re a bisexual person who is looking for a romantic partner, you may have a list of “must-haves.” For instance, you may want them to be adventurous, open-minded, and progressive (This may not be your list, but it’s a pretty common one).

When you sign up for EliteSingles, you will take a multi-question quiz. While the answers to many of these questions seem obvious, they are designed to create an accurate profile of our members. From there, the algorithm can sort them based on complex compatibility criteria. That doesn’t necessarily mean that our members need to have to be an exact match. Members are also able to rank the importance of certain factors.

Our unique algorithm is what sets EliteSingles apart. Whether you’re bisexual, looking for a bisexual partner, or both, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that you have a site that encourages deeper, more meaningful connections.

Easy Sign-Up Process

With EliteSingles, you can enter your basic information in a few seconds and complete our questionnaire in a few minutes. Then, you can start perusing bisexual singles in your area. If you like the platform and think EliteSingles will help you find a match, you can convert to our Premium platform.

Mobile App Available

Most of our members are career professionals, and convenience is a must. Our mobile app allows members to search for partners, edit their profiles, add photos, and message their matches in the palm of their hand. If you have a busy life, our mobile app is ideal for you.

Customer Support

EliteSingles has a trained and knowledgeable customer support team who can answer questions, respond to abuse reports, and make the overall user experience safer and more gratifying. Additionally, we perform daily profile quality checks to ensure the safety of our members.

Success Stories from Bisexual Couples

Elite Singles currently boasts 381,000 new members every month. We average about 1,200 successful matches every month.

Bisexual Dating Tips and Advice

If you’re looking for a bisexual dating platform that caters to well-educated, successful singles, you’ve come to the right place. Before plunging in, here are a few tips that can help you find love in the bisexual dating community.

Define The Relationship You Want

No one has to tell you that bisexual relationships can be tricky if everyone is not on the same page. Ask yourself the following questions to help narrow your search:

  • Are you looking for monogamy? Polygamy? To be part of a throuple? Knowing this can help you avoid future heartbreak.
  • Do you have a gender preference? Yes, being bisexual gives you the freedom to date whomever you like, but do you find yourself gravitating toward relationships with specific genders?
  • Is it important that your partner is also bisexual?
  • Is it important for your partner to be open to you dating other people. For example, if you’re a woman dating a man, does he need to accept that you’re going to occasionally see women sexually?
  • Are you seeking a serious commitment? Something light? Friendship leading to romance?

If you know exactly what you’re looking for in a relationship, you’ll have a better chance of finding one.

Use the Chat Feature to Screen Potential Matches

At EliteSingles, we emphasize compatibility and safety. With our premium membership, you can chat with members until you feel comfortable meeting them in person. We recommend a phone call, or, better yet, a video call prior to your first meeting.

Pick a Neutral Spot Where You Both Feel Safe

Bars and nightclubs are fun, but they don’t work well for a first meeting. Even if you are planning on going to a night spot that caters to members of the LGBTQ community, you don’t really know the person you’re meeting or anyone else. Consider a platonic date for the first meeting at a cafe, restaurant, or bookstore. If you both feel a spark, you can always take it to the next level.

Have a Safety Person

A safety person is a friend or family member who you can check in with. You keep your safety person informed of your plans. If you change locations, you also let them know. For this type of meeting, it’s better if your safety person knows about your lifestyle. However, if you’re not out, you can always blur the details slightly. As long as they know the plan and the person’s name and number, you will be safer. Let your date know about your safety person. They should understand.

FAQ Section for Common Questions

These are some of the most commonly asked questions by our members.

Why is EliteSingles different from other platforms:

We cater specifically to well-educated, intelligent, and successful individuals. This helps our members find matches that have greater compatibility potential.

What Are the Benefits of the Premium Plan Over Basic?

With the Premium Plan, you receive:

  • Unlimited messaging
  • Commenting on other member’s pictures
  • The ability to make your own personality portfolio
  • Full access to member’s public photos
  • See who visits your profile
  • Your profile receives a boost and is suggested to other Premium members
  • See read receipts for your sent messages

Free to Join and Browse

If you’re still uncertain about joining EliteSingles, sign up for the Basic Plan. It’s free to browse and look. If you decide to upgrade, your information is already there. Try Elite Singles for Bisexual dating today!