7 Amazing Benefits of Being 30 and Single

It’s great to have a partner in life. But, it’s not necessarily a surefire way to happiness. The truth is, that many people are at their happiest by themselves. There are many benefits to being 30 and single, but sometimes they’re hard for others to envision.

Constantly defending your relationship status to friends and family can be exhausting. We get it. If you’re 30+ and single, here are some perks to tell friends and family about next time they try to set you up with someone.

Benefits of Being 30 and Single: 7 Definite Perks

No need to compromise

You never have to compromise on dinner or vacations. If you feel like grabbing burgers tonight, you won’t have anyone telling you they prefer Italian food instead. One of the benefits of being 30 and single, is that you’re able to call the shots.

You’re not in your 20s anymore, and can probably afford to treat yourself. You’re independent and have control of your own life. So spend some time doing activities you enjoy on your own!

That said, it’s always fun. So make sure to plan a group activity that you enjoy. How about a dinner party or Friday beers after a busy week at the office to destress.

You’re self-sufficient

You’re capable of handling things by yourself. Sometimes when you have a partner, you can become a little complacent. You might rely on your partner to do simple tasks, like getting your car serviced or managing your finances.

When you’re 30 and single, you have nobody else to depend on, so you become a jack of all trades. This gives you space to realise your potential. This is a great trait, since you’re not afraid to tackle new tasks and do what you can to create a better life for yourself.

You can focus on you

You have time for self-improvement. If you want to learn a new skill, you have plenty of time in your day to set aside. The more you learn, the more well-rounded of a person you’ll become. Not being bound to another person gives you the freedom to explore, learn and grow, without any of the guilt associated with taking time for self-care.

Invest time into developing some hobbies. Whether it’s learning a new instrument or taking up jogging, learning a new skill introduces you to new people – and another side of yourself. There’s a real power in that.

You have more time to spend with friends

Granted, the pandemic is putting a lot of our plans on hold. But before and after, you probably had quite a busy social calendar. Even still, there’s nothing wrong with a group video call or a socially distanced dinner!

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you’re antisocial. Plus, having such an active friend group is likely one of the many reasons why you’re content in staying single. A relationship should never force your friends out of the picture, but it tends to cramp your calendar.

You’ll likely have a lot of self-esteem

Despite what many might assume, you likely have high self-esteem. Being single doesn’t mean you’re lonely. And, being in a relationship doesn’t guarantee happiness. Being single means you can focus on the most important relationship there is, the one with yourself. Treating yourself right will actually teach you about love and relationships in your life too.

You know what you want. And when you’re 30 and single, you know what you’re looking for in a relationship,and chances are you won’t settle for less. That’s a clear sign of someone with great self-esteem.

Benefits of being 30 and single? No in laws

Not all in-laws are bad, some are quite welcoming. However, the second you’re dating someone, you have to compromise on winter holidays and weekends.

When you’re 30 and single, you don’t have to tiptoe around family members you barely know.So why not make the most of this? Detox with a spa weekend or spend a week somewhere special. You deserve it!

If family members try to make you feel bad about your relationship status, it’s likely they don’t realize that you’ve created a full life without a partner and teaching them that is not your responsibility. Having someone by your side is nice. But, it’s not something that’s required for you to feel happy or successful. So focus on the perks listed here and we bet you’ll feel empowered in no time.

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