Black and White Dating: A Safe Place To Date Who You Want

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Things have gotten much better for interracial couples in America, and interracial dating has never been so easy. We’re proud to say that the interracial dating community on EliteSingles is thriving, and our intelligent matchmaking system is premised on the very idea that long-lasting love simply isn’t skin deep …

It’s fair to say that our interracial dating community represents the enlightened majority in American society. A Gallup poll in 2013 found that 96% of black people and 84% of white people approve of marriage between interracial dating couples. This means that 87% of Americans overall see no problem with black-white marriage, up from a meager 4% in 19581. The outlook for interracial relationships has improved dramatically over the past 50 years, but there’s room for even more acceptance.

The Evolution of Black and White Dating Sites

At EliteSingles, we believe that two consenting adults should be able to pursue a relationship without judgment or discrimination. We have always strived to be an inclusive dating site, and our members represent a true cross-section of society.

However, black-and-white dating sites have experienced somewhat of an evolution over the years. Dating websites are almost as old as the internet, but since the internet didn’t really come into its own until the 1990s, early dating sites missed some (but not all) of the less inclusive times in our country.

None of the major dating sites that reached any level of success necessarily prohibited black-and-white dating, but it wasn’t something that was heavily promoted. While a few dating sites emerged that focused on Black dating, most individuals who were in search of interracial dating either stuck to the non-specific sites or, in the case of White people who were interested in finding a Black dating partner, they just attempted to join the sites that catered to Black members.

EliteSingles is not specifically an interracial dating site for Black and White singles, but interracial dating is strongly supported. Our focus is to connect members who have similar interests, regardless of race.

The Rising Popularity of Interracial Dating Sites

It’s 2023, and interracial couples inhabit every area of the country, even in places where Black and White couples are not universally accepted. While there are now sites that specifically connect members of different races, most sites take a “let the members decide” approach.

This is good news if you’re interested in interracial dating. You have the option of choosing a site that focuses on matching people with different skin colors or one that finds members with similar interests and matches them regardless of race. If you decide to join EliteSingles, you can choose Black or White in your search parameters and expect to meet individuals who meet these preferences but also share similar interests. It truly is the best of both worlds.

How Technology Helps Connect Black and White Couples

Depending on the area of the country you live in and the circles your work, life, and friends take you, it may be difficult to meet people of a different color. It can be uncomfortable approaching a potential dating partner in real life, regardless of whether or not they belong to the same race.

By joining a matching site like EliteSingles, you can be certain that your potential love interests are open to interracial dating. While one of the key advantages of EliteSingles is that we match educated people based on interests, you can also filter your search results by racial preference. This is ideal if you have a specific racial parameter in mind. Many Black and White dating couples have met on EliteSingles, and we anticipate many more meetings on our site.

What Issues Do Black and White Couples Still Face?

In the biggest, most liberal cities, stigma is hardly a problem at all. But there are parts of the country – and certainly around the world – where the stigma is still rife and keenly felt by those in an interracial relationship. It pays to be aware of these clashes of culture, not only to head off any potential problems but to celebrate your differences, too. Take comfort in the solid foundation of your relationship – face up to any and all stigma together.

Because anyone who’s experienced interracial dating will know that the problems interracial couples face are seldom with each other. “It sure is hard when everybody else starts getting involved, “2 Bustle reporter Paige Tutt writes in her article on the subject. Family pressure is perhaps the most common type of stigma black and white couples face, followed closely by judgment from their neighbors and religious communities. Of course, having abuse hurled at you by total strangers is still a sad possibility, but thankfully, a much rarer one these days.

Tips for Interracial Dating

When you’re still single, and your black-and-white dating story is still at a speculative stage, you’re best served by keeping an open mind. But be wary of those who only see interracial dating as ‘exotic,’ who fetishize being with someone of a different race, or are merely rebelling against their family – they’re clearly in it for the wrong reasons.3 It’s perhaps best not to advertise the fact you’re looking for a particular race or ethnicity since this increases your chances of encountering this wrong set of people. Simply make contact with the people you find attractive — if you’re a match and it’s meant to be, that’s all you’ll need to do!

Connect with Singles Seeking Interracial Relationships

One of the challenges of interracial dating is knowing where to find a like-minded match. While there are many sites that offer dating for black singles, not all of the mainstream sites include your ethnicity preferences in their matching algorithm, making interracial dating all the more inaccessible. Meeting interesting black or white singles offline, though, is even harder. Of course, you could get lucky and meet a friend of a friend who’s perfect for you or stumble across someone in a bar or at the store, but are you willing to leave it all to chance?

Meeting on a site like EliteSingles is the easiest way to find potential partners. And while there may be some stigma left surrounding black-and-white dating, you can at least be sure the intelligent, mature members on our site aren’t likely to discriminate based on your race or your ethnicity preferences.

EliteSingles is an inclusive site where professional singles from all backgrounds can connect with like-minded people in their search for a serious relationship. A safe space, all of our members are genuinely here to find fellow marriage-minded singles, and our customer care team is always on hand if you run into any problems.

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