Zoe Coetzee, 03.09.2019

The best couples getaway in 2019

The realtors’ adage ‘location, location, location’ can be as true for romance as it is for real estate. If you’re looking for the perfect place to propose or the best romantic getaways for couples, we have compiled the list of ultimate romantic places in 2019.

EliteSingles surveyed 1600 people to uncover this year’s wanderlust wish list, and discover the places that will make you go weak in the knees. So buckle up and let’s go on an adventure in search of the very best dreamy destinations for the perfect proposal in 2019.


Most romantic places to propose in 2019

One of the most romantic moments in life is the big P word - the proposal.  If you’re planning the proposal or being proposed to, it’s a defining life moment. And a key factor in planning the perfect proposal is the location. So where are the most coveted proposal destinations for 2019? We compiled the top 12 places voted as the most romantic places for a proposal this year.  

Although it’s considered the ‘city of love’, Paris doesn’t take the number one spot, and you may be in for a few more surprises a little closer to home. It seems that this year, getting on one knee is anyone’s game. More than a fifth of men (21%) said that they would actually prefer to be proposed to! So forget waiting for a Leap Year, traditionally women’s turn to propose, and get planning now with the 12 ultimate destinations for the perfect proposal in 2019:

Most Romantic Places to Propose in 2019

  • Venice, Italy1/12
  • Paris, France2/12
  • 3/12
  • 4/12
  • 5/12
  • 6/12
  • 7/12
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  • Las Vegas, USA12/12
  • #1 Venice, Italy

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    Pushing Paris out the top stop, Venice was voted as the most romantic place to propose! This ancient city on water, with its vibrant hued buildings stacked along enchanting bridges and breathtaking canals, is the place to go to sweep your partner off their feet. After taking in the sights, don’t miss St Mark’s Basilica and the Rialto Bridge. Hold hands and get lost in the winding alleys, and then find your own private spot along the Grand Canal or a decadent Gothic palazzo for your dream proposal. Superstar George Clooney gave Venice the stamp of approval as the ultimate romantic hotspot, choosing to marry there in 2014, and today, cruising the canals in a gondola is still as charming! 

  • #2 Paris, France

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    Long topping lists of the best couple getaways, with its street cafes and meandering Seine, Paris is the grand dame of romance. The French mystique, under the watchful eye of the Eiffel Tower and Norte Dame, makes it the perfect backdrop for a love story across the ages. Paris - the city of lights and the city of love - will always revel in its romantic reputation and, you can rest assured, it will exceed expectations.  It’s still the queen of hearts, coming in second in our poll of perfect places to propose in 2019. 

  • #3 Hawaii, USA

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    If the outdoors is more your style, Hawaii could be the perfect romantic place for your proposal. With a selection of stunning Pacific islands to choose from, it’s the ultimate destination for nature lovers – picture perfect beaches, rugged volcanic mountain tops with lush green landscapes - it’s enough to get any heart racing! From its breathtaking hiking trails to daring water sports, Hawaii offers a great adventure. 

  • #4 The Bahamas

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    If a serene getaway with pure sea and sunshine fantasy takes your fancy, the Bahamas serves up crystal clear waters, white beaches and palm trees perfectly. With only an 8 degree difference between the warmest month and coldest month, it’s a year round tropical paradise and was voted the 4th favorite place for a proposal. 

  • #5 Vanua Levu, Fiji

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    The endless pull of the ocean continues as we wrap up the top 5 perfect proposal places with Vanua Levu, the second largest island in Fiji, making its way in. Its idyllic clear blue waters, world-class diving spots and unspoilt rainforests make this paradise a top choice for the perfect proposal this year. 

  • #6 At home

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    In 2019 your own home competes with the most luxurious and exotic locations around the world. Home really is where the heart is, coming in the top 10 places to propose, it proves that no matter how far and wide you travel, home holds a special place. Your home holds certain meaning for a couple as it‘s the space you created together and is a most intimate place for a personal proposal. 

  • #7 Bali, Indonesia

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    There is something sexy about a hot and humid atmosphere that raises the romance stakes like no other. For its postcard-perfect beaches, tropical waters, temples and culture, Bali is one of the best romantic getaways for a proposal and more. If you want to go surfing and hike through the rice paddies, or relax and enjoy some yoga or sun tanning, Bali is the place to be in 2019. 

  • #8 New York, USA

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    The Big Apple, with its hustle and bustle, is still tempting couples to say yes. From Central Park to the top of the Rockefeller Center, whatever your preference, New York has a choice location to hit the spot. With its energy and variety this metropolis is diverse and delightful. If you’re a Brooklyn boy or a Manhattan Madame, New York will have you dancing your way to an ‘I do’ as the 8th most romantic place to propose in. 

  • #9 Niagara Falls, North America

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    Straddling the border between Canada and America, Niagara Falls is a trio of three imposing waterfalls that form one of the most impressive natural phenomena in North America. With a 57m drop in the larger Horseshoe Falls, and stretching to 790m at its widest, this spectacle provides a thundering backdrop for a memorable proposal, making its way into the top 10 places to propose. 

  • #10 Sydney, Australia

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    Boasting the best of both worlds, this world-class city has beautiful beaches and a thriving urban hub of culture and activities. It’s one of the best places to propose in 2019 because it's simply classy, cosmopolitan and downright cool. Choose Bondi Beach to relax and then dress up for the Sydney Opera House, and sweep your love off their feet. Going down under is still a popular choice in 2019! 

  • #11 Edinburgh, Scotland

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    The old-world charm of Edinburgh, with its castle, medieval streets, and dramatic rocky landscape, is brimming with an irresistible and ageless romance. This magical European city boasts renowned festivals, rich culture, architecture, and history, making it a decadent choice for the artsy culture vultures and winning a place as one of the ultimate proposal destinations in 2019. 

  • #12 Las Vegas, USA

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    For pure fabulousity, Las Vegas is unrivaled for its flashy lights, heaving nightlife and countless casinos. You can propose and get married by Elvis all in one day! Indulge in luxury hotels, poolside parties and glitzy shows when you raise the stakes and put Las Vegas on the proposal map of 2019. 

Couples getaway in 2019: best romantic getaways 

Romantic getaways aren’t just for the perfect proposal, and we also wanted to know where to find the most coveted couples getaway. Maybe you want to celebrate an anniversary or a birthday, or maybe you don’t need a reason for romance and are planning a trip for two? Where should you go?

Here are the top 10 places to go on a couple’s vacation in 2019. And it comes as no surprise that the top three places were in-sync with the proposal hotspots. But some exotic additions prove that the beach is the firm favorite for romance. Turns out that men and women agree on where they want to go – a vast majority (59%) voted the ocean as the most romantic setting, with a foreign city coming in next (17%) and the mountains (14%) third.  Here is the definitive list of best couple’s retreat destinations in 2019: 

So while on a couples’ getaway what is everyone getting up to? Ladies preferred spending time on the beach (64%), relaxing and hanging out (62%), and going for a massage (46%). While men actually choose ‘us time’ over fun time, choosing to relax and hang out over spending time on the beach, but both sexes agree on going for a massage (30%).

  1. Italy - Venice and Rome being the favorites
  2. France - Paris, the enduring city of light and love
  3. Hawaii  - a breathtaking island archipelago
  4. The Maldives - a tropical island paradise
  5.  Bora Bora - a blissful, blue oasis in French Polynesia
  6. Australia – winning with the Whitsunday Islands, Great Barrier Reef and cool cities
  7.  Bali – steamy, green beach haven in Indonesia
  8. The Caribbean – dreamy beach destination
  9. The Bahamas - lush and lavish aquamarine dream
  10. A Cruise – a floating hotel 

Most romantic spot? It’s a personal thing.

While Paris and Venice were winning the stakes for most romantic places, many participants felt that a romantic place was defined by a person, rather than a specific place. Romance doesn’t have to be defined by location, but rather the love you share. Next time you’re planning a couple’s getaway, remember our poll participant’s own words: “the most romantic places can also be a person!” Some of our favorites:

“Anywhere that we were together we'll always be in the perfect place”

“I don't think it's the destination but the person you are with. Anywhere can be romantic as long as the person you’re with is just as into you as you are them.”

“It is about the person you are with”

“I just can't pick because romance isn't something you buy tickets to. It just happens and when it does you really don't remember the location.”

Proposal Prep: How to prepare

Zoe Coetzee, EliteSingles relationship psychologist gave these three top tips to prepare for the perfect proposal in 2019:

  1. Plan ahead: choose the location, the order of your events, who you want there (if you’re inviting friends and family along for the ride) and plan ahead. To pull off the perfect proposal, layout out the finer points and add in sentimental details that is meaningful to you two!
  2. Practice: proposing can be stressful, so run through the plan ahead of time, say your speech out loud beforehand, and practice the moment so you don’t leave out important parts. But, at the same time, always speak from the heart!
  3. It’s about the two of you: keep your eyes on the prize. Don’t let the stress of planning derail you from the main purpose – to ask the person you love to spend their life with you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, focus on your partner and the love you share – the rest is just details!