These Date Ideas Will Prove: Orlando Is Not Just for Kids

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With its warm weather, lush greenery, thriving food scene and convenient proximity to the Magic Kingdom, Orlando is a beautiful city for kids and lovers alike. Novelty at the start of a relationship is just as important as through the course of your romance. So maintaining the sense of the new and building adventure into your relationship is the surest way to see it grow and thrive.

Residents and frequent tourists will be the first to tell you that there is no end to Orlando date ideas and we’ve compiled 8 of our favorite ideas for you here.

Because so many of our Orlando singles and couples love out-of-the-box ideas, this list is neither exhaustive nor does it include a laundry list of restaurants, lounges or clubs. The point of courtship is to be able to infuse the unexpected into shared experiences that you can look back on and continuously enjoy together. While dinner and a movie is a classic concept that has never failed yet, our list of romantic things to do in Orlando includes outdoor parks, evening venues, nature, food and comedy.

Ready? Let’s dive right in. If you’re not already in the area, don’t be surprised if these Orlando date ideas inspire you to book flights immediately!

1. Take A Class Together at Leu Gardens

The beautiful and serene Leu Gardens is one of our more scenic Orlando date ideas and a great way to spend an afternoon or an evening out. The Gardens are a huge draw for out-of-towners, kids and tourists – and it’s no wonder, given the natural and horticultural beauty that surrounds you. At any given time, you’ll find lovebirds tying the knot since Leu Gardens provides a truly picturesque backdrop for weddings and receptions.

Take a stroll in the park or through the Leu Gardens Museum. The venue also organizes horticultural classes, walking tours and art exhibits throughout. Or, take it easy, pack a blanket & a lunch for two and bask in the gardens for an afternoon picnic.

2. Make A Day Of It In Mount Dora

Located in Central Orlando, Mount Dora is a small and quaint community packed full of romantic things to do in Orlando. We suggest you make a day of it with your sweetheart – whether you’re playing hooky from work or spending your Saturday there is entirely up to you. You can start off your trip with a nature and wildlife viewing with an eco tour. If you both love modern spaces, be sure to check out the Modernism Museum. Couples also love to browse through the Renniger’s Antique Center before heading to the manly sanctuary of Mount Dora Museum of Speed. Regardless of when you visit, this is definitely up there on our list of romantic things to do in Orlando. With a plethora of art and craft festivals decorating the town on a regular basis, Mount Dora is a must-see.

3. Get Seconds & Thirds at the Food Truck Bazaar

All that sightseeing can really work up an appetite. Luckily, the Food Truck Bazaar has got your back. Cuisines from all over the world strike up their signature dishes in handheld, street-food packages. Held at the Fashion Square Mall every second Sunday of the month, make your way through all the international eats you can in one evening. Cupcakes and Korean BBQ for dinner? That’s what being an adult is all about.

If you happen to be visiting or in the vicinity in September, don’t miss out on Magic Food month, where 60 of the top restauranteurs open their doors and offer prix-fixe meals at $30. It’s a popular way to sample the local cuisines and get a taste of Orlando’s food scene in a short amount of time. Bonus: you’re literally eating your way to a better future. One dollar of every meal goes towards supporting youth community initiatives at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida.

4. Stroll Back In Time on Disney’s Boardwalk

Haven’t you heard? Disney is not just for kids anymore. In the warm evening weather, why not take a stroll along the incredible Disney Boardwalk? Imagine a quarter-mile boardwalk stretching out ahead of you, hugging the glittering coastline on one side, with beautifully designed, 20th-century inspired shopping villas, hotels and restaurants on the other. A stroll on the Boardwalk is incomplete without street entertainers and a stop at Seashore Sweets for saltwater taffy or a shared ice cream cone. This is a relaxed date idea, perfect for the 3rd or 4th date or even an end-of-the-week stroll together.

5. Dine Al Fresco At Enzian’s Eden Bar

Currently featuring 1 big screen, with hopes to expand to 3, Enzian Theatre is a prime location in Orlando and makes for a truly innovative and romantic date idea for your next evening out. This venue takes “dinner and a movie” to a whole new level. Featuring independent, international cinema and old classic flicks and home to the Florida Film Festival, Enzian Theatre is an outdoor, member-supported cinema with a café known as Eden Bar. If alternative and foreign cinema is something you and your partner take pleasure in, try this Orlando date idea on for size. Take in a movie while being plied with plenty of food and drinks, surrounded by 400 year old oaks and eveloped in warm breezes. Then, all you need is each other. Could it get any better?

6. Lovers On Ice

In the land of perpetual summer, it’s no surprise that novelty should come in the form of winter. Lace up your skates and make an afternoon of it at the Orlando’s RDV Sportsplex Ice Den. This venue offers public skating 7 days a week at its Olympic-regulation rink but make sure to also bring your warm clothes because the rink itself is kept at a cool 50 degrees Farenheit. Don’t sweat it though – you’ll warm right up as you skate hand-in-hand, especially if you’re skating on Fridays and Saturday evenings when the rink hosts various DJs playing popular Top 40 tunes.

7. Lake Eola Swan Boats

They say that swans mate for life. Could the setting get any better? Take a swan-shaped paddle boat with your love out on Lake Eola and be enchanted by the water’s serenity and surrounding beauty right within the heart of Orlando. Boats are available to rent for $15 an hour at the north end of the dock, close to Relax Grill. There is plenty to see and do in the park itself so you can take the paddle boat out and make a stop at the banks of the lake or use it to take in the various activities before dropping it off again.

8. Music Casa Es Su Casa

Music lovers, we saved the best for last. The evergreen Casa Feliz is an incredibly romantic date venue in Orlando. Located in Winter Park, the “Casa” itself is an architectural nod to modernist Spanish design. It has a historic museum which has been converted for public tours, weddings, receptions and Sunday afternoon live music sessions. Sit down, unwind and relax with live music amongst the gorgeous flower gardens. These weekly sessions are free and open to the public – but donations are always welcome.

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