Date Night Ideas – How To Make Your Evening Perfect

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The clothes have been picked, the hair has been brushed, those unruly eyebrows have been tamed, and the scene is set. That’s right, it’s date time. No matter how many or few you’ve been on recently, dates are always nerve-wracking. Saying the wrong thing, a meatball falling onto your lap, or simply just picking the wrong place are all things that can spoil a date, and it’s impossible to prepare for every eventuality.

However, at EliteSingles, we like to think we know a thing or two about dating. While the early stages of romance can feel like they’re up to the universe to decide (which is what makes them so exciting, right?) there are a few fun date night ideas that we would like to share. Boost your evening from ‘just OK’ to a date you will remember for all the right reasons!

The most important part of the date is, well, the date! Who you choose is of optimum importance in how your afternoon or evening goes. Even the most unruly eyebrows or biggest meatball stains won’t matter if you both click.

Coffee or Dinner? The Gender Divide

So, you guys hit it off. Great! What’s next? Picking somewhere that’s neither too formal nor too casual (you don’t want to blur the lines of what constitutes a date, do you?) is key. Well, deciding where you want to meet in person might depend on the gender of your date. According to our ‘Date Night’ survey, the most popular choice for date night ideas for men was a meal out in a restaurant. Why is that? Dinner is the most classic date setting. A meal in a restaurant can also be intimate (but not too intimate), fun, and allow the conversation to flow. Which cuisine you choose to eat can also say a lot about your personality. Both love Italian? You’re not alone!

Somewhat surprisingly, women disagreed. 61% of women participating in our study decided that their perfect first date ideas revolved around coffee during the day. Perfect for those who feel a little nervous about being stuck in a restaurant before the food arrives with little to talk about, cafes are always a safe bet. Who knows, if it goes well, maybe you can grab a bite to eat after!

What Do I Wear?

Awesome date night ideas don’t rely solely on creating an ideal environment. It also depends on how you feel going into that date. Feeling confident, putting your best self forward, and ease in your surroundings is vital to setting the scene for your dream date. You don’t have to go all out at the mall buying a brand new outfit you’ll never wear again (although if you’re feeling up to it, why not?), but feeling fabulous is a must. Looking and feeling your best will also make the other person feel special because you care enough to dress up for them. Turning up in your sweats or grubby clothing can give away a bad impression before you’ve even left the starting block.

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How to Avoid a Conversational Catastrophe on Date Night

Ok, so your date has accepted, the location decided, the date outfit perfected. You’re on the way to the venue, but the nerves are kicking in. What do people talk about on dates, anyway? Awkward silences are the primary dread of most singles, but with a little preparation and help from the conversation masters at EliteSingles, you stand a great chance of making your date a success.

According to Nick Notas, a leading date consultant in the United States, awkward silences usually arise when someone is simply “not being present in the conversation… more often than not it occurs when someone is inside their head, anxious about the next thing they need to say, or whether they’re impressing the other person.” This is an obvious symptom of nerves. Do you feel comfortable with this person, or are you just too eager not to mess up? A good rule of thumb to remember is the other person has agreed to meet up with you, wants to see you, and is usually just as nervous as you are.

Taking an active interest in your date is another great way to avoid a total conversation meltdown. If you’ve spent any time chatting on EliteSingles, you will know a little bit about that person from their profile. What do you know about their passions, interests, background, or more importantly, what would you like to know more about? Asking questions that elicit more than just a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer is always a good idea. Questions that ask about their life or things that they enjoy doing are always a great conversational lubricant. But, if you need any more inspiration, check out our list of top questions for the first and second date!

So, there you have it. Making your date perfect doesn’t require rocket science, just contingency plans, a good attitude, and some solid date night ideas (courtesy of your friends here at EliteSingles).

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