New Study: America’s Most Marriage-Minded People

Looking for love that leads to marriage? It pays to date people who also want to hear wedding bells. But where, exactly, should you start that search? We’ve conducted a study of 100,000 single Americans and found the 15 cities where the most marriage-minded singles in America live.

Does your dream love story end with a fairytale wedding? It helps to date people who also share the same relationship goal. But where should you start your search? Our survey of 100,000 single American men and women has revealed the top 15 places in America to meet the most marriage-minded singles. It may come as a surprise, but Texas leads the way as the most marriage-minded state. So let’s discover America’s other marriage hotspots…

What is a ‘Marriage-Minded Person’?

Before starting to map out the most marriage-minded people in the country, what do we mean by that? For this study, we analyzed anonymous data from 100,000 Americans registered with EliteSingles. We analyzed the data from the question, ‘marriage is important to me and should be important to my partner’. The more strongly an individual agreed with this statement, the more ‘marriage-minded’ their responses were weighted.

By averaging the responses geographically we could plot out the 15 most marriage-minded places in America. From big cities to rural towns, we have uncovered the exact 15 places to meet singles who value marriage as important and who want to meet a partner that shares the same view.

America’s Most Marriage-Focused Cities

We can now reveal that the most marriage-minded place in America, with their eyes firmly set on their wedding day, is Keller, TX! Coming in at the number one spot, this Texan gem boasts the title of the most marriage-minded city in America! Not to be outdone, this is followed closely by singles from Johns Creek, GA and in third place – Ames, IA. Agawam waves the Massachusetts flag high in 4th place, and Avenel, NJ has the 5th most marriage-minded singles.

Marriage-Minded People: The Top 15 Cities

  1. Keller, Texas
  2. Johns Creek, Georgia
  3. Ames, Iowa
  4. Agawam, Massachusetts
  5. Avenel, New Jersey
  6. Baltimore, Maryland
  7. Beverly Hills, California
  8. Edison, New Jersey
  9. Austin, Texas
  10. Fremont, California
  11. Smyrna, Georgia
  12. Carrollton, Texas
  13. Cypress, California
  14. Sugar Land, Texas
  15. Grand Prairie, Texas

*Based on cities with a population of 15,000 and above, and sourcing anonymous data from 100,000 registered EliteSingles users.

The big city hitters wade in with Baltimore, MD coming in 6th place – the most marriage-minded big city in the states! Showing itself to be more than just glitz and glam, Beverly Hills, CA takes the next spot in the most marriage-minded singles stakes. For all its showmanship, 90210 has a heart of gold and wedding bells it seems! Edison, NJ takes 8th place and it appears that Texans keep their eye on the prize, with Austin, TX coming in as the 9th for the most marriage-minded people. Californians also claim two places in the top 10, with Fremont rounding up the top 10 places to find marriage-minded singles in the US.

The next 5 cities in the top 15 come from Texas, Georgia, and California – three states already in the top 10! Shining the spotlight on where you want to be looking for marriage-minded singles, the value of marriage evidently remains strong in these states! Smyrna (GA), Carrollton (TX), Cypress (CA), Sugar Land and Grand Prairie (both TX), wrap up the top 15 most marriage-minded places in the US.

Where You Can Find Singles Seeking Love

As EliteSingles is a dating site for American singles looking for serious relationships and hoping to find love online, our users tend to be more focused on committed relationships than casual flings. So it doesn’t come as a big surprise how many still value the tradition of marriage. And. just because a city didn’t make it into the top 15, it doesn’t mean that singles elsewhere aren’t interested in marriage. Also, with a sample size of 100,000 Americans, there’s more than enough love to go around! And if you’re tired of being single at a wedding, maybe try dating in Texas, California or Georgia.

In today’s world, love can be defined in many different ways, with the meaning of marriage holding different significance for different individuals and cultures. If you’re looking for love the second time around or perhaps still waiting to meet the love of your life, there are no hard and fast rules in relationship compatibility. But a great start point is meeting someone who shares your values and relationship goals. And we know where to start looking for marriage-minded people!

Did your city make the list? Wherever you are in the US, sign up to EliteSingles now and start meeting your matches today!


The study completed by EliteSingles researchers in April 2018, based on randomly selected, anonymous data from 100,000 singles registered with Data used cannot be traced back to the original user. Please note: Only cities that turned up 15 000 or more random responses were included in the geographic averages.

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