EliteSingles Success Couple: Judy and Jackie are the Perfect Fit

elitesingles success couple judy and jackie

We love hearing from success couples at EliteSingles. Finding a partner and creating a bond is an incredible and life-changing experience. Judy and Jackie’s tale is truly heartwarming and shows that ‘love finds a way’.

When Jackie told us her story, it was so eloquent and well-written we wanted to publish the whole thing in full. Prepare to have your heartstrings tugged!

“Judy was one of my first dates. I had been single for a couple years after the end of my 25-year marriage. A year of soul searching led me to the discovery that I am gay.

Judy found me first on EliteSingles. She started with “liking” parts of my profile and I liked her’s back, all the while asking myself how someone in Michigan knows so much about one of my favorite things, Broadway musicals. Our ongoing conversation revealed that our children are similar ages, in their early 20s. Our goals, values, and our love for our kids all aligned. We share a passion for family, social justice, adventure, and coffee!

Despite the distance, we wouldn’t have to wait long to meet. Judy lives in Michigan and I live in Georgia. Lucky for me, Judy’s best friend had recently relocated to the Atlanta area and she was coming to the Peach State for a visit. Would I want to meet up? YES!

We met for coffee, of course. We felt an instant connection, but I hesitated. I had only been out as a lesbian for a couple months, and I was just starting to date. Despite some sporadic dating locally, I always came back to Judy. Our friendship was growing into something more. Judy asked me out on another date, several months after our first. She flew to Atlanta, allegedly to visit her friends, rented a car, and drove over two hours to take me out to dinner. It was magical. I knew I had found my person.

Judy told me later that her EliteSingles subscription was set to expire in July. She took one last chance and renewed it, and I’m so grateful she did, as I had just joined. She and I like to say it is destiny. It certainly feels that way. We have several adventures planned in the near future and are looking forward to spending our lives together. She is the love of my life.

When I asked Judy what she would tell EliteSingles, she responded: “A seemingly innocuous decision to join a dating site resulted in a match suggestion that has changed my life. I continue to pinch myself because this woman is perfect for me. Like two adjacent pieces of a puzzle, we fit seamlessly. Each our own person, together we are magic. Love always finds a way.”

She is right. We fit.”

Is someone cutting onions? We appear to have something in our eye. Thanks for the amazing story Jackie and Judy, a great inspiration to other singles.

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