Survey of 10,000 EliteSingles members reveal what makes the perfect partner

EliteSingles partner survey infographic

A new study of 10,000 singles has revealed how singles around the world would like their future partner to act in a relationship. Some of the results are quite surprising!

The top five things singles would like their ideal partner to do:

(the percentage indicates the proportion of the 10,000 singles who agreed with the statement ‘My partner should…’)

1. Share his/her concerns with me – 91%

2. Include me in his/her plans for the future – 86%

3. Accompany me to a family member’s birthday party – 84%

4. Give me freedom to have time for myself – hobbies, interests etc. – 83%

5. Find the time to talk to me everyday – 80%

The study, based on anonymous user data, also revealed the things our members didn’t expect their future partner to do, and although men and women gave mostly the same answers, they expressed a difference in the way they expected their partner to show affection. Only 2% of women wished for their future partner to show affection through sex, and men were averse to being shown affection by receiving compliments, with only 3% expecting this.

Another big difference between the sexes was that 59% of women expect their partner to do housework, compared to 38% of men.

And… 62% of men said they would like to be surprised with sexy underwear, compared to just 26% of women! Of course although everyone has the right to have expectations in a relationship, our EliteSingles psychologist Salama Marine says:

“The problem is when you feel obligated to fulfill your partner’s expectations: when you start to feel limited in your decisions or not free anymore to do what you want; or when your needs are completely forgotten to only respond to your partner’s expectations. If this is the case, then it’s a sign that there is a problem in the relationship. To overcome this, the only good way is to communicate clearly with your partner what you expect or when you think that your partner is expecting too much from you. Good communication will allow you to negotiate and compromise.”

Therefore, in order to be a perfect partner, you should discuss what both your expectations are for the relationship, to be sure that both your needs will be met.

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