6 Virtual Date Ideas to Hack Social Distancing


Navigating the dating world has never been easy, but doing so during the pandemic has introduced some new challenges. One of them is coming up with safe ways for you and your date to meet. That’s why having some virtual date ideas in your back pocket is important.

Believe it or not, holding off on meeting your crush in-person may have its perks. A virtual date is a great way to test the waters. It means you have fewer opportunities to get distracted and more chances to pay attention to your crush.

So try out one of these virtual date ideas and see if you two have chemistry. 

6 Virtual Date Ideas to Get to Know Someone

  1. Have a video call

Sure, a simple video call may sound boring, but you can never go wrong with a good conversation. 

If you’re someone who suffers from first-date nerves, you may find a virtual date less intimidating. You’ll be in the comfort of your own home and won’t have to worry about finding a table at a packed restaurant or running into an ex. 

All the same, speaking to someone who you haven’t met in person over the phone may feel daunting at first.

That’s why we recommend preparing some games, icebreakers, or questions for your call. Having some activities like this prepared will make sure the conversation flows smoothly. 

  1. Watch a movie together

A movie is a classic first date for a reason and that hasn’t changed because of the pandemic. It’s a fun and easy way to spend time with someone you’re getting to know. 

You can chat during the movie on the phone or via the Netflix Party Chrome extension. You could also keep it simple and save your thoughts for a post-movie discussion. 

Why not surprise your crush by watching one of their favorite rom-coms? Or you could choose a new release that you both would like to see. 

Sure, you may not be able to watch it together physically, but with a little effort, you can have the exact same setup as each other. 

Plan to buy the same movie snacks or if you’re feeling generous, why not get some delivered to your crush’s place?

  1. Try a virtual escape room

Whether you were a fan of escape rooms before the pandemic or you’ve never tried one before, doing one online is one of our top virtual date ideas. 

Figuring out the various challenges will give you plenty to talk about, so you won’t run into any awkward silences. 

Best of all? It’ll give you an insight into how you work together. Since communication is key to a successful relationship, this is a great opportunity. 

  1. Order each other dinner

Sometimes nothing beats a candlelit dinner and you can still make one happen during quarantine. 

Set up a virtual date where you prepare and eat a meal together, or if you’re not a pro in the kitchen, order dinner in. 

If you opt for take-out, make the evening extra special by ordering dishes for each other. Just let each other know of any dietary restrictions or food allergies first. 

  1. Take a virtual workout class

Taking a yoga class or going for a run together used to be a go-to date for singles. So what’s stopping you from doing it now? 

Working out together is one of our favorite virtual date ideas. Since the pandemic, there are plenty of ways to take fitness classes online. Better yet? Many of them are free.

Looking for something a bit more private? Skip the group classes and hire a private instructor. It’ll give you more one on one time and probably a better workout too.

Once the class is over you don’t have to stop the date there. Plan a call together afterward to discuss your experience over a cup of coffee or a protein shake. 

If it goes well, ask them if they’d like to continue going to the class with you. It could become a regular thing! 

  1. Watch a concert together

In a pre-pandemic world, going to a concert was a top-notch date idea. But unfortunately, it’s not an option right now.

However thanks to online concert recordings, a live concert date is still possible. 

Are you and your crush both fans of the same artist? Why not see if they have a live online concert coming up? If they don’t, watch a recording of a past gig instead.

Bonding over a shared passion like this creates great memories.

The coronavirus pandemic doesn’t mean we have to give up on dating, it just means we have to make our usual dates safer. 

These virtual date ideas aren’t just safe, they’re romantic too. Preparing one of them will show your crush you care and that’ll mean just as much now as it ever did. 

About the author: Elizabeth Entenman

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