12 Anniversary Date Ideas You Need to Know

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Anniversaries can be a lot of fun, but having some great anniversary date ideas can make them even better. 

Anniversary date activities don’t have to break the bank. In fact, some of the best anniversary date ideas focus more on emotions and nostalgia than money spent. 

If you’re looking for some innovative ways to mark your special day, take a look at our favorite anniversary date suggestions below.  

 Our Favorite Anniversary Date Ideas

1. Relive your first date 

Do you remember your first date? Chances are, both you and your partner have it memorized forever. 

First dates often come with a lot of jitters. You really want to make a good impression, so you tend to remember small details, like what you wore and what you ordered. 

So why don’t you recreate your first date as a special gift for your partner? You could reserve a table at the same restaurant, watch the same movie, even wear the same date night outfit!

2. Give each other a hometown tour 

If the two of you grew up in different areas, a hometown tour is one of the many anniversary date ideas that can be special. 

If you see a future with the person you’re with, you’re opening up about a part of your past they may have never known before. 

Show them where you went to high school, bring them to your old hang-out spot, and maybe even introduce them to your family!

3. Recreate their idea of a dream date 

As anniversary date ideas go, this one is a real keeper. 

Casually ask them about their dream date. Phrase the question like it’s no big deal and don’t draw attention to how carefully you’re listening. 

Then, wait enough time for them to forget that you asked and surprise them with their dream date, down to their favorite food, drinks, everything! 

Thoughtful dates like this will show them that you care about their happiness and that’s the most important gift you can ever give them!

4. Go to a pottery painting class 

There are likely plenty of local pottery classes around you that you can find with a quick Google search. 

A date like this is romantic, fun, and better yet? It’ll leave you with some romantic, handmade keepsakes which will always remind you of your special day. 

5. Discover a new town together 

Plenty of smaller towns have fantastic main streets filled with local shops. Why not see what you can find? Claim a small town as your “second home,” and try to visit all of the restaurants and shops as you can. 

It’s almost like traveling to a different state, but much cheaper and safer.

6. Have a romantic picnic

It may sound a little simplistic, but a picnic is one of our all-time favorite anniversary date ideas. It’s cute, easy to plan and you can tailor it to whatever budget you have in mind. 

Say you’re a little strapped for cash, simply bring a blanket, their favorite wine, and snack to the park, and voilà! Your perfect date is served.

Alternatively, you can spice things up by preparing or ordering some fancy food, drinks, or entertainment. 

7. Take a cooking class together

Cooking is something that we’ll always have to do, so why not learn some new skills with your significant other? 

This is one of our anniversary date ideas that’ll never go out of style. There’s not too much that could go wrong with a date like this. Worst-case scenario, you’ll walk away with a few good recipes to recreate. 

So, give it a go! What have you got to lose?

8. Try karaoke 

There’s something special about karaoke. It’s a personal experience that can also serve as a release of stress, emotion, and even lust! 

At this stage in your relationship, the two of you shouldn’t care about impressing each other with your singing voices. Instead, just have fun and go with the flow.

You could even prepare a cringy romantic number for your significant other and serenade them in front of the bar! 

9. Purchase books for one another

Are the two of you readers? Then, you’ll be quite happy with this anniversary date idea

Go to your favorite bookstore. Pick one book you love that you genuinely think the other will also like. Then, read them at the same time, and then choose to discuss both titles over a nice dinner.

10. Go to multiple places for dinner, drinks, and dessert 

Can’t decide where to go to celebrate your special day? Why not try everywhere? This date will be exciting for the change of scenery, but also quite helpful for your town. 

This past year has been really tough for restaurants, so giving them a shot — even just for a slice of cake — will be much appreciated. So try to choose local restaurants instead of chains to help them out. 

11. Write letters to each other 

Some people express themselves better through writing than speaking. If that’s you, why not pour your heart into a special love note to mark your anniversary?

You might already think of getting cards for each other, but consider something more personal, like a letter. Then, let your feelings fall onto the page. Don’t worry about seeming too emotional, the more vulnerable, the better!

12. Make each other playlists 

Sometimes, the right song can sum up everything you’re feeling. 

If you struggle to come up with the right words, why not choose a romantic song that does it for you?

Find the perfect songs for your partner that showcase how you feel and put them in a playlist or mixtape.

You could even choose songs that mean something to your relationship, or anniversary-themed songs to make the playlist extra special. 

Anniversary date ideas matter, they help make your special day even more memorable! 

We advise taking the time to plan one that’s thoughtful, fun, and puts a smile on your partner’s face. The ones listed above will do just that, so choose one and enjoy!

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