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50 Best Date Ideas: The Definitive List

date ideas outdoors

Deciding on date ideas is important, but it can also be nerve-wracking. So we’ve rounded up a collection of our 50 favorite date activities to help you out. 

Prioritizing dates is vital for every couple. Whether you’re casually dating or you’re in a long-term relationship, scheduling regular dates with your other half keeps your romance alive. 

So, here are 50 of the best date ideas out there.

50 Brilliant Date Ideas 

1. Go to a park

It seems simple, but sometimes a walk in the fresh air can lift your spirits.

2. Volunteer together 

Simply call a local organization and see if they need extra help. 

3. See a drive-thru movie 

Drive-thru theatres are making a comeback. Visit your local one and see what’s on!

4. Go to a beer garden 

Tons of breweries are offering an outdoor experience at night with space heaters.

5. Go thrift store shopping 

Are you and your date shopaholics? Spend the day buying each other thrift store gifts. 

6. Go fishing 

Fishing is a peaceful activity that offers a ton of downtime, giving you two plenty of time to talk. 

7. Share your favorite YouTube videos 

If you and your S.O. are quarantined separately, this can be a simple virtual date idea too.

8. Make each other Spotify playlists 

Speaking of Zoom dating, this is another great long-distance date activity. 

9. Paint pottery together 

A cute keepsake and the chance to get creative? Sounds like a win-win!

10. Take a cooking class together 

After your class, why not recreate the meal at home?

11. Try a MasterClass together online 

If you’re looking for unique online date ideas, this is a winner. 

12. Go to the water park 

Weather permitting, water parks can be a great day out.

13. Go to a market 

Are you both foodies? Visit your local farmer’s market and buy some local produce. 

14. Take a hike 

Choose a nice and safe path and go on an adventure together. 

15. Test drive a car together 

Take some scenic routes to make this number extra romantic. 

16. Play a video game 

Are you and your crush gamers? If so, why not play a two-player game online?

17. Write a song together 

This can be a serious activity if you’re both musicians and a goofy activity if you’re not. 

18. Go to a dog park 

If your date loves animals, then they’ll appreciate this date for sure. 

19. Go kayaking 

Just make sure to follow all the safety precautions.

20. Take an exercise class together 

Working out with your crush can be a great icebreaker! 

21. Buy a date box 

There are plenty of online subscription services that can mail you fun date ideas

22. Make travel plans 

Even if you can’t go away right now, plan a future trip together.

23. Run together 

Avoid getting competitive, choose a scenic route, and enjoy.

24. Go to an amusement park 

If your date loves roller coasters, this is an ideal date venue. 

25. Think about your best Shark Tank pitch 

If you were to create a product together, what would it be?

26. Take a walk on the beach 

It’s always nice and calming to hear the sound of the ocean. 

27. Video chat together 

A classic video chat is a stress-free way to test the waters before organizing date number two

28. Visit a winery 

Visit a winery and learn more about wine and how it’s made. 

29. Or, do a wine tasting at home 

Even if you can’t differentiate between a merlot and a cabernet sauvignon, you can still have fun pretending. 

30. Take photographs in nature 

Immersing yourself in nature can be therapeutic and romantic. 

31. Write a comedy sketch together 

If you both like comedy shows, spend the afternoon writing your own sketches.

32. Have a picnic

As date ideas go, this one is a classic. Take your date to your favorite viewing spot and enjoy a picnic.

33. Make a podcast 

Even if you don’t plan on anyone ever hearing it, making a podcast can still be a lot of fun.

34. Form a book club

Choose a book to read, and wait until your date to discuss it. 

35. Go to the library 

Have you ever been to your local library? Check yours out and get library cards together. 

36. Cook for each other 

Make each other your favorite dish. If the recipe has a great story behind it, even better.

37. Have a chili cook-off 

Find out once and for all who the best chili cook is!

38. Go for a cycle together 

Become cycle buddies and compete with each other over time and distance. 

39. Open up each other’s high school yearbooks

Who you were in high school shouldn’t reflect who you are now. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself!

40. Go to a diner 

Diner food is the best. Order milkshakes with your meals as an extra treat!

41. Play a board game 

Board games are a great two-person activity and are one of our favorite date ideas! Just try not to get too competitive.

42. Order each other dinner

Choose what your date will have for dinner and surprise them! 

43. Create and eat a charcuterie board together

Fancy meats and cheeses don’t need a special occasion to shine. A standard date is a perfect excuse to break out the charcuterie board.

44. Tell each other a funny childhood memory 

Not only will this help you both open up, but it’ll also guarantee some laughs too.

45. Write poetry together

The best thing about poetry is that there are no rules. Just let go and write from the heart. 

46. Paint pictures 

Much like poetry, painting is very loose with rules. Have fun and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. 

47. Play a childhood game together

Show your date your competitive streak with some old school games.

48. Tour each other’s college campuses 

If you met each other after college, why not visit each other’s schools?

49. Go to the mall 

Back when you were a teen, this was probably the best place to hang out. Have you ever tried doing it as an adult? 

50. Stay in and build a pillow fort together 

Nobody’s too old for this. Plus, it’s a cozy way to spend time together. 

So that covers our favorite 50 best date ideas! 

Remember, the only bad dates are the ones where you’re not into the person you’re with, and even then, you can still have a good time with them! 

About the author: Karen Belz

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