Which cities have the most career-minded singles?

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Trends are a’changin’. The traditional family model consisting of the working father and stay-at-home mother has evolved as more and more singles are choosing to postpone their family plans in favor of getting ahead in the workplace. We decided to look into which cities contain the most career-minded singles and came up with some surprising results.

The EliteSingles research team culled data from 50,000 singles aged 18 to 45 across the US to uncover the priorities of the top US cities concerning cultivating a career versus starting a family. The large-scale study, based on anonymous user data, focused on the following criteria: education level, how important education level of partner is, and how important it was to find someone with similar family plans. Furthermore, particular attention was focused on how each member ranked the following statement: Marriage is important to me and should also be a priority for my partner. EliteSingles then cross-checked the data against gender and location to determine the facts about which US cities are most career-driven.

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Boston singles want to get ahead in their career the most

Research shows that having two working parents is beneficial to children1, so it’s no surprise that many are placing a priority on getting ahead in the workplace before deciding to have kids of their own. The study revealed that singles who live in Boston are the most likely to place the strongest importance on striving to excel in their careers, which we suspect might have something to do with the close proximity to Harvard University. Interestingly, and perhaps coincidentally, cities on the coast rank higher on career-orientation than landlocked cities, with seven cities in the top ten having access to the sea. Could the metaphor of looking out to the horizon to reference thinking about the future actually affect the priorities of those living on the coast?

Position Career-Minded City
1 Boston
2 Miami
3 San Francisco
4 Charlotte
5 Philadelphia
6 El Paso
7 Chicago
8 New York City
9 Washington D.C.
10 San Diego

The cities with the most family-oriented singles

Of course, even professionally-minded singles agree that career isn’t everything, and not everyone agrees that a job should be any more than a steady paycheck. Singles living in Baltimore don’t want to waste any time when it comes to starting a loving family, the study shows. Those in the South prioritize future generations over the future of their careers, with nine out of the top ten cities located in the Southern states. Perhaps this is proof that there is truth to the “Southern hospitality” stereotype after all.

Position Family-Oriented City
1 Baltimore
2 Nashville
3 Fort Worth
4 Memphis
5 Louisville
6 Fresno
7 Atlanta
8 New Orleans
9 Arlington
10 Dallas

Los Angeles sends mixed signals, while Seattle plays it cool

The study also revealed that singles in Los Angeles simultaneously ranked highest for the most satisfaction and for feeling the most anxious about the future, for both males and females. Hardly surprising for the city people are known to flock to in order to pursue a career in entertainment? Contrary to this, Seattle’s singles rank as the male and female singles least anxious about the future and ranks average for being career- and family-oriented, making it possibly the best city for singles who want the best of both worlds.

Want to see where your city ranks? Check out the top 50 cities below ranked according to career-minded and family-oriented singles.

Position Career-Minded City Family-Oriented City
1 Boston Baltimore
2 Miami Nashville
3 San Francisco Fort Worth
4 Charlotte Memphis
5 Philadelphia Louisville
6 El Paso Fresno
7 Chicago Atlanta
8 New York City New Orleans
9 Washington D.C. Arlington
10 San Diego Dallas
11 Raleigh Houston
12 Arlington New York City
13 Atlanta Washington D.C.
14 Baltimore Austin
15 Long Beach Charlotte
16 Memphis Oklahoma City
17 Minneapolis Los Angeles
18 Houston Jacksonville
19 New Orleans Miami
20 Denver San Antonio
21 Milwaukee San Jose
22 Nashville Omaha
23 Seattle Raleigh
24 Fort Worth Boston
25 Indianapolis Columbus
26 Dallas Long Beach
27 Fresno Chicago
28 Jacksonville Mesa
29 San Antonio Philadelphia
30 Albuquerque Indianapolis
31 Oakland San Diego
32 Virginia Beach San Francisco
33 Sacramento Cleveland
34 Kansas City Sacramento
35 Detroit Seattle
36 Portland Virginia Beach
37 Las Vegas Denver
38 Columbus Phoenix
39 San Jose Kansas City
40 Tulsa Las Vegas
41 Cleveland Milwaukee
42 Austin Wichita
43 Omaha Tulsa
44 Tucson El Paso
45 Phoenix Minneapolis
46 Mesa Oakland
47 Oklahoma City Tucson
48 Los Angeles Portland
49 Wichita Albuquerque
50 Louisville Detroit

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Study published October 2016, updated March 2018

*Sourced from anonymous data



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