America’s funniest singles: where to find them and why humor matters!

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Our recent study of 72, 113 people has revealed where to find America’s funniest singles! But why is this important? EliteSingles psychologist Salama Marine gives her insights as to why humor is so significant in a relationship and why we find funny people so attractive.

Where are America’s funniest singles?

A 2014 EliteSingles study discovered that 97% of our members see humor as an essential part of a healthy relationship. Luckily for them (and for anyone looking for a witty partner), our latest study has revealed in exactly which cities to find the US’ most humorous individuals.

We looked at anonymous user data in response to the statement; ‘I can easily make other people laugh’ and found that singles in Hampton, New Hampshire are the funniest in the States, while Pembroke Pines came in 10th when it comes to cracking the jokes.

Where to find America’s funniest singles:

1. Hampton, NH
2. West Hollywood, CA
3. Yonkers, NY
4. Staten Island, NY
5. St Petersburg, FL
6. Norfolk, VA
7. Charlotte, NC
8. Santa Monica, CA
9. Nashville, TN
10. Pembroke Pines, FL

Evidently, if you’re looking for someone funny, you should be heading east! Perhaps the fast pace of the East Coast has kept its singles quick witted and providing a succession of jokes. So while Hampton holds the title for having America’s funniest singles, honorable mention goes to West Hollywood whose chilled West Coast singles are also good at providing the banter!

Why is a good sense of humor so important?

It is pretty universally acknowledged that funny men and funny women are attractive. As demonstrated by our 2014 study, many singles believe that humor is vital for compatibility and essential to a good relationship. From 1990s lonely hearts postings seeking someone with a good sense of humor to modern day online dating profiles written by those who ‘love a good laugh,’ singles are drawn to those who see the wittier side of life. We all need a bit of laughter in our lives afterall.

And why exactly? EliteSingles psychologist Salama Marine thinks that it is because giggling together can bring us closer to one another: ‘’Laughing together is probably the best sign of a healthy relationship for a couple. Humor and self-mockery definitely help to forge happy memories and the ability to make each other giggle with just a glance creates a strong friendship between two people.’’

She goes on to say that shared humor is promising for a bright future together: ’’When two partners can laugh at themselves and they’re not afraid to be ridiculous around each other, it indicates a strong bond. This in turn is essential for a lasting relationship.’’
So, the old saying of ‘those who laugh together stay together’ does seem to ring truth in relationships and it’s no surprise that so many Americans seek funny singles.

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1 Souce: Anonymous user data from a 72,113 person sample of the Americans registered with between 2015 and 2016.
2 EliteSingles ‘Love and Politics’ survey, 2014. Sample size: 500 members from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa.
3 All Salama Marine quotes from an original EliteSingles interview, 2016

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