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With infinite date options in LA, it’s no surprise you’re feeling a bit stumped as to where to go. You’re looking for something effortlessly romantic, charming without being too showy, a date that makes someone feel special but comfortable? If that sounds about right, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a list of great date ideas: Los Angeles, separated by neighborhood for your convenience.

Please note, this list is up to date as of March 2017

Beverly Hills – Carasoin Day Spa

For those looking to do something really special in Beverly Hills and splash the cash, the Carasoin Day Spa is the place for you. A mix of Swiss and British sensibilities, this spa exudes elegance and is the ultimate date spot for a rendezvous with a touch of class. Indulge in a ‘his and hers massage’ and feel revitalized when you leave; it’s one of the classic date ideas: Los Angeles.

Downtown – Electric Dusk Drive In/ Little Tokyo

For a classic American date idea: Los Angeles offers the Electric Dusk Drive – the only remaining Drive- in movie location. Embrace the American tradition by cuddling up in the car, watching a classic movie and ordering some tasty snacks from the roller-skating carhops – an effortlessly charming date. For those who love a taste of Eastern flavors, head to Little Tokyo for some of the best sushi and ramen in LA. The area gets very lively at the weekend with a karaoke option on Saturdays to make the experience even more authentically Japanese.

Echo Park – Echo Park Lake

If you’re in this neck of the woods, it would be silly not to head to the Echo Park Lake. The Eastside’s historic landmark is a delightful date spot for some understated romance. With a beautiful boathouse, newly restored lotus gardens and stunning fountains, this is a great spot nestled in natural beauty. Splurge for a guided gondola ride or keep it cheap by bringing your own snacks for a picnic, this is the ultimate date idea whether splashing the cash or on a budget.

Griffith Park – The Griffith Observatory

Los Angeles is a beautiful place and sometimes it takes embracing your inner tourist to remember that. The Griffith Observatory is an unbeatable date idea – it exudes romance with breath taking views of LA, in its full glory at twilight. Wander around and speak to the astronomers who will show you where to point your telescopes in hope of seeing a galaxy system or watch one of the Tesla Coil demonstrations (a sort of caged lightning effect), sure to be one of your most memorable experiences. The planetarium show is also an absolute must – it is a truly magical experience.

Hollywood – The Spare Room Bowling Alley/ The Piano Bar

It may sound childish but actually this elegant bowling alley, located in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is quite the civilized date spot. Combined with a luxurious cocktail lounge for a touch of class, this date offers the perfect marriage of fun and style. The authentic vintage bowling alley contains exceptional attention to detail and exudes understated glamour – it’s quite the Hollywood date. For those seeking something a bit more grown up, try out The Piano Bar. Nestled in the heart of Hollywood, this charismatic establishment has managed to maintain its humble charm with a unpretentious neighborhood feel. And of course, it offers a fantastic array of music.

Koreatown – Sun Ha Jang/The Boiling Crab

One of the greatest things about Koreatown is of course the cuisine. It’s one of the best dinner date ideas in Los Angeles and the duck at Sun Ha Jung is an absolute must try! The wonderfully cozy establishment encourages guests to take part in the cooking process (you should definitely throw the duckling slices on the grill!). For those Americans who are big fans of seafood, definitely check out the Boiling Crab. Be warned; there may be quite long lines (so get there when it opens at 3) but this only reaffirms how excellent the food is.

Malibu – The Corral Canyon Trek

For those seeking more adventurous date ideas, Los Angeles offers a variety of amazing trekking possibilities. They range in difficulty, but the Corral Canyon Trek is the perfect combination of challenging and enjoyable and is a great way for you to embark on a new venture together. With absolutely stunning views, (one can even have a little insight into the million dollar mansions along the way) and a perfectly placed Malibu seafood establishment by the trailhead, this date will not disappoint.

Manhattan Beach – Manhattan Beach Pier

It may sound clichéd but the Manhattan Beach pier is one of the best date ideas in Los Angeles. With majestic views of the beach and the fresh sea breeze, it’s a great place for you and your date to stroll hand in hand. The pier also boasts an aquarium if you fancy something a bit different, as well as lots of restaurants and shops for you to browse in.

Santa Monica- Dinner or drinks on Ocean Avenue

Removed from the huge crowds that flock around Santa Monica promenade in the evenings, Ocean Avenue is a gem a great date spot in LA. Boasting exquisite restaurants (at a price!), this promises to be a truly romantic evening ; The Lobster is one of our favorites with excellent cuisine and a lively ambience. Those who can’t quite afford such a lavish meal should head to one of the great bars on Ocean Avenue – try Suite 700 (the rooftop bar at the Shangri – La hotel) boasting great views and a charismatic ambience.

Westwood – Geffen Playhouse

The Geffen Playhouse is a great choice when selecting date ideas: Los Angeles. Celebrated for its intimacy and development of thought–provoking and original plays, this is an ideal date spot for those American culture lovers. The venue itself is beautiful and oozes romance with an enchanting courtyard and delicate water fountain, ideal for a drink before or after the show. With an array of ever changing productions, this venue is sure to please on a date.

We’ve done our bit – now it’s time for you to do yours: choose one of our great date ideas: Los Angeles and get dating!

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