8 Brilliant Second Date Ideas

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Are you tired of sieving through the same old second date ideas? If so, you’ve come to the right place. 

Finding a great second date idea can be challenging. You’re still in the beginning stages of meeting this person, but you also want to impress them. 

A first date is usually a place to talk, where there’s a lot of basic “where are you from” type questions. Meanwhile, a second date is when such questions no longer need to be asked, and now you get to show off your personality more. 

What you choose for a second date can show a lot about who you are and set the stage for deeper, more meaningful conversations. 

Check out these second date ideas to help you plan the best evening for the two of you.

Our Top 8 Second Date Ideas

1. Go to a drive-in movie 

Going to a movie theater as a date when you’re still getting to know a crush is not the best move. 

When you’re sitting in a theater, you’re not talking, or at least you shouldn’t be. You’ll spend between two and three hours not speaking to each other, which isn’t a great date if you’re still in the getting-to-know-you phase. 

Sure, cuddling in the dark can be romantic, but if you’re serious about wanting to be with this person, you need to talk to them.

That’s why we recommend drive-in cinemas instead, especially if you’re looking for date ideas in a city like Miami. A drive-in cinema offers a different, date-friendly atmosphere. 

You’re in your car, so you’re not disturbing strangers if you talk and you can bring snacks, drinks even some delicious take-out if you fancy. 

2. Go to a food festival or food truck meeting spot

As second date ideas go, dinner is a total classic. However, the prospect of speaking with your date one-on-one with little to no distractions can feel intimidating. 

That’s why we advise going to a food festival or a spot with multiple food trucks instead of your average restaurant. 

Mixing things up like this means that you can experiment with your dinner and will also provide you with plenty of background noise and things to talk about. 

When it comes to food festivals, there’s usually some sort of entertainment, but even just picking out the food can be entertainment in and of itself. 

Plus, if you had gone to just one restaurant, you may end up with a meal that only one of you really likes. When you’re surrounded by different stands and food trucks, you both have tons of options. 

You can each get things that you like, but you can also experiment together with things you’re not familiar with. 

3. Volunteer together

Second date ideas don’t have to be materialistic. If you’re someone who enjoys volunteering, why not ask your new beau to join you at a local non-profit? 

Pick a cause that you’re both interested and passionate about, contact an organization that serves it, and go from there. 

If you’re both dog people, see if you can get involved in taking care of the animals at a nearby shelter. Or maybe you’re both people persons and want to head over to a soup kitchen to distribute meals. 

Just be sure to pick something that you’d both be comfortable doing. While deciding to volunteer can show off your sweet side, being grumpy and agitated while you volunteer does the opposite.

4. Have a puppy playdate

If you’re both pet owners, why not get your four-legged friends involved in your second date? 

You could take your pooches to the beach or maybe go on a hike and enjoy the fresh air altogether. By bringing your pets on the date with you, you can see how they’ll get along in the future. 

Plus, you can see if your dog likes your new partner as well. As dog owners know, you can usually trust your dog’s instincts on whether or not someone is indeed worthy of you.

5. Go to a fair or amusement park

If you’re lucky enough to live near an amusement park or boardwalk, then you’re lucky enough to have tons of second date ideas on your doorstep. 

Going to an amusement park or fair means getting to experience a lot of thrills together. If you’re both adrenaline junkies, you’ll love screaming together at the top of the biggest roller coaster. 

But even if you’re not thrill-seekers, fairs and amusement parks offer a lot of different experiences. 

You could spend the evening just trying as much fair food as possible. Or you can just take in the sights from the Ferris wheel. 

Having a second date in such places really gives you options so that you can tailor the evening to your needs and desires.

6. Try a boozy paint night

This date works best if you both like to get a little tipsy and neither of you is exactly an artist. 

Go into this date not expecting to come out with a masterpiece, but instead with a lot of laughs and memories. 

Don’t take your paint strokes too seriously, just enjoy a soothing night together. You can spice things up by preparing a fun bar and making some memorable cocktails together. 

7. Go canoeing or kayaking

If you’re outdoorsy folk, try getting your muscles pumping as you take a canoe or kayak down a river. 

This is a particularly good second date because you’ll be mainly on your own to chat and get to know each other, but you’ll also have plenty of distractions to stir up conversation. 

You never know what kind of beautiful wildlife you might find.

8. Take in a comedy show

Whether it’s stand-up or improv, comedy shows can be a great second date option. 

Laughing together is a perfect bonding activity, and you’ll end up with some stories to take home with you. 

Choosing a comedy show from our list of second date ideas shows your crush that you know how to have fun and that you’re not afraid to be silly. 

So, did one of our second date ideas tickle your fancy? If so, great! 

Remember, second dates are meant to be fun, so simply relax, focus on being yourself and enjoy whatever activity you’ve chosen from the list. 

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