Wondering How to Tell if He Likes You? Here’s How to Figure It Out

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Knowing how to tell if a guy likes you isn’t always easy. Being able to read those hints and spot those signs of attraction might not always be as straightforward as you’d like, especially if you’re new to dating. But, with a few tips and tricks, things don’t have to feel so daunting!

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Does He Like Me? 15 Signs a Guy Likes You to Look Out For

Figuring out how to tell if a guy likes you can be tough at times. Maybe you’re getting some mixed signals or you’re finding it tricky to spot some of those subtle body language cues. Whatever the situation, answering the question, “Does he like me?” can be more straightforward than you first think! To help you out, we’ve put together a list of 15 of the most common signs a guy likes you to look out for!


1. He Often Texts First

When it comes to knowing how to tell if a guy likes you, communication is one of the biggest hints. Does he text you first? Does he ask how you’re doing? Any type of initiation is good. If he’s consistently kickstarting the conversation and actively showing interest, it’s a good sign he likes you.


2. He Copies Your Body Language

Look out for how he acts when he’s around you. If you’re playing with your hair, he may be scratching his head or rubbing his neck. If he’s into you, he likely won’t be stoic. Instead, he might appear a bit nervous.

Body language means a lot when you’re learning how to tell if a guy likes you. If you notice him imitating your movements or the things you say, it’s a potential sign that he’s interested in you.


3. He Remembers a Lot of Small Details About Your Life 

It could be the fact that you played rugby in college or that your parents were high school sweethearts. Little facts he’s retained show that he’s paying attention and keeping his details straight. If he can easily recall past conversations and asks secondary questions, it’s obvious he’s invested in you. Pair this will the mirroring body language and you’ll know for sure that he wouldn’t mind asking you out.


4. He Looks for Things You Both Have in Common

We’ll give you an example. Maybe you’re really into Survivor. As a show concept, he was always interested but never got involved. But now, thanks to you, he’s always got his television set to CBS on Wednesday nights and watches it every week just to have something to talk about with you.

Guys typically look for common interests with people they like, and you should see this as a big sign he likes you.


5. He Enjoys Physical Contact

How do you know if a guy likes you? Well, if he seems to welcome any physical contact then it’s a good indication that he’s into it. If he’s interested, it’s likely he’ll also try to imitate subtle physical contact. This could be anything from touching your arm while you’re talking to hugging you as you see each other.


6. His Friends Start Talking To You More

When trying to figure out how to tell if a guy likes you, his friends may give a good hint. If they seem keen to get to know you, it means the guy in question probably told them he’s into you. They may also try to get their intel on the situation. If someone else asks you what you think of their friend, this can be a great sign.


7. He’s Started Getting More Nervous Around You

If you were friends and suddenly something changed, he may have caught feelings for you. Suddenly acting nervous, smiling, or looking away, are all signs that he may be harboring a crush.


8. He Likes All Your Social Media Posts

If you’re unsure about how to know if a guy is into you, pay attention to his behavior on social media. If, regardless of what you post, he seems to like it — and almost always before anyone else — it’s a good sign he’s interested. He might even be daring enough to leave a comment. While something like this could be innocent, one thing’s for sure — he likes you as a person and finds you to be rather intriguing.


9. He’s Not Afraid to Give You Compliments

It seems there’s always something about you that he can’t help but notice. When a guy compliments you, they’re demonstrating appreciation. It’s also a flattering way of opening up a conversation and a good sign he might like you.


10. He Laughs a Lot When You’re Together

When you’re together, have you noticed that he seems to laugh a lot? Does this laughter seem like genuine joy where he’s purely enjoying the moment? Laughter is one of the core ways of establishing a real connection and building intimacy. So if you’ve spotted this behavior, it might be a sign he likes you.


11. He Tells You About His Plans for the Future

If he’s telling you about plans that go beyond what he’s up to at the weekend, it can be a helpful indicator when it comes to knowing how to tell if a guy likes you. Conversations he starts about where he sees himself in 10 years, how many kids he wants, and the neighborhood he wants to live in might come up because he’s trying to work out if you fit into his plans.


12. He’s Always Dressed to Impress

This one might sound obvious. But, if he consistently puts a lot of effort into his appearance when you’re around, it’s one of the clearest signs a guy likes you.


13. He Backs You Up

Whether it’s coming to your defense when friends are teasing you or standing up to someone who’s acting up in a bar, a guy who likes you will always have your back. This behavior is sweet, romantic, and — more often than not — a surefire sign he’s into you!


14. He’s Always Offering to Buy You Things

Has he offered to take you out for dinner or even lend you some money when you’re in a tough spot financially? A guy who’s genuinely into you will usually go out of his way to buy things to make your life easier and make you happy.


15. He Tells You Directly!

When all’s said and done, knowing how to tell if a guy likes you isn’t always easy. Oftentimes, it can be tempting to search for subtle signs that might suggest romantic interest. But some guys might demonstrate these signs when they’re around friends in the same way that they would when they’re around someone they’re interested in. Because of this, sometimes the best course of action is to be open with him and ask honestly.

You can keep things relaxed and casual when approaching the conversation. And even if you discover he’s not interested in you romantically, at least you’ll have the clarity to be able to move on. And, if the answer is positive, you’ll know where he stands and you can get on with arranging that first date!


How to Tell if a Guy Likes You: Spot Those Signs and Kickstart a Meaningful Relationship!

When It comes to guys, you always want to look at the little hints and clues. And, with a few common signs and behaviors in mind, knowing how to tell if a guy likes you doesn’t have to feel so daunting. By spotting that romantic interest, you’re on your way to finding a meaningful, long-lasting relationship and maybe even one step closer to knowing if he’s the one!

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