21 Unforgettable Double Date Ideas for Any Occasion

Two happy, smiling couples sitting around a table together drinking wine and enjoying of the best double date ideas.

If you’re considering dipping a toe into the dating pool and you’re feeling a little apprehensive, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to get around those pre-rendezvous jitters, and one of the best methods is to try out some fun double date ideas.

Grabbing a couple of loved-up friends and towing them along on your next romantic outing is the perfect way to turn down the pressure on your date, especially if it’s early on in the relationship. Basking in the appreciative presence of your friends can help you relax and let your personality shine through. In a group, the dynamic shifts away from the often stifling “stare at each other across a spaghetti bowl” date, to one that’s more relaxed, fun, and casual.

So, what are good double date ideas? Well, once you’ve cherry-picked an accompanying couple that you can be sure will offer empathetic laughter — even your most lackluster jokes — it’s time to decide what the activity will be. To help you along, we’ve put together a list of some of the very best double date ideas out there. Check out our top picks below!


Fun Double Date Ideas: 11 Wildly Brilliant Picks

Are you looking for double date ideas that offer pure fun and create happy, lasting memories? We’ve got you covered! Below, we’ve laid out some of our favorite fun things to do on a double date that you can try!


1. Go Bouldering

When it comes to fun things to do on a double date, this one’s hard to beat. Head to a climbing gym and try out rock climbing. It’s a challenging and thrilling experience that all four of you can enjoy together!


2. Head to a Comedy Show

This is a classic fun double date idea. And for good reason. Comedy shows offer the ideal location for two couples to connect in a relaxed environment. Check out what’s on near you and laugh the night away with some great stand-up comedy.


3. Attend an Open Mic Night

Prefer to be the comedian rather than watch the comedian? Open mic nights offer the perfect opportunity to showcase your talents and enjoy live performances from up-and-coming comics.


4. Try Axe Throwing

You might not have expected to see the words “axe throwing” in an article about double date ideas. But this is fast becoming one of the most popular double date activities. Choose from various axe throwing centers across the US and have some fun as you discover your inner lumberjack!


5. Go Bowling

Okay, this is a bit of a cliched double date idea. But it’s a popular choice for a reason. Going bowling is an easy, chilled way to enjoy time together. It’ll also give you and your date the opportunity to connect in a relaxed setting without the pressure of coming up with conversation starters or icebreakers.


6. Try Out an Escape Room

If you haven’t yet tried an escape room, where have you been?! They’re all the craze right now and make for an unforgettable double date activity. There are different types of escape rooms to choose from, so do your research beforehand to find the one that fits best.


7. Play Mini Golf

When it comes to good double date ideas, mini golf is a standout choice. Not only is it a low-pressure activity that’s easy to pick up and enjoy, but it’s also an activity that fosters conversation and camaraderie. A great way to strengthen your connection on a double date.


8. Play Laser Tag

You’re never too old for laser tag! Reconnect with your childhood by heading to your local laser tag venue on your next double date. If you and your date are competitive, place yourselves on opposing teams and see who comes out on top!


9. Take a Museum Tour

For a spot of culture, take a tour of your city’s museums and check out what exhibits are on. Afterward, sit down together and discuss what was on show over a coffee or glass of wine. Top tip: For rainy day date ideas, this is a top pick!


10. Attend a Cooking Class

For food lovers, this is one of the best things to do on a double date. It not only offers a way to create long-lasting memories, but cooking together with your significant other is an excellent way for couples to bond, have fun, and learn about different cultures and cuisines.


11. Go Skydiving

For the adrenaline junkies out there, not many double date activities can top skydiving. Dropping out of a plane and free-falling from the sky with your partner and another couple is about as unforgettable as double dates come!


5 of the Best Double Date Ideas at Home

Oftentimes, staying in is just as fun as going out. It’s also a great way to enjoy a date night without breaking the bank. Below, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite double date ideas at home to get you inspired!


12. Host a Barbecue

When the sun’s shining, grill up a storm with your date and another couple. Try out some new recipes, blast the music, and enjoy the outdoor atmosphere together as a group.


13. Organize a Games Night

If you’re looking for a fun double date idea that moves past the same old dinner and drinks routine, hosting a games night is a top choice! Whether you go for video games or classic board games, it’s a great way to enjoy a relaxed night at home together.


14. Set up a Movie Marathon

Whether it’s binging the entire Lord of the Rings saga, rewatching all the Star Wars movies, or braving Netflix’s best horror flicks, a movie marathon is always a fun thing to do on a double date. Stock up on the snacks and drinks, set up some comfy seating and you’re good to go!


15. Set up a Book Club

If you’re all into reading, why not set up a couple’s book club? Agree on what to read — whether it’s science fiction, a romance novel, or even a relationship book — and come together to discuss it when everyone’s finished. It’s a great way to connect and get to know each other more deeply.


16. Host a Joint Dinner Party

When it comes to double date ideas at home, a dinner party is nothing new. But, to add an extra twist, try a potluck-style dinner where each couple brings a part of the meal. Not only does this take the pressure off one person to cook everything, but it also allows everyone to showcase their culinary skills and try each other’s cooking.


Cute Double Date Ideas: 5 Suggestions to Get You Started

Looking for some cute double date ideas to enjoy with your favorite couple? Whether you’d prefer to try something new or enjoy a classic activity with a fresh twist, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are a few ideas to get you started!


17. Organize a Picnic at the Beach

Of course, this one works better if you’re dating in Miami, LA, San Diego, or somewhere similar with a vibrant beach scene. Head down to the water just as the sun is starting to set for a truly romantic backdrop. Each couple can contribute something to the picnic basket, making this an easy, stress-free, and memorable double date idea!


18. Book a Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

For an unforgettable double date experience, booking a ride in a hot air balloon is a must. Most major cities offer them at affordable prices, so the four of you can take in stunningly romantic skyline views of your home city!


19. Go Camping

If you’re looking for a fun and adventurous double date idea, why not plan a camping trip together? Whether you’re up for roughing it in the great outdoors with just a tent and sleeping bag or would prefer to enjoy a luxury “glamping” experience, this double date activity offers something for everyone.


20. Unwind at a Spa Weekend

If it’s been a busy time for both couples, book a weekend away at a nearby spa hotel to enjoy some intimacy, rest, and relaxation. Head off for your luxury treatments and meet up together for a drink afterward in the spa’s bar!


21. Rent Kayaks for the Day

If your local park has a lake, or you live in a city with a river, renting a boat for the day is one of the best double date ideas. It’s a cute and romantic way to enjoy the beauty of nature and the teamwork needed is a great bonding experience for any couple.


Double Your Fun With the Best Double Date Ideas!

If you’ve flicked through the above, then you’ll likely be bubbling over with exciting and original double date ideas. And if you’re currently lacking a date? Grab life by the horns, join EliteSingles, and put yourself out there! You never know who’ll come your way…

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