7 Relationship Rules Strong Couples Follow

couple making relationship rules

Rather than being negative or stringent, relationship rules are good things to implement within your partnership. 

They implement structure and safety, and, of course, satisfaction within your relationship and remind you of your partner’s boundaries. 

If you want to keep your relationship going for the long haul, then establishing clear and fair relationship rules is a must. 

Stuck on what relationship guidelines you and your partner should set for each other? Don’t worry. Here are some of our favorite relationship rules to inspire you. 

Our List of Relationship Rules

1. Celebrate each other’s wins

Even though we’re referring to rules here, the strongest relationships are not competitive. Being supportive of one another’s goals and being able to cheer each other on is typically a sign of a happy and sustainable relationship. 

It shows that you’re not selfish and able to show your admiration and appreciation for your partner.

2. Spend some time apart

This might sound counterintuitive, but spending time apart is a great relationship rule to follow. 

Expecting your partner to be your best friend and your partner can be detrimental to your connection. When we place such high emotional and practical expectations on one another, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and overburdened, which can only result in resentment. 

The truth is, our partners can’t be everything to us and that’s a good thing! We need to be able to satisfy some of our needs in different ways.

Spending time apart, whether that’s carving out time with your friends and or devoting time to your hobbies, is a healthy and vital thing to do for your relationship.

3. Don’t keep score

Relationships aren’t transactional. You shouldn’t do something or give something to your partner to receive the same thing back. 

For example, avoid keeping tabs on who does the dishes every night or who says “I love you” first the most. 

Keeping score also means keeping a track record of all past mistakes and missteps that can easily be thrown up in your partner’s face during an argument. These are all big no’s when it comes to cementing a strong relationship. 

Instead of harboring the past, focus on the present moment with your partner and simply give out of the love you have for your partner. This is where the juiciness lies and how love endures.

4. Be respectful at all times

When we’ve been in a relationship for a while, it’s normal for our partners to annoy or irritate us from time to time. We might make a snarky remark on their incessant tongue clicking for example. 

It’s also easy to take their presence for granted too, and demand rather than ask them to pick up the groceries after work without even inquiring whether or not they have the time or bandwidth to. In arguments, we might curse or yell or insult them. 

These are all hurtful actions that add up over time and can erode trust and love in the partnership. 

Respect means acknowledging your person as a flawed human being who has their own needs and desires too, and who also demands respect no matter how many years you might have spent together. 

Respect and honor their heart, and you will have a strong relationship.

5. Laugh at life together

Sharing a similar sense of humor, or at least being able to laugh at life’s silliness, is a great, and fun, relationship rule to keep. 

Your relationship is meant to be a place of enjoyment and ease. When you’re able to enjoy each other’s company and laugh at whatever life might throw you, then your relationship has a higher chance of succeeding.

6. Make the effort to spend time together

A strong relationship is built on a strong connection but that connection needs nourishment to grow regularly or else, like a houseplant, it can wither over time. 

Spending time together is the best way to continue to build and evolve your relationship with your partner. 

Whether that’s starting new hobbies together, organizing a weekly date night, going away on regular vacations, spending one-on-one time with your partner is a crucial relationship rule for a strong relationship.

7. Communicate a lot

Communication is the key to any long-lasting relationship. Being able to communicate your needs and your feelings is just as important as being curious about your partner’s life and regularly checking in with them and asking how they’re doing. 

Our advice? Talk everything out. Talk about the hard stuff, the mundane stuff, the funny stuff. Be honest and open and always loving and respectful, as best as you can. 

Communication is the glue that holds your relationship together, and therefore it’s the most important relationship rule.

Relationships take work, but when you’re able to adhere to these basic but effective relationship rules mentioned above, you have a better chance at becoming a strong, long-lasting couple.

About the author: Brianne Hogan

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