Senior Dating Advice: Feeling Youthful in Your Golden Years

Online dating may seem like a young person’s game, but the truth is that the fastest growing segment for online dating is those aged 50+. Naturally, for those who can remember the time before computers were so widespread, there are many concerns about dating online regarding privacy and security, not to mention several other personal factors such as feeling too old and being insecure. Luckily, those fears can quickly be put to rest.

Retirement today differs from that of previous generations. People have more active lifestyles and healthier diets, and most seniors claim to feel around 10 years younger than they actually are. And with 1 in 4 divorces occurring to persons aged 50 and older,1 it’s no wonder there’s a boom in online dating for seniors. Dating during your golden years may differ greatly from dating in your 20s or 30s, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Older singles know exactly what they want and need in a relationship and have a direct, assertive approach that makes them more likely to go out there and get it.

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Common Concerns for Singles Over 50

The most common concern for singles over 50 is that they are simply too old. And with many sources stating that both older men and women are interested in dating someone younger, it can be difficult not to compare yourself to those half your age. But don’t let those trendy articles fool you. Most single seniors surveyed stated that the age of their partner does not matter. Indeed, 65% of women said it wasn’t important, and 69% of men didn’t care much about it, either.2

There are clear-cut differences between online dating for seniors when compared to the younger generations. There is a strong preference to talking on the phone or in person as opposed to sending texts and messages online. Privacy and security are big concerns, as well, and many seniors often eschew doing anything online in order to avoid being scammed. While this is a valid concern, following some general rules and senior dating advice applicable to every website should reduce the likelihood of that happening virtually to zero.

Another common concern is wondering what the family might think. Dating again after divorce will always take some getting used to for the kids, but no matter how uncomfortable they might seem, remember that you deserve to be happy. Eventually, they will get used to the idea. After all, they want you to be happy, too!

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Benefits of Online Dating for Seniors

It can be difficult for seniors to meet people offline. The number of friends and acquaintances you are introduced to can be extremely limited, and aside from senior-only activities, there aren’t a lot of places suited for meeting people after retirement. Sure, you could go on a cruise or spend some time at a holiday resort popular with other retirees, but wouldn’t you rather already have someone to share that with before going? You’re more likely to meet that great match online than by playing bingo!

Remember also that just because you have an online profile, that does not prevent you from meeting people in real life. It should serve to enhance that. According to a 2015 survey by Pew Research Center, 12 percent of singles aged 55-64 and 3 percent of singles aged 65+ have used an online dating site and/or mobile application.3 Those numbers doubled in comparison to a similar survey from 2013. More and more singles over 50 are realizing that it’s never too late to find love again and there is no age that is too old to start dating online.

Another benefit that singles over 50 have over the younger generations is that they are less inclined to be picky than they were in their younger years. This is not because seniors think less of themselves and will take what they can get. On the contrary, they become wiser with age. Older adults don’t worry so much about scrutinizing potential matches. Studies have shown that companionship is more important than love and marriage, and having someone to share your life with is more than just a nice thing to have – it is essential to health and emotional well-being.

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Senior Dating Advice and Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Online Dating

Attitude: Having a positive attitude will do wonders to your online dating experience. Any feelings of being too old or having missed the boat on finding true love should be squashed immediately. Dating can and should be enjoyable, and you’re far more likely to be successful if you treat it that way instead of moping and thinking you’re not good enough anymore. You are!

Interests: Create an interesting online profile that portrays you as your best self. You should never lie or exaggerate the truth, but you do want to make sure you have a good profile photo and a comprehensive summary that gives any potential matches a good idea of who you are. Think about it. You wouldn’t want to meet someone who is nothing like their profile, and deceiving others will not get you very far. Likewise, it would be a shame if your perfect match never contacted you because you decided it was embarrassing to include a hobby you think isn’t gender-appropriate enough.

Honesty: Be honest with yourself and those you meet regarding what your expectations are. Are you looking to settle down and get married again, or would you prefer to take it slow with a casual companion? You should have a clear idea of what you do and do not want. Make sure to communicate that with those you come in contact with.

Persistence: Did you go on a date that didn’t go well? Perhaps you went on several and feel the situation is hopeless? These are perfectly normal things, and it’s no reason to give up. This is where being honest and having a positive attitude can save the day. The perfect person might be just around the virtual corner! While true that it can be tedious to sift through hundreds of profiles, sometimes all it takes is a small break to get over online dating fatigue.

And most importantly, above all else, remember: There is no expiration date on love.

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