Zoom Dating: 6 Ways to Embrace the New Normal


Now that the whole world is social distancing, we need to find new ways to find love. Luckily, zoom dating is here to change the video dating game.

Most of us already use zoom for business or to keep in touch with loved ones, so why not use it for dating too? It’s a brilliant way to remain social during this strange time. 

On top of that, it’s a great way to test the waters with a crush, without having to commit too much time or effort. 

So, here’s everything you need to know about this virtual method of dating.

Our Advice on Zoom Dating

Treat it like a real date

This might not be an in-person date, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important! It’s still a date, so treat it like one.

Arrange a time for you two to connect and set an approximate time limit for your call. Of course if things are going well, this can change later.

Remember, just because it’s easier to end a digital date, that doesn’t mean you should end it abruptly or rudely. 

Be mindful of people’s feelings. If things are going badly and you’d like it to finish prematurely, don’t just hang up. 

Politely let them know that you’ve got to go and say goodbye properly instead.

Use your computer or laptop

When you’re zoom dating, we recommend leaving your phone to the side. Video dating works much better on a laptop or computer screen. 

First off, you won’t have to hold anything in your hands. This means you can relax, use hand gestures, or have a drink. 

Secondly, the screen on a computer is bigger. This allows you to see the other person’s face properly. 

However, if you only have your phone, don’t worry. Instead, prop it up against something so you don’t have to hold it. 

Come prepared

Set up everything in advance. Check your internet connection, video, and sound. Make sure you know how everything works. 

It may sound basic, but it’s important. You don’t want to spend the first ten minutes of the date trying to hear or see each other! 

Find a spot where you’ve got good lighting and move around until you’re comfortable.

Check out your background. A messy background can be a pretty big turn off, so make sure you give yours a quick clean before the call. 

Maybe even try and include something that might spark conversation in yours, like a musical instrument, a painting, or even a plant. 

Dress to impress

If you feel lazy, then it’s okay if you’re in sweatpants and slippers from the waist down. However, we advise making an effort from at least the waist up. 

Do all the regular things you’d do to prepare for a regular date: have a shower, pick out a nice outfit, and spritz on some perfume/aftershave. 

It’s best to go all-in like you normally would so you’ll feel sexy and in the date mood. Attitude is everything!

Avoid talking about COVID-19

It’s no secret that COVVID-19 has affected almost everything we do in some way, but avoid talking about it for the whole date if you can. 

Sure, it can serve as a great icebreaker, but it’s not very original, and chances are your date is pretty tired of hearing about it. 

Keep things upbeat and positive. Come prepared with questions to ask and conversation starters that will help you both enjoy the date. 

After all, dates are meant to be enjoyed! You’ll both have a much better time than if you chat about the latest headlines.

Plan something fun to do

Just because you’re not going anywhere, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan a fun activity to do while you’re Zoom dating. 

Why not give your date a theme like a vacation or a movie night? Or create your own “happy hour” by making your favorite drinks to sip on. 

Tons of amazing virtual date ideas are romantic and safe.

Thinking of these activities may feel awkward at first, but the more you get to know each other, the easier it’ll be. 

Have fun!

Dating, whether it’s in-person or online, is supposed to be fun. Yes, that might sound outrageous, but it’s true!

So if you’re feeling extra nervous because of the online setup, try to relax. 

It’s normal to feel a little on edge before your first virtual date. 

Remember, everyone in the world is in the same (virtual) boat as you. Chances are, your date is a little nervous too. 

Look at zoom dating as an opportunity to connect with someone new and gain a unique experience. Avoid putting pressure on yourself.  

It doesn’t matter whether you find a match or not. What matters is you show up, represent yourself well, and have fun. 

COVID-19 has meant that we’ve all had to make changes to our lives and that includes our dating routines too.

Sure, zoom dating may take some getting used to, but by practicing our advice you’ll be a pro in no time. 

About the author: Shani Jay

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