Fun Date Ideas: 6 Activities to Try During Lockdown

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Are you in need of some fun date ideas? Look no further, we’ve got you covered. 

Dating during this pandemic is new territory for everyone.

But whether you live with your partner or you’re enjoying virtual dates with other singles, having a lively dating life is still possible. 

The trick is to have tons of exciting activities up your sleeve. So, here are some fun date ideas that’ll keep your love life thriving over lockdown. 

Fun Date Ideas to Try While Social Distancing

Go for something nostalgic

Believe it or not, many childhood activities make top-notch date plans! 

With the world being a bit confusing right now, it’s only natural to opt for activities that are more comfortable and less daunting, and date night activities are no different. 

Next time you have a date coming up, propose a classic childhood activity like painting or coloring. Or if you live with your significant other, suggest a blanket fort night! Is it silly? Yes! But is it fun? Also, yes! 

Getting creative and working together can strengthen your bond and bring you and your date closer. 

Watch a movie together virtually

As fun date ideas go, watching a movie with your crush is a classic activity. So if you’re quarantining away from your partner, why not try watching a movie together courtesy of an extension like Teleparty?

This extension allows you to watch a movie or TV show on your favorite streaming platform and talk about it with your date in a chat box next to the video. Alternatively, you can call your date and watch videos via screen share. 

Why not get some snacks and make a night of it? If it goes well, you could suggest watching a series together and make this date night a regular thing!

Sitting and laughing with your partner, even if you can’t sit with them in person, is always romantic.

Go to an online or drive-thru event

Before the pandemic, drive-thru movie theaters had become almost extinct, but now they’ve come back with a bang! 

If you’re in an area that hosts drive-thru events and you’re quarantined with your partner, check out what’s being offered. Some cities even screen concerts and light shows so that you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own car.

However, if you’re not big on drive-thru events, don’t worry. Instead, check out another online event together. Art galleries are putting on tours, stage shows are airing performances, and there are even plenty of virtual trivia events being hosted too. 

Putting in the effort to plan a date like this will provide you with romantic memories. It’ll also show your other half how much you care about them. 

Play a video game together

While watching a movie together is fine, it’s not exactly the most groundbreaking of fun date ideas, so why not try your hand at gaming instead? 

Thanks to social distancing, the gaming industry is more popular than ever before. If you and your partner have never been gamers, use this lockdown as a chance to give it a try! 

There are plenty of two-player games that allow you to play with your date virtually, so why not choose one as your next date activity? Simply schedule a video call, start the game, and let the trash-talking commence!

Invest in long-term fun date ideas

Let’s face it, we’re been quarantined for a while. That means that if you’re stuck at home with your partner, every night probably looks the same. That can feel pretty boring.

It’s easy to fall into a routine of work, dinner, TV, and bed. Sometimes the occasional date night just isn’t enough to break up the monotony!  

Our advice? Break up your routine by adding something new to it. 

Invest in an online language class package, begin a couples cookery course or take up an outdoor sport together. 

Each of these options will also give you and your S.O. a new similar interest. Studies show that having shared interests is a sign of a good relationship

Start a book club

Calling all bookworms out there! Starting a book club with your partner is a great lockdown activity for couples. 

Simply choose a book that you’d both like to read, order two copies and start reading! Once you’ve both finished the book, schedule an in-person or virtual date night to discuss your thoughts. Talk about your favorite characters, chapters, and plot-lines. 

Reading a book at the same time as your partner may sound boring, but it’s a great couple’s activity. Additionally, learning to discuss your opinions calmly is a great communication practice for couples. 

Remember, lockdown may have changed your dating life, but that doesn’t mean it’s made it boring! Choose to liven yours up with one of these fun date ideas.

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