How to Meet Other Singles Over 40: 6 Tips

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Being 40 and single can be quite intimidating, especially if you’re surrounded by happily paired couples. Even if you feel like the only one in your social group whose without a partner, it’s a lot more common than you may think. Singles over 40 are everywhere!

There are many reasons why someone might be in their 40s and single. A common reason for someone to be single at 40 is having put a career before love. On the other hand, perhaps their first match just didn’t work out the way they thought it would.

Singles over 40 can be quite apprehensive to jump back into the dating pool. But, when you’re 40 or over, you have a lot going for you that you didn’t when you were in your 20s. 

For one, even if you’ve been unlucky in love before, you now have a clearer idea of what you’re looking for in a partner. While looks still matter, the ability to hold a conversation matters even more. And, you’re established on your own. After all, being independent for a long time does come with its benefits.

Meet Singles Over 40: 6 Suggestions

So, if you’re over 40 and ready to finally meet your match, here are a few great suggestions.

Ask people around 

This may seem a little awkward, but the best people who can vouch for you are your family and friends. It’s possible that someone knows someone else who’d be a great match for you, but they’re unsure if you’d be open to suggestions. 

Singles over 40 are often quite happy with the way things are, and nobody wants to offer to make a match if it would lead to an uncomfortable conversation. Utilizing your network and asking friends if there’s anyone interesting out there is a great tactic. In short, don’t be afraid to tell loved ones that you’re looking to date.

Sign up for an online dating site

Plenty of online dating sites offer multiple ways to match with other people — even singles over 40. And most have free membership options. That’s a great opportunity since you can try out several different sites and only pay for upgrades if you feel like they’d be beneficial. With free trials, there’s literally nothing to lose. You never know who you might find.

Join an online community

Meeting people online is one of the best ways to make friends and acquaintances. If you happen to be passionate about a certain television series or fandom, join the conversations on Reddit or other forum-based websites. 

Not only will you learn a lot, but you’ll find yourself connecting with others solely by interest instead of appearance or lifestyle. You never know when sparks may fly.

Take a class

While classes may be mostly virtual these days, many colleges offer great courses for older learners.  Grab a prospectus and see if there’s something you’re interested in. 

Maybe you want to brush up your baking skills or learn more about car maintenance. No matter what it is, you’ll be in a room with other like-minded individuals and may end up hitting it off with someone.

Get involved in your community

Maybe the HOA is looking for a new member. Perhaps there’s a political club that meets every month that you’d like to join. Maybe there’s a local sports group you’ve been wanting to check out for ages.

Community activities are great for plenty of reasons. For one, they’re usually low-cost, if not free. Secondly, you’ll learn a lot about your own hometown. And finally, it’s possible to meet a local who’d love to grab a bagel with you after your meeting.

Participate in work events

Is dating a coworker a good idea? Probably not. But the more people you network with, the more people you’ll end up meeting. If your work is putting together a party planning committee, sign up for it. If your work Slack has side threads about wellness or news, join them. You’ll end up gaining friends who may end up connecting you to your true love. 

As a bonus, your involvement will also help accelerate your career. Being more outspoken at work comes with plenty of perks you’d never expect.

Sometimes it may seem hard, but there are still plenty of methods for singles over 40 to meet. Before you know it, you’ll end up finding someone who makes life even better than it is today!

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