What Do Women Want in a Relationship? 5 Qualities


What do women want from a man? Do they want fancy gifts? Or do they prefer emotional support? Some men spend years trying to figure out what it is that women want, but we’ve got it down to an exact science.

Every woman is different, but there are some common qualities that nearly all women desire in a relationship. 

And while the best way to figure out what your crush is looking for in a partner is to communicate with them, this isn’t always easy.  So here’s a cheat sheet on what women like, and don’t like, in a relationship. 

What Do Women Want in a Relationship? 

Women want a man of integrity 

Do you live your life with integrity? If so, great! Women like guys who’re genuine and honest.

When a man lives with integrity, he’s able to be open, honest, and dependable in a relationship. He can communicate truthfully and follow through with his promises. In short, his words and actions align. 

Being dependable in this way helps your partner to feel safe and supported. 

For your partner to trust you like this, you must take responsibility for any mistakes you might make in the relationship, no matter how big or small. 

A woman appreciates a man who’s emotionally mature enough to be able to admit when he’s wrong. Better yet? Embracing your faults in this way will you be more attractive to women.

So next time you slip up, tell your partner you’re sorry and ask her what she’d like you to change about your behavior. That way you two can move forward purposefully. 

Women want a compassionate listener 

Newsflash: Most women like to talk, and that’s a good thing! Talking is a healthy way to express our feelings and emotions.

Studies show that women and men have different communication styles. Most women are emotional by nature and require healthy lines of communication to feel seen and supported. 

Meanwhile, men are more pragmatic and analytical. They may not feel the same urge to get something off their chest and discuss it with their partner as women do. 

So, what do women want from their partners? A man who understands these differences. 

Having an S.O. who’s empathetic, patient and understanding means a lot to a woman. At the end of the day, she just wants to know that her feelings are as important to you as they are to her. 

So next time your partner is upset and you don’t understand why, make an effort to understand where she’s coming from instead of brushing her emotions aside.  

Women want respectful sexual intimacy  

What do women want in the bedroom? Freedom, respect, and passion. 

Securing enthusiastic and clear consent is the first step in achieving a healthy sex-life. Sure, establishing consent may not sound sexy, but it’s necessary.

From there, you two can openly communicate about what turns her on, what turns her off, and what you’re both comfortable with. After all, communication is fundamental to a successful relationship. 

Remember, everyone has different comfort levels when it comes to sex. For example, some people prefer to be in a committed, trusting relationship before they go all the way, and that’s fine. 

What matters is that you’re understanding and respectful of whatever boundaries she may have. She’ll appreciate you for taking the time to consider her needs. 

Women want a companion 

If a woman enters a relationship with you, it’s because she enjoys your company and likes connecting with you. She wants a companion. If she didn’t she would’ve remained single. 

While the demands of life, like work and other obligations, sometimes make it difficult to pencil in regular one-on-one time, doing so is vital. 

A woman wants to know that you’re making an effort to spend time with her. 

So whether your favorite activities include watching a movie together or cooking a meal, start scheduling cute date nights with your other half to show that you care. 

Are you and your crush separated because of quarantine? Don’t worry. Organizing great date nights is still possible. Why not try out some virtual date ideas?

Women want to feel loved

We all want to feel loved for who we truly are, that’s why showing the special woman in your life how much you love her is key.

Expressing your emotions to her won’t make you appear weak, it’ll show her that you’re strong and brave. Being romantic and honest is sexy.

There are hundreds of ways to show your crush you love her. You could do so by saying “I love you” every day, or else by giving her thoughtful gifts. 

So, what do women want in a relationship? It’s not a mystery, it’s actually pretty simple. Women want to feel understood, heard, and loved.  

So next time you’re around your crush just show her that you care about her. It’ll put a smile on her face and put you in her good books. No mind-reading required.

About the author: Brianne Hogan

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