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Find the Perfect Partner - NJ Dating That Really Works

EliteSingles offers a totally new, scientifically-based way to connect with like-minded singles in the New Jersey area. NJ natives looking for efficient, simple, and effective dating service are in the right place.

We've experienced heartaches and heartbreaks. We've raised our hopes for dates, only to come away disappointed. And we've had enough of dating sites that promise more than they can deliver. NJ singles deserve better than that. That's why we've created a NJ dating platform that does more than pool together thousands of members. Our match-making systems get to the heart of what makes people fall for each other. 


Finally, a NJ Dating Site That Takes Matches Seriously 

People are complex, especially when they are looking for love, and it's never easy to predict who will fall for whom. It's not easy, but that doesn't mean it cannot be done - and at EliteSingles, we've managed to come up with a matching system with an unprecedented success rate.

How have we done this? Part of the secret involves what's known as the Five-Factor Model. If you haven't come across this yet, it's a psychological model that grades individuals based on their openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.

That sounds very complex, and the math involved in matching up partners is pretty hardcore. However, that's not the case for users of our site. To assess your personality, all we need is a few answers on our carefully crafted personality test. If you take a few minutes to complete the test, we'll send between 3 and 7 matches every day.

When you meet them, you'll understand what sets EliteSingles apart. Each member will reflect an aspect of your personality - in ways that you probably wouldn't anticipate just from reading their user profiles. Our algorithms go beyond first impressions, matching people based on deeper personality factors. And it really works.

A New Jersey Dating Platform that Attracts an Upscale Audience

Our user base in New Jersey reaches from Atlantic City to Hoboken, and from Trenton to Cape May. Whether you're in cities like Newark and Paterson or living in more rural locations, you'll find that people nearby have created EliteSingles profiles. But they won't be run-of-the-mill matches.

EliteSingles members tend to come from upper percentiles regarding education. Over 85% of the people you'll meet at EliteSingles have an above average education, which is far ahead of similar New Jersey dating options. 

We also specialize in professional dating for the 30-50 age bracket - the kind of people who are tired of random dates and want something more precise. It's the ideal option for the state's growing population of New York workers, as well as established communities of professors, doctors, engineers, architects, or ecologists. Whatever profession you work in, and whatever profession you want in a partner, you'll find options at EliteSingles.

The matching systems we use regularly provide high-potential contacts, so expect impressive hits matching your requirements. There's no better place to find professionals with whom you can form a new life.

A Safe, Secure Dating Platform for NJ Singles 

EliteSingles is also one of the safest spaces for online dating for NJ locals. Our site is all about creating a laid-back environment for sophisticated singles to make contact, get to know each other, and arrange meet-ups.

We don't tolerate any fakes or abusive behavior. That's absolutely contrary to what drives EliteSingles. Instead, we carry out daily profile checks across the board. Our team takes a sample of profiles from different areas, ages, and genders, and separates any suspicious profiles from authentic, genuine users.

Our membership also tends to skew slightly towards women, who make up around 58% of all sign-ups. That's partly down to our efficient matchmaking algorithms, but safety matters. As a result, women across NJ and the USA have come to trust our platform to help them safely find the partners they desire.

If all of this sounds appealing, signing up is simple. Download our easy-to-use dating app for both Android and Apple devices, sign up for a profile, and start finding the perfect matches. True love is seconds away when you choose a truly elite dating service.


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Feel Free to Get Specific About Your Dating Needs

Cutting edge dating technology has changed the game as far as match-making is concerned. Older platforms were chaotic places were finding people with similar life goals and personalities was a chore. EliteSingles offers a new departure for NJ dating that provides a level of precision professionals will love.

If you want to date a high-flying architect, a Rutgers or Princeton academic, or a Wall Street financial worker who bases themselves in the New Jersey suburbs, our dating platform makes it easy to connect. Just use our matching and search tools, and you'll find a wealth of possibilities. Remember, professionals flock to EliteSingles, especially in cultural and scientific powerhouses like NJ.

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Fit Dating Into a Hectic Lifestyle with the EliteSingles App

Our app is at the heart of EliteSingles' operations, and we've taken a lot of care to get everything right. When creating our app, we had the needs of hard-working professionals at the forefront of our minds, and the result is a tool that can be used in between lectures and meetings, or on commutes after a long day at work.

We've provided versions for smartphones, tablets, and desktops, allowing you to access the app wherever, and whenever you get a few moments. And the tools provided can be fired up instantly, making life easier for dating when you don't have a lot of free time.

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Pick a Date Venue that Inspires - NJ Has Plenty of Options!

When you start dating with EliteSingles, it helps to find venues that set the scene and create the right mood. Movie theaters, restaurants, and bars are fine for some instances, but NJ dating can go beyond the ordinary. So why not explore the state's beautiful locales and take in some nature as you get to know each other?

From urban highlights like Paterson's Great Falls to the jaw-dropping New Jersey Palisades along the Hudson River, the state has some inspiring places to hold hands, take in the scenery, and discover your common ground. So sign up with EliteSingles, and take your pick. You're going to have an amazing time.