Being Single: 6 Amazing Benefits That You Should Know


Being single has some serious perks, but noticing them isn’t always easy. We’ve compiled our favorite advantages so that you can make the most of them.  

When you’re single, it’s easy to focus on all the things you don’t have.

Friends are getting married, others are having kids, and their achievements might make you feel behind in life. However, it’s important to remember that you’re not.

Everyone’s journey through life is different. Whether you’re 30 and single, 40 and single, or any age and single, you’re right where you need to be. 

Instead of feeling jealous of aspirational couple goals, think of all the things that make being single great. Here are some of our favorites.

The Advantages of Being Single

You only have to answer to yourself

One of the top benefits of being single is that your time is just that, it’s yours. 

You only have your schedule to consider, which means you don’t have to coordinate appointments or run ideas by someone first. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. 

Want to go for a run at 5 am? Sleep in and sip coffee in bed all afternoon long? Have a foreign language film marathon? The world is your oyster.

Your time is yours and when you’re single, you can spend it however you’d like to. So take advantage of this freedom by devoting time to people and pastimes you enjoy. 

You can focus on your friendships

Being single doesn’t mean being alone all the time, it simply means you don’t have a romantic partner right now. 

You can still have a busy social calendar and see people every night of the week. Avoid thinking that because you’re single you’re unloved or lonely because that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Romantic relationships aren’t the only ones that matter. Platonic friendships are fulfilling too. Your single years are a great time to nurture and develop friendships. Now is the time for brunches, picnics, long walks, and friend dates galore.

You learn how to be independent

Independence matters, no matter your age, gender, or relationship status, and being single is a great opportunity to nurture yours. 

People choose to practice their independence in different ways. Some people gain independence by becoming financially stable and others like to travel alone to asset theirs.

Singlehood is an opportunity to assert your opinions, make your own decisions, and realize all that you deserve.

We all rely on other people sometimes, but it’s good to learn how to be on your own, too. The more you listen to and get to know your inner voice, the less dependent you’ll be on other people. 

You can move somewhere new easily

Have you ever wanted to emigrate or move to another city? Well, when you’re single, making these life changes is much easier. So, what’s stopping you? 

When you’re in a committed relationship, moving away presents many challenges. After all, nurturing a long-distance relationship takes work.

However, when you’re single, there’s a lot less keeping you in one place. If you want to create a new life for yourself somewhere else, go for it!

You can prioritize your health

Scientists used to think that marriage made people healthier, but it turns out the opposite is true. Single people tend to be healthier than married folks. 

When you’re single, you set your own priorities. That means that if you decide to devote time to working out and eating healthily, you can do it.

If you make working out, eating healthy, and living an active lifestyle a priority now, it’ll be easier to keep up with it later in life. 

Your future self will thank you for forming healthy habits.

You can be selfish

Use your single relationship status as an opportunity to make the most out of every day. Now is your chance to be selfish with your time and energy.

Being selfish can be healthy. It gives you space to discover who you are, what brings you joy, and what kind of people you want to surround yourself with. All these realizations are key to creating a happy life.

You get to know yourself

Even when you’re single, you’re never really alone. You’re still in a relationship with yourself. So spend your single years getting to know who you are, what you like, and what you want out of life. 

The more you can get to know yourself, the more you will fall in love with yourself, and the easier it’ll be to get to know and love someone else in the future.

Having a romantic relationship isn’t always all it’s cut out to be. Living a full vibrant single life is much more fulfilling than only being in a meaningless relationship. 

So if you’re single and feeling down, take note of these relationship perks to start living your best life.

About the author: Elizabeth Entenman

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