New Study: Where to Find a Romantic Partner

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Do you want more romance in your life? It might be time to consider a move to Florida! Our newest data study of 150,000 singles has revealed the 25 American cities where people most strongly agree with the statement ‘I bring romance to my relationships.’ The #1 city for those seeking a romantic partner? Boynton Beach, Florida.

For this study, we looked at random, anonymous user data from 150,000 singles registered with EliteSingles. In particular, we looked at responses to the statement ‘I bring romance to my relationships.’ The more strongly people agreed with this statement, the more romantic they were deemed to be.

To determine the best places in America to find a romantic partner, we then looked at the average score for romance in each city.1 This let us pinpoint the 25 most romantic cities in the country – and as you’ll see, if you live in Florida or California, romance might be closer than you think!

Romance in America [Infographic]
America’s 25 Most Romantic Cities
Romantic Men and Romantic Women
Love is in the (Sea) Air
Where to Find a Romantic Partner in Your State
Bringing More Romance Into Your Life


Romance in America [Infographic]

Of all the cities in the USA, the place where singles most strongly believe in bringing romance to their relationships is…Boynton Beach in Florida.

In second place is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, followed by Cypress, California in third. Moving inland, St. Cloud, Minnesota comes in at fourth, while Sugar Land, Texas rounds out the top five.

America’s 25 Most Romantic Cities

1. Boynton Beach, FL
2. ​Myrtle Beach, SC
3. Cypress, CA
4. St. Cloud, MN
5. Sugar Land, TX
6. Boca Raton, FL
7. Pembroke Pines, FL
8. Corona, CA
9. Fort Worth, TX
10. Wilton Manors, FL
11. Anderson, IN
12. Kissimmee, FL
13. Simi Valley, CA
14. Bloomfield, NJ
15. Montclair, CA
16. Temecula, CA
17. West Palm Beach, FL
18. Keller, TX
19. White Plains, NY
20. Youngstown, OH
21. Farmington, CT
22. Chula Vista, CA
23. Sunrise, FL
24. Tigard, OR
25. Fredericksburg, VA

Romantic Men and Romantic Women

While Boynton Beach was the most romantic city overall, our study also showed that America’s romantic men and romantic women can be found in different cities. If you’re seeking a male romantic partner, then your best bet is to stay in Florida – the country’s most romantic men can be found in Boca Raton. If you’re looking for a female partner, then you could try heading to Texas: Fort Worth is home to America’s most romantic women.

Interestingly, our study also showed that, based off of an average overall score, men are more romantic than women (or, at the very least, more likely to say that they bring romance to their relationships!).

Love is in the (Sea) Air

Another interesting revelation from our study was that many of the top 25 cities are located by or near the coast. In fact, nearly half of the top cities (11/25) are located within 10 miles of the sea. More than two-thirds (18/25) can be found within a one hour drive of a beach. Clearly, love is in the sea air!

Additionally, it’s possible that sunshine and romance go hand in hand. 13 of the top 25 cities can be found in two famously sunny states – Florida and California. Florida claims 7 cities in the romantic top 25: Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, Pembroke Pines, Wilton Manors, (the aptly named) Kissimmee, West Palm Beach, and Sunrise. Southern California is close behind, with 6 cities making the cut: Cypress, Corona, Simi Valley, Montclair, Temecula, and Chula Vista.

Where to Find a Romantic Partner in Your State

Of course, you don’t have to travel to the Atlantic or Pacific oceans to find love. Our study has also revealed the most romantic city in each state. From Birmingham, Alabama to Cheyenne, Wyoming, we’ve discovered the best cities to find a romantic partner in your area.

Simply scroll through the table to find your state, or use the text field to search.

Bringing More Romance Into Your Life

If you’re looking for a more passionate life, finding a romantic partner is just part of the puzzle. It’s also on you to be proactive, and bring romance to your relationships. After all, you attract what you are – so to entice a romantic, it helps to be a romantic.

EliteSingles’ in-house psychologist Zoe Coetzee has some tips on how to get more romance into your life: ‘’Creating more romance into your life doesn’t need to be a struggle. If you’re seeking to attract romance into your life or re-ignite your relationship, it can be as simple as a few steps.

If you’re single and trying to up the romance ante in your life, open yourself up to the positive energy of romance – take a ballroom dancing class, buy flowers for a friend, treat yourself to a delicious dinner! You don’t need a partner to indulge in romantic activities that make you and the ones you care about feel special. Putting yourself into the right mindset means you’ll be ready when that special somebody comes along and allows you to enjoy the spark of romance in the meantime.

If you’re looking to bring romance back into your relationship, remember romance isn’t only grand, sweeping gestures. Real romance is in the every day: appreciating your partner regularly, expressing your love and going the extra mile to make them feel valued. Take your love coffee in bed, put a love note in their lunchbox, make dinner by candlelight, send a text just to tell them one of your favorite things about them. You don’t need a special occasion to be a romantic partner – rev up the romance by little loving acts of kindness and appreciation in your daily routine!’’


1 Study completed by EliteSingles researchers based on randomly selected, anonymous data from 150,000 singles registered with Data used cannot be traced back to the original user. Please note: Only cities with more than 10,000 residents and 100 or more random study responses were included in the geographic averages.

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