6 Ways to Meet Local Women in 2024

single woman out in her city on the way to meet a date

Meeting “the one” has never been straightforward, but how exactly do you meet local women in 2020? Is it possible to find love when you’re living in a global pandemic?

From Zoom dating to wearing masks, COVID-19 has introduced some new bumps in the dating game! However, it’s still possible to find a match. 

If you’re feeling unlucky in love, don’t worry. We’re here to help you hit the reset button on your dating life. 

Here are some practical ways to meet local women that you might not have tried yet.

Our Advice on How to Meet Local Women in 2020

Be a good guy

What do women want in a partner? It turns out that it’s not a tall, dark, and handsome hunk that the movies would have you believe. 

Instead, studies show that what women value in a partner are traits like kindness, understanding, and empathy.

Most women want a nice guy who treats them well. It’s not all about your job, your looks, or how much money you make. 

Sure, those things are nice to have, but they’re usually not deal-breakers. 

What matters is that you care, talk, and listen to your partner. Don’t wait till you have a partnership to practice being a good guy, start now! 

Treating your dates or matches with respect and appreciation is key to laying down the foundation for a healthy relationship

Ask a friend to set you up

Being set up by a friend or family member is a great idea. Some of the greatest and longest-lasting connections start as setups or blind dates. 

There’s a level of immediate trust that you get when you are set up with someone that usually doesn’t come so easily with a match online. 

Why? Well for starters, you’re usually meeting them in person! While meeting someone IRL can be daunting, it’s a terrific way of finding out if you two have chemistry. 

Secondly, the person you’re being set up with comes pre-approved by someone you trust. 

Whether you’re open to meeting anyone or specifically have your eye on a friend of a friend, being set up is a great way to meet local women.

Look for love in unlikely places

Think of all the places you might have gone to today, maybe you called into a coffee shop, your local post office, or the grocery store? All of these places offer opportunities to meet local women. 

As long as you’re paying attention, you can find love anywhere. It all depends on your attitude.

Why not strike up a conversation with that woman you met in the parking lot? Or ask the girl in the coffee shop if she’d like to go for a walk in the park? 

Your flirty banter about stamps or avocados could lead to a first date. If it works out, you’ll have a meet-cute story too. Just remember to remain polite and respectful of boundaries.


Believe it or not, volunteering is a great way to meet local women. 

Of course, your main motivation for volunteering shouldn’t be the prospect of meeting somebody, but it could be a great added bonus. 

Whether you decide to spend time working at an animal shelter, a food bank, or a public service group, find a cause you’re passionate about and sign up to pitch in. Chances are they’ll be grateful to have another helping hand.

Aside from anything else, devoting time to a worthy charity can give you a real purpose. 

Knowing that you’re making a difference in people’s lives can instill you with confidence. A strong sense of self-worth can be really attractive to other singles! 

Try online dating

Hands down the best (and safest) way to date during COVID-19 is through online dating. 

There are tons of advantages to online dating. From it increasing the size of your dating pool to it being a matchmaking tool that you can use 24/7, it’s pretty useful.

If you’ve spent a while wondering “Should I try online dating?” then 2020 is the year for you to give it a go! 

Online dating enables you to meet other singles and go on virtual dates all from the comfort of your own home. 

Or, take a break from dating apps

On the other hand, maybe you’ve tried online dating and aren’t having any luck. 

Online dating ruts are real. If you’re spending countless hours swiping and none of your connections are succeeding, it could be a good idea to take a break. 

Log out of your dating apps for a few days (or weeks) to clear your head and refresh your perspective. 

Online dating will always be there when you’re ready to return and then, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to find “the one”. 

Dating has always been complicated but doing so in 2020 has presented a new set of challenges.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to meet local women, it just means you have to look at it a little differently! 

So try out some of these suggestions and see if you can meet someone special. Who knows, maybe they’re closer than you think! 

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