How to Meet People in a New City: 4 Tips

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Have you recently relocated to a new place? If the answer’s yes, chances are you’ve spent time wondering how to meet people in a new city. Even if you’re in love with your destination, it’s still tricky adjusting to a new lifestyle. And when you don’t have friends closeby to help you with that transition, it can feel like a lot to handle.

Properly immersing yourself in a new city means putting yourself out there. For some people, this can seem daunting. That’s ok and totally natural. But meeting people in a new city can feel exciting and there are ways to do it which are within your comfort zone. So if you’re hoping to make some buddies in your new neighbourhood, take a look at our guide below…

4 Tips to Meet New People in a New City

Go check out local businesses

Moving home takes serious organisation. From unpacking boxes to building flat-pack furniture, there is so much to set up and even more to remember. So if you forget to pack something in your move or realise that you need even more boxes, why not use this opportunity to explore your new town. 

Get out to visit local businesses. Look for things you need for your home, but also look for things that just make you happy. Small, local businesses can really show the heart of your new city. 

Not only that, but small business owners tend to really know their surrounding area. Whilst browsing their stores, we advise using this opportunity to introduce yourself. Say you’re new to the city or ask them what their favorite place to hang out is. Shoot your shot! Nothing can go wrong and we bet they’ll appreciate the initiative. 

Join local or non-local Facebook groups

How to meet people in a new city can be trickier when that new city is big. When you’re in a larger city, you might need a little extra help finding people to connect with. And that’s OK. Luckily social media can help.

Facebook groups can help you find people in your area with common interests to you. Make a list of your favorite hobbies/interests and take a look online for fellow hobbyists living close-by. From the obvious to the obscure, Facebook is loaded with various hobby groups. Even better? They’re almost always looking for new members.

Once you’ve joined a group, don’t stop there. Why not message one of the page coordinators and introduce yourself. Keep an eye out for any events that the group sets up. Group meet-ups are a great opportunity to make real life friends, particularly for the more shy among us. Why? Because you already know you have one shared interest! Knowing that you all share this common denominator will make it all less daunting, we promise.

Wondering how to meet people in a new city? Ask your friends

Before you move, ask your old friends anything they know about the location you’re moving too. You never know who knows someone or who has family in the area. You might have a ton of connections to your new home and you don’t even know it yet. 

And if a friend knows someone who is living in your new city, why not ask them to introduce you to each other? If you two begin hitting it off, arrange to meet them for a coffee or drink when you move. That way you’ll have something to look forward to. 

Say yes to things you’ve never done before

Moving to a new place can also mean finding new things about yourself. Make the most of this new start! Say yes to things! Did you see a new workout class that you’ve always wanted to try? Why not see if your new gym offers it? Or a musician coming to town that you’ve always wanted to see live? Go! Amazing things begin to happen once you start to say yes.

Making close friendships in a new place takes time, even for the social butterflies among us! But don’t wait around for friends to enjoy yourself, have fun on your own too! Spending time alone doing things you enjoy will not only remind you of your passions, but it will make you feel confident! 

Without realizing it, you’ll become more interesting to others too. Sounds like a win-win, right?

Moving away from friends and family can be tough, but it’s nearly always for the better. Taking this step away from what is familiar and who you are comfortable with may help you understand what’s so special about you! 

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. And next time you find yourself wondering “how do I meet people in a new city” just take a quick look at our guide. Good luck!

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