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Date Ideas: Planning Perfect Dates

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Here at EliteSingles, we believe that the key to lasting love is finding you the perfect match. So what happens after you’ve met ‘the one’ online? Meeting each other, the dating game – it can all be a little intimidating at times. But there’s no need for it to be! Armed with a list of great date ideas, you can turn like into love, chemistry into commitment, and a perfect match into a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Why Perfect Date Ideas Matter

No matter if it’s the first date or you’re already in a committed relationship, dates are integral to the progress of a relationship. During the early stages of a relationship dates are important opportunities to find out more about your partner. Later, dates become equally important opportunities to express your love for one another.

In both scenarios – and everywhere in between – finding perfect date ideas is crucial to enjoying each other’s company and getting the most out of your time together. Try to find the specialness in every date idea you come up with – the planning behind date ideas is often more important than the execution!

When your partner realizes the thought and effort you’ve put into planning the perfect date for the two of you, chances are they’ll understand it as an expression of your love and affection. Just thinking about the things your partner loves to do can help to prove just how much you care about them – and how much you listen to them too!

The Top 5 Ideas for First Dates

A recent EliteSingles poll found the vast majority of singles just want to go for coffee on their first date – 83% no less. The most important thing, then, is picking date ideas where you can both feel comfortable and hold a conversation. On that basis, here are five date venues worth considering for the first date:

  1. A Café
  2. A Bar
  3. A Restaurant
  4. A Park
  5. A Botanical Garden

In many ways it’s easier to know what not to do. Here at EliteSingles we’ve heard some of the world’s worst dating stories, and investigated the very worst dating dealbreakers. It’s especially important to get to know each other during the early stages – unless it’s your shared passion, steer clear of the cinema, theater, or anywhere else you can’t talk with one another. If you keep your date simple, show interest in each other and ask the right questions, you can’t go wrong!

New Things to Do On a Date

A new date idea has the power to surprise – and impress – your partner. During the course of a long-term relationship it’s easy to fall into habits and lazy ways of thinking. Romance takes thoughtfulness, open-mindedness and a little spontaneity; dreaming up new things to do on a date is a great way to show your partner that you’re still trying to be romantic.

Maximize the romance in every date by thinking about how you can make your day or evening together even more special. Don’t just book a table at a restaurant – choose your partner’s favorite restaurant, or the place you first met or somewhere you both really want to try. You get the idea!

Of course, everyone needs a hand getting inspired once in a while. If you’re struggling for new date ideas, check out the pages in the section below…

Unusual Date Ideas

Once you’ve taken the time to get to know each other, it’s well worth coming up with unusual date ideas that can help develop the relationship further. If you have a special flair or talent for arts and crafts or cooking for example, check out our very best creative date ideas. Or – of course – if you just want to let your hair down a bit with each other, our fun date ideas page is the one for you, or our list of the best free date ideas!

Unusual date ideas aren’t the only way to come up with great things to do on a date. It somewhat depends on how far into your relationship you are too – read our page on great second date ideas for ideas on how to move past café and restaurant dates. And it depends on the weather! You can read up on our best winter date ideas too, for example. Whatever you decide on doing, show your partner a new side to you each time you meet – like magic, the more you know about ‘the one’ the more you’ll grow to love and treasure them.

Local Date Ideas

When you’re tired of the bar and restaurant scene, you can also begin to expand your horizons and explore your city together. One of the great advantages of dating local singles is having lots in common – where you come from invariably informs who you are. Added to which, one of the nicest things to do on a date is showing your new partner your favorite places. Whether it’s a great bookstore, a hip cinema, a hidden-away gallery or anything else, find ways of showing your new partner who you are.

Not sure where to start? Check out our handy guides to alternative date ideas in cities right across the US. From New York to LA, Chicago to Miami, you can find great tips and handy maps for dates in your city in our online magazine.

Still in need of someone to go on dates with or know someone who is? Sign up or recommend EliteSingles today! The ideal dating site for mature, intelligent and professional singles, we can help you find lasting love.


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