9 of the Best First Date Tips for Guys You Need to Know

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Going on a first date can be quite intimidating — especially if you’re a guy who doesn’t have a lot of experience when it comes to dating. First date tips for guys are essential, particularly if you haven’t been on a date for a year or so. That said, first date tips for men can also vary. Not all guys are the same.

So, where do you start when it comes to figuring out those burning first date questions? To help you out we’ve put together a list of nine essential first date tips for guys!


First Date Tips for Men: 9 Pieces of Must-Know Advice

When it comes to first date advice for guys, some of the tips out there can come across as being overly confident. The truth is, if you’re looking for the best first date tips for guys, stereotypical advice may not be the best fit, especially if you’re not feeling hugely confident about opening up a conversation.

First things first — take a deep breath. Even if the date goes poorly, it’ll be a learning experience. But, with a little bit of confidence, and some helpful tips in hand, you’ll on the right path toward a real, lasting connection. Below, we’ve laid out nine of our top first date tips for guys to get you started!


1. Make an Effort With Your Outfit

We know that looks aren’t everything and that books certainly shouldn’t be judged by their covers. But, on a first date, appearance does still count for something and so it’s important to be looking your best.

This doesn’t mean having to go out and buy an expensive new suit! But avoiding the old jeans and crumpled shirt look will help to ensure you make a good first impression. The effort you put into your first date outfit will also show your date that you care about their opinion and that you want them to like you!


2. Don’t Be Late!

When it comes to first date advice for guys, this is one of the most important, and easiest, tips to follow! The point of a first date is to make a good impression and start forming a real connection. Having your date stand around waiting for you to show up isn’t going to help with either of these so make sure you arrive with plenty of time to spare.


3. Meet in a Familiar Location

Choosing to have the date somewhere you know well is a great way to ease some of those first date nerves. Take your date to a local restaurant you love that has a lot of variety and try to stay away from places that have a limited menu, to avoid any potentially awkward situations around eating habits or allergies.

That said, you’ll want to have confidence in what you order, and having an idea of this ahead of time will help to ease any anxiety. But, if your date already has an idea of where to go, don’t shut them out. Just take a look at the menu beforehand to get a good idea of what they serve.


4. Always Ask Follow-up Questions

One of the best first date tips for guys we can offer is to show you’re listening. If your date talks about their love of going to live shows and concerts, ask some follow-up questions about what their favorites have been. If they discuss what they do for a living, ask what their day-to-day life has been like, how they get on with their colleagues, or how their work life changed after the pandemic.

Asking follow-up questions shows you’ve been listening to what they’re saying and demonstrates and genuine interest to learn more. This will help to deepen and strengthen your connection during that first date.


5. Try to Appear Confident — But Don’t Overdo It

Give yourself a pep talk beforehand. Remind yourself that you’re worth dating. Engage in a bit of positive self-talk. These things will help you to feel more confident before heading off on the date. Confidence often builds with time, but there are ways to improve it.

When it comes to appearing confident, posture is everything. According to Inc, it’s important to, “Take up space by standing tall. “Keep your shoulders back, and keep your spine straight. This is going to offer you a host of physical benefits, including better breathing and better back support, but just as important, it’s going to make you look and feel more confident.”


6. Think Before You Speak

This is not only a great first date tip for men but also a good piece of life advice for everyone. And sometimes, it’ll save a good date from going sour. Before you say something, think about how it may be received. Try not to bring up potentially difficult topics like family, unless they talk about it first. For some people, it’s a sore subject they don’t want to get into.


7. Don’t Monopolize the Conversation

 Asking follow-up questions is a great way to naturally avoid this. First dates are all about getting to know each other. If you’ve realized that you’ve been talking about yourself the whole time, you’re not going to know if you’re compatible. Plus, it’s kind of a turn-off.


8. Offer to Pay

Money is always a tricky issue when it comes to first date etiquette for guys. Nobody should go on a date expecting the other party to pay, but doing so is a nice gesture. If you want, you can even say something like, “I’ll take care of our meals if you want to treat us to ice cream later.”

Good first date etiquette like that works well since it shows you’re already looking forward to spending more time with them. But remember, if you start feeling like they’re just after your wallet, then they’re not the right match for you.


9. Get in Touch After the Date

The most essential first date rule for guys? If you liked the person you saw, don’t leave them waiting! In-person is best — if you both seem to be on the same page, ask about a second date while wrapping up the first.

If you’re feeling that there’s not really a connection there, a text afterward is appropriate after a day or two of space. It may be hard, but it’s the best way for both of you to move forward and find your real match.


Start Finding Real Connections With These First Date Tips for Guys!

The more you date, the better you’ll get. Just remember, first dates are a way to test in-person chemistry. Sometimes they work out, and sometimes they don’t — that’s all part of it. Don’t let one bad date make you fear going on another, especially if you plan on using these first date tips for guys each time you meet someone new. Eventually, you’ll wind up dating a woman who might be the one! They’ll be worth waiting for!

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