Senior Date Ideas: The Best Ways to Enjoy Dating Later in Life

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You’re never too old to date. From embracing the great outdoors to taking a class together, we’ve come up with a genuinely great list of date ideas for over 50s. Falling in love in later life is fun and here are some creative ideas to keep things interesting.

Date Ideas for Over 50s

Dating is certainly not a young person’s game. Plenty of senior singles are still searching for love and what better way to get to know each other than trying out some new creative date ideas together. In fact, many senior singles find dating when older more fun because there’s less pressure than when you’re in your twenties. You’ve got years of dating experience and have probably both had previous long-term partners so you know how it works. So don’t over think it – just get down to the fun bit. Here are some of our favorite picks!

Senior Date Ideas: For the Culture Lovers

1. Do a class together

This is a great idea for over 50s looking for something original. Taking a class together enables you to connect in a relaxed environment and learn a new skill. Some of our suggestions would be taking a cooking, art or dance class. These are great ways for the two of you to get a bit more intimate without making you uncomfortable. Get to grips with a salsa class or spice things up with an Indian cooking class and enjoy!

2. Go to a new art gallery

Art galleries are a classic date idea and particularly good for over 50s. Do some research and find an interesting one neither of you have been to before. Have a look at what new exhibitions are on and suggest it as a date. It exudes understated romance and enables you to learn a bit more about each other’s preferences. This is also a great date for any time of day – spend an afternoon perusing some modern art and discuss it over a coffee or a glass of wine afterwards.

3. Go to see a controversial play at the theater

Senior daters don’t need to be quite as conventional as first time daters. Classic dinner and a movie is all well and good but you can mix things up a bit now that you’re older and wiser. Why don’t you find a controversial theater piece and go together? That way you’ll have lots to talk about afterwards and it will be nice for you to do something a bit different.

Senior Date Ideas: For the Foodies

1. Go to a wine tasting together

Wine tasting is the epitome of classic romance, so what better way to get acquainted than go to a tasting at a vineyard together? Wine always helps the conversation flow more easily and having a beautiful backdrop just further enhances the experience. Activities are particularly good date ideas because they provide you with a focus which takes some of the pressure off the ‘date’ side of things. So do some research and find a nice vineyard slightly further afield and enjoy an afternoon in each other’s company.

2. Pack a picnic on a sunny afternoon

You’re never too old for picnics and this is one of our favorite over 50s date ideas. Pick a beautiful park near you and both bring a selection of your favorite foods and a nice, chilled bottle of Pinot Grigio. It’s a great opportunity for the two of you to get to know each other and learn about what you’re into and it doesn’t break the bank! Couple this with a sunset stroll around the park (maybe you can even find some botanical gardens!) and you’re sure to get closer.

3. Double up with some friends

Later in life it can be nice to double date with some friends. Hosting a dinner party as a pair for another couple is a good way for the two of you to see how you work together. While an intimate date idea, especially as you’ll be in one of your houses and having to work together to produce a nice meal, inviting some friends will take some of the pressure off and make it a nice experience all round. This gives you a real insight as to how you work as a couple.

Senior Date Ideas: For the Extra Special Moments

1. Go to a spa

Those dating later in life can afford to sometimes treat themselves. Why not enjoy a nice spa day as a date idea – probably better once you’ve been dating a while. It’s a really nice way for you to do something special together. Spas are so fantastically relaxing so sharing this experience with a special someone can only be enjoyable. Splash out on a couple’s massage and you’ll feel at ease in each other’s company. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

2. Go to the opera

This is a fantastically romantic date idea for seniors. With the charm of tradition, going to a formal event like the opera is a truly special date. Dressing up and making a night of it will heighten the experience and make the evening feel extraordinary. Interestingly, America has more opera companies than anywhere else in the world so there should be a great performance near you. Suggest this to someone special – they’ll be delighted.

3. Book a dinner cruise

Boats are romantic, dinners are romantic – this is a double shot of romance in a date. Being on the water – especially if you happen to catch the sunset – oozes classic romance and will be sure to impress your date. Crack open a bottle of bubbly and enjoy being out in the fresh air and getting to know each other better. Dating over 50 can actually be much more fun than dating in your 20s.

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