Dating at 40: 6 Tips to Find Romance


Dating at 40 is just as fun as dating at 20 or 30. Searching for love in your 40s has real advantages! It’s the perfect time to meet someone special. 

In the past few years, dating has changed for the better. There are now more ways than ever to meet your match.  

Whatever your dating history or experience, we’re here to help. Here are our top tips for finding romance in your 40s.

Our Advice for Anyone Dating at 40

Try online dating

Whether you’ve tried online dating before or you’re a total newbie, giving it a go is key to achieving dating success. 

Gone are the days of catching someone’s eye across the bar or meeting your partner through friends. Today, most couples meet on the internet.

A lot has changed since the early days of online dating and it doesn’t carry a stigma anymore. It’s simply an effective and easy way to meet “the one”. 

These days meeting people through online dating sites and dating apps isn’t just clever, it’s the norm. Better yet? It’s a safe way for you to continue dating throughout the pandemic

There are tons of online dating sites out there that are easy to navigate and use, so don’t worry if technology isn’t your strong suit. Simply opt for an app that best suits your needs, sign up, and you’ll realize why online dating works!

Be patient and realistic

The beauty of online dating is that it puts thousands of singles at your fingertips. 

However, just because your soulmate is only a message away doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll find them on date one. 

Algorithms can make a big difference in helping you find love, but you also have to be patient. Give the apps time to do their magic! 

After all, technology can only simplify your love life to a certain extent. There will probably be times when you have bad date experiences or you feel sure you’ve hit it off with somebody, only to never hear back from them, and that’s ok!

The important thing is to not lose hope. These experiences are all part of the dating process. 

Reconsider your type

Is there a type of person you always go for? And has going for the same person over and over provided you with fulfilling relationships or bad ones? 

While it’s natural for all of us to have a type, it’s important not to let that type limit our dating pool too much. 

The things you looked for in a partner in your twenties and thirties might be different now you’re dating at 40, so maybe it’s time to mix up who your type is! 

You don’t have to change every single one of your search parameters, but try to be open to dating different types of people. 

If you only search for men over six feet tall or women who don’t have children, just because that’s what you’ve always done, you might be missing out on someone great.

Be yourself

The great thing about dating at 40 is that you know who you are and what you want. 

There’s no reason to lie about your interests to impress someone, put up with people who waste your time or settle for someone who only checks half of your boxes. Put yourself out there and be proud of who you are! 

Sure, being vulnerable can feel scary, but it’s worth it. Confidence is attractive and being yourself will attract the kinds of people who are right for you.

Take your time

Maybe the reason you’re dating at 40 is because you’re just out of a long-term relationship or marriage. 

If so, it might feel tempting to put yourself back out there and start dating immediately. However, that may not be the best game plan. 

There’s no rush when it comes to dating. Romance can spark at any age. Listen to your emotions and avoid forcing something because of some deadline you’ve set yourself. 

Instead, reflect on what’s happened in your past relationships. Think about your role in your breakups, and consider what kind of person you want to attract next. 

Then, when you’re ready to date again, you’ll be more prepared to make a lasting connection.

Have fun

Dating can have its ups and downs from time to time, but it’s a process that’s meant to be enjoyed! 

Sure, creating a great profile or thinking of questions to get to know someone may take a little effort, but it should never feel like work.

Our advice? Treat online dating like a hobby, not an obligation. It’s not something you have to get right all the time. 

Simply focus on having fun, being open to new experiences, and meeting new types of people and we bet you’ll be enjoying yourself in no time. 

Dating is a rollercoaster at any age and dating at 40 is no different. 

If you’re in your 40s and you’re looking for love, take a look at our advice before you begin your journey! 

Who knows, maybe your 40s will be your best decade yet!

About the author: Elizabeth Entenman

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