First Gay Date: 3 Ways to Land a Second

There will always be a lot of emotions on a first gay date. The trick is to master these feelings so that you make it to date number two and beyond. 

On a first date, you’re likely feeling a mixture of excitement and nerves. However, having a positive attitude can make a real difference in conquering any worries you might have. 

As an experienced matchmaker, I’m familiar with the guidelines you should follow if you want to make it past your first date. Here are my top three tips to keep in mind.

Guidelines for Your First Gay Date

Be proactive and specific 

When it comes to dating, it helps if you’re direct. 

Whenever I was interested in someone I wouldn’t shy away from asking them out, telling them how I felt, or proposing fun date ideas. Being specific about the place and the time you’d like to meet them can be helpful. 

If you’re vague, you risk coming across as uninterested. For example, saying something like “I might be free this weekend but I don’t know my schedule,” won’t show your gay crush that you like them

These days people have endless distractions at their fingertips. Everyone is competing for everyone else’s time. That’s why proposing your invite confidently is important. Don’t worry about coming across as too keen, just put yourself out there! 

I was usually complemented regarding how forthright I was. It didn’t matter what I suggested, what mattered was that I took the offer seriously. 

If you reinstate your offer a few times and your crush doesn’t volley back something concrete, don’t worry. Instead, move forward with another connection. Remember, if something is important to someone then they’ll make time for it. 

Think outside of the box

If you’re feeling nervous about your first gay date, keep things casual. Why not go for a happy hour drink or a cup of coffee at a café?

Alternatively, if you feel like your communication has been flowing effortlessly, organize something memorable. 

If it were me, I’d try to impress the guy. I’d want him to tell his friends about the experience and rave about how I was “a breath of fresh air.“ Putting in the extra effort will make the date more enjoyable for both of you. 

If you’re not sure how to tailor the date to your crush, think about his likes and dislikes. After all, taking an interest in your man’s passions is important when you’re starting a new relationship

Don’t worry if you don’t know these immediately, simply check out his dating profile to see what he’s into. 

Be honest about what you want

If you’re using online dating, be decisive when creating your profile. That way you’ll attract the right guys.

When you’re searching for love confidence isn’t just sexy, it’s effective. For example, I always avoided profiles that said things like “I’m not sure what I want” or “seeing what’s out there.” They never stood out to me.

Everyone loves a man with a plan. Unless your expectations are mutually understood to be short term, be bold from the get-go. Being upfront about what you want will filter out the men whose expectations don’t align with yours. 

If you’re looking for something serious, mention a few goals you’ve got planned for the next five years or so on your date. If this intimidates your partner then they’re simply not the person for you. 

Laying your cards on the table may feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to. Honestly is the best policy when it comes to dating. It’s even attractive

A second date will happen when the other person sees you as a guy that “isn’t like the others he’s met.” By being you’re authentic self, you’re more likely to be that someone for your date. You’re also more likely to meet someone you truly connect with. 

You’ve got this!

Great first dates happen when you put your best foot forward. So treat every gay first date as an opportunity to learn more about yourself, not just about your plus one.

When I adopted this attitude, I found dating more enjoyable. If I represented myself well, I was less disappointed when things didn’t work out. I understood that it wasn’t personal.

Call me an optimist, but being open to love won’t just land you a second date, it’ll get you a relationship.

So if you’re about to go on your first gay date, don’t worry. All that you need to make it to date number two is within you. Simply make a note of my advice, relax and enjoy yourself. 

A second date will follow when you meet the right guy. Who knows, maybe he’s just around the corner. 

About the author: Mason R. Glenn

Mason R. Glenn has had a long career in the matchmaking industry and has spent his time helping high-caliber clientele in Los Angeles select eligible matches. Currently, Mason is an acclaimed published author and is in the process of strengthening his career in content and brand strategy. His latest book, "Getting Ahead of the Gayme: Man First, Gay Second," can be purchased through Amazon, iBooks, or Google Play, and is available at select major book retailers in the U.S.

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