Rediscovering the buzz of falling in love again

couple falling in love again

Falling in love is one of the most powerful emotions you can experience. That intoxicating concoction of goosebumps and giddiness will bowl you over and leave you head over heels. At EliteSingles, our goal is all about rediscovering the thrill of falling in love again. And though it might not be your debut, the excitement of finding love again remains as exhilarating as the first-time. Here we take a closer look at some love’s firsts to celebrate the excitement of new romance.

It’s time to love again

As the leading premium dating site for highly educated singles, we want our user to rediscover the buzz of falling in love again. The majority of EliteSingles’ members are intelligent professionals who are no strangers to juggling a busy work-life balance. That’s why our bespoke platform can be easily tailored to fit into your lifestyle with ease. Pairing our in-depth personality test with an intelligent matchmaking algorithm, we’re able to introduce you to people that’ll capture your attention… and heart.

Yes, the methodology behind our service an integral part of EliteSingles’ success. However our main objective isn’t telling you how scrupulous we are when it comes to science. That’s a given. Our goal is a different kind of chemistry altogether. We’ll put you in touch with people where falling in love again is a real possibility. Because we believe that there’s a first time for everything – which is no different when it comes to love – let’s take a closer look at some of love’s “firsts” and give you a few expert pointers on how to ace them.

Your first smile

Sitting down and trying to remember the exact moment you realised you’d started falling in love again is tricky. That said, with a bit of thought, there’s usually some little nuance that triggered the whole heady enterprise. And it often turns out to be something as wonderfully simple as a smile. Indeed, there’s something really romantic about exchanging a smile with someone for the first time. Feeling your heart start to race as your eyes connect for a split second longer than you’d deem normal is a great thing to experience. There aren’t many rules here to abide by, just make sure you go with the moment… and don’t end up gawping for too long!

Your first date

Sharing your first smile is a big deal when you’re falling in love again. When you’ve bumped into someone IRL, it’s usually an event that precipitates a conversation, which leads to a date, and so on. It works a bit differently in the world of online dating. When you’re meeting people over the net, your first smile and first date might be simultaneous. This is obviously an amazing combo, but it can be overpowering for some folks. Make the time to get some composure and take a deep breath. Then just be sure to enjoy yourself!

It’s pretty reasonable to feel a bit of pressure when thinking of a place to meet for the first time. A dose of those first date nerves is a healthy response to a new situation. Think of somewhere neutral that’s going to allow you to chat freely. Coffee shops and bars are firm favourites as they’re offer relaxed environments. Alternatively, museums and art galleries are great if you need a conversation starter!

Your first dinner

Recalling the feeling of falling in love will usually summon memories of where you had your first dinner. We all remember that special evening where the hours melted into one beautiful loop of deep conversation, hearty laughter and moments of connection. Your focus isn’t really on the food, it’s completely enraptured by the person sat opposite.

So, when it does come to grabbing a bite, don’t be overcome of trying to find somewhere perfect. Just trust your gut instinct (no pun intended). Have a chat to your date, find out what they like to eat and go with that. Maybe you’ve got a favourite spot that you’re eager to share with them. If you’re playing chef for the evening, follow the same process. Ask them what their fave dish is and discover a dazzling recipe together!

Your first kiss

Your first kiss is the proverbial firework moment when you’re falling in love again. There isn’t much that’s as mind-blowingly brilliant as this moment. That unique rush of adrenaline and spine-tingling bliss will make you weak at the knees. So savour it! We won’t go into the nitty-gritty of kissing here, all there is to do now is close your eyes and get captured by the moment.

Your first adventure

Last but not least, when you’re falling in love again there’ll come a time when the stars align for your first adventure. That’s not to say that falling for someone isn’t an adventure in and of itself. Far from it! What we mean is that you’ll go on a trip that cements your love, something you’ll savour for the rest of your relationship.

Adventure is something that’s always open to interpretation, and that’s the beauty of it. Maybe it’s jetting off for a weekend in a new city you’re both eager to explore? It might be that the idea of island hopping in the Caribbean is your dream escape. Perhaps visiting a new continent with your partner is what really gets your heart pounding. Whether you plan something out in advance and let the anticipation build, or just spontaneously jump in the car and drive to the beach for a few days, you’ll remember this adventure for the rest of your lives!

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