Olympic-Sized Libido: Study proves an interest in Health & Fitness boosts your sex drive (and your self-confidence!)

It’s official, people who look after their bodies really do have more sex. Or, at least, a bigger sex drive. That’s according to a recent large-scale data analysis of 20,000 members of EliteSingles; every single indicator in the study suggested that fitness fans care much more about life between the sheets and are generally a lot happier about themselves too.

Healthy Body, Healthy Sex Life…

Comparing the data from 10,000 health fanatics against a control cell, women reported having a staggering 7.5% higher than average ‘strong desire for sex’ when they took care of their bodies. The figure was also an impressive 5% more for men. Why the discrepancy? Men already have a stronger desire for sex anyway, of course!

Intimacy a Priority for Fitness Fans

Users were also asked to score their desire for ‘physical closeness’ and ‘sexual compatibility’ with their future partner. Here too, the study showed that health & fitness fans came out on top (as it were). The report showed that women had an 8% increased desire for both compatibility in the bedroom and intimacy with their partner, whilst for men the figure was +9% and +9.5% respectively.

The results suggest that, more than just sex, it’s physicality that health & fitness fans crave. The desire for intimacy and sexual compatibility underlines this need to recapture the rush and excitement of individual sports and training programs.

Increased Self-Confidence the Cause?

The EliteSingles study, sourced from anonymous user data, also took into account how users scored satisfaction with their own looks and, once again, the healthy group scored much higher. Women rated themselves 9% more satisfied on average, whilst men scored a whopping 12% higher (no surprises there).

The most impressive stat from the study though was an increase in the Fitness fans’ confidence – a huge 12% higher for women, and 13% higher for men. It’s not such a big leap of faith to say that this boost in self-confidence is likely the cause for an increased desire for passionate encounters – coupled with a boost in endorphin levels and increased stamina, an interest in Health & Fitness can easily turn singles into sex machines!

EliteSingles Psychologist says ‘Staying healthy can give you an ego boost’

Salama Marine, our resident psychologist, suggests “When you practice a sport regularly your body creates endorphins, which are known to help fight anxiety, stress and depression.”

“When you practice sport it’s time dedicated to yourself; time used to listen your body and to your needs, which can help you better understand your environment and those around you. Simply, the more sport you practice, the more confident you feel with both yourself and other people.”

About the author: Michael Middleton

Michael Middleton is an editor for EliteSingles.

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