Introducing our recommended dating coach; Hilary Silver

For those wanting to take their dating game to the next level, EliteSingles is proud to introduce our partnership with licensed Clinial Social Worker and love coach, Hilary Silver.

Finding a dating coach who fits your needs can be a tricky process. There’s a plethora of options out there, and not all coaches might offer what you, personally, need. It could be that you’ve problems sculpting that ever-important first message to an EliteSingles match, or find it difficult to craft a relaxing, enjoyable first date when you meet. Or, maybe you’ve found a relationship, but find keeping the spark alive more of a challenge than you think.

That’s where Hilary Silver can help.

So who is Hilary Silver, and why do we recommend her?

Hilary holds an anthropology degree from the University of Kansas and is a Master’s graduate with a MSW Social Work license. Her post-graduate clinining work and training has focused on fields related to relationships, trauma, anxiety and more. Now married and the proud mother of two children, she is a keen traveler who, before beginning her therapy work in her 20s, taught English in Japan. We chose Hilary because she is a relationship coach with 15 years of experience, because she is charismatic, personanable and passionate, and because she offers online dating coaching sessions which perfectly match what our members are looking for.

Her coaching strategies include;

  • EMDR
  • Marital
  • Couples
  • Relationship Therapy
  • Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
  • CBT
  • Mindfulness-based practices

The best part about Hilary’s offer is that she offers online coaching sessions via Skype, so anyone can take advantage of her expertise and you can be flexible about when you have your coaching sessions.

She offers three fantastic online workshops which we think are perfect for EliteSingles users;

  • From Conflict to Connection
  • Put the Sizzle Back in your Sex Life; Mini Course
  • Hot, Healthy, & Happily Ever After

Hilary offers counseling for both individuals and groups, but for singles just starting or re-starting their dating journey, an individual counseling session is most recommended. In consultation with Hilary, these sessions are completely customizable and therefore tailored to improve exactly what you need to improve in your dating game.

And, if you’re not entirely sure what you’re missing, Hilary offers EliteSingles users a free 20 minute consultation, in order to assess your dating goals and suggest a workshop or counseling that’s perfect for you.

Why not take your dating journey to the next level today?

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