The 7 Best Opening Lines for Online Dating

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At some point, we’ve all probably struggled to think of the best opening lines for online dating. First impressions are important, so having some good ones up your sleeve can make a real difference.

Some online daters opt for funny one-liners while others are a little more low-key and go for a subtle question. 

We recommend choosing an opening line that makes you feel comfortable, one that represents your personality. That way you’ll feel confident about the conversation from the start.

Here are a few of our favorites.

The Best Opening Lines for Online Dating

“How was your weekend?” 

It may seem strange that something so simple can serve as one of the best opening lines for online dating, but this question covers everything. 

It’s broad because it doesn’t ask about just a specific night, it focuses on the whole weekend. This makes it more likely that they’ll have something to say.

You could also start off the conversation by saying what you got up to last weekend and use it to introduce your own interests and hobbies. See what you two have in common!

Ask them about something specific noted in their profile 

This is one of our top online dating cebreakers.

By showing your date that you’ve examined their profile, it shows them that you’re interested in more than just their appearance. Better yet? It shows you’re not a conversation hog.

Kicking things off with a question about them is a one-way ticket to a solid conversation that flows naturally. And if your match doesn’t have any details in their profile? This could be an online dating red flag. 

Keep it simple and ask them where their profile picture was taken or ask them something silly like “What’s your theme song?”. 

If online dating makes you nervous, admit it

Getting vulnerable so early on in a conversation may feel daunting but it’s key to achieving online dating success. When someone is honest about their feelings, it’s easier for others to relate to them. 

Being yourself is always a good idea. If a match is turned off by the fact that you’re nervous or new to dating, you probably weren’t meant to be in the first place. 

Remember, you’re looking for someone that you connect with. To find someone like that, you need to be prepared to open up.

If you pair this admission up with a cute gif, it could be pretty sweet, and chances are they’d find it a difficult message hard to ignore.

“What was the best movie you’ve ever seen in a theater?” 

This is one of the best opening lines for online dating because it’ll get your match thinking. 

It’s much better than a simple “what’s your favorite movie” which they may have already addressed in their profile. 

You can also tie in the fact that you’ve been thinking about the movie theater experience a lot after so many theaters shut down in 2020. And all going well, there’s potential to turn this line into something more. 

Tell your date that you’d love to take them out to a theater for your first date once social distancing rules relax. Or, if you don’t want to wait that long, choose a virtual date idea instead.

Ask a “this or that” question 

Studies show that a simple “this or that” question nearly always gets a response.

Tailor your question to you and your interests. If you’re a pop music fan, you could ask “Katy Perry or Taylor Swift?” or keep things chill and say something like “Sunday priorities: exercise, sleep, or aggressive mimosas?” 

Don’t worry about sounding silly, just have fun with it! You could ask them if they prefer pancakes or waffles, Crocs to sandals, or The Beatles to The Rolling Stones. The more creative you can get, the better.

Ask them to describe their job in the funniest way possible 

If you’re a driven person then it’s likely you want someone who shares your passion for work, but simply asking someone about their career can be boring. So why not add a dash of humor to it? 

This way, you’ll discover their day job and whether or not they have a good sense of humor. 

Our advice? Make sure to avoid any job judgment, especially now. The economy is in a rough spot so their occupation might not be too glamorous. For some people, their occupation is a pretty sensitive topic. 

Make this question even more fun by asking them what their dream job was in the third grade.

If you’re new to the area, ask for some suggestions 

A lot of people sign up for dating sites as a way to meet new people in the area. 

If you’re new and match with a few locals, ask them the best place to get pizza, subs, or any type of cuisine. 

It’s a non-threatening question that can actually be very helpful. If the conversation really seems to be going somewhere, propose a date at one of the places mentioned. As a bonus, you’ll already know they’re happy with the menu.

The best opening lines for online dating are the ones that come naturally. So concentrate on being yourself. Dating should be a fun process, and while it’s normal to be nervous, it’s something you’ll get better at with time. 

Keep working on your openers, and pretty soon, you’ll start seeing more replies in your inbox.

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