New Study: Being Vegan Boosts Popularity When Online Dating

A new EliteSingles study of 237,000 singles has shown that online dating customers whose profiles mention veganism or vegetarianism receive 73% more messages than the average member.

  • Mentioning vegan, veggie, or vegetarian in a dating profile boosts messaging rates by 73%
  • Vegan alone gives a 50% message boost while veggie gives a 62% boost
  • Vegetarian is the most popular with a 108% boost
  • Yet 62% of vegans and 55% of vegetarians don’t mention diets online for fear of rejection

The team behind the study from premium dating site EliteSingles searched 237,000 anonymous, randomly selected user profiles for mentions of three words: vegan, vegetarian, and veggie. The EliteSingles data team then looked at the average number of messages that profiles with these words received and compared this figure to the average number of messages received by members overall.

The results showed that no matter which word was used – vegan, veggie, and/or vegetarian – the profiles involved received an above-average number of messages. The combined boost for all three words was 73%.

The study also revealed that, while the term vegan gives a significant message boost (50% above the average), it’s vegetarian that is the big winner, boosting message rates to 108% above average. Veggie sits in the middle, coming with an 62% boost in messages received.

Incoming Message Increase:

Vegan: +50%
Veggie: +62%
Vegetarian: +108%
All ‘vegan’ words combined: +73%

However, a separate survey from EliteSingles suggests that vegans and vegetarians can often be shy about sharing their dietary preferences online. The September 2019 survey of 250 people registered with the dating platform showed that 62% of vegans and 55% of vegetarians avoid talking about it in their dating profile for fear of rejection.

Perhaps now the larger study has shown just how popular a plant-based diet can be, vegans and vegetarians can put these worries to rest and start enjoying the uptick in online attention.

You can find out more about this study in our in-depth article on vegetarian and vegan romance

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About this Data
Messaging statistics from 237,000 randomly selected users active on or during January 2020. Survey data from 250 EliteSingles users polled in September 2019.

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