Are You Too Busy To Date? Here’s How To Make Room For Love

young woman too busy to date

Raise your hand if you’ve ever frustratedly exclaimed, “I’m too busy to date!” It happens to everyone. Our lives are already full with work, family, friends, and hobbies. The idea of adding dating to the mix, can sound downright impossible. 

Before you say you’re too busy to date, ask yourself why you’re saying that. Is it really because you work countless hours every week? Or is it because you’re scared to put yourself out there? 

if you want to be in a relationship and find true love, you can make it happen—even if it feels like you’re too busy to date. The best part? Online dating means you can start playing the dating game during lockdown. Here’s our advice on how to make time for dating when you’re totally busy.

Limit how much time you spend online dating

We’ve all been there. You open a dating app to check a message, and suddenly, hours have passed—yet you have nothing to show for it. You find yourself asking “is online dating worth it?”

If you’re too busy to date, give yourself a daily time limit on your dating app by setting an app timer. Limiting yourself to just 20 or 30 minutes will give you time to focus on your other responsibilities. It’ll also encourage you to make the most of it. 

Make online dating a habit

Instead of thinking of online dating as a hobby, think of it as a habit: something you do every day to improve your life. When you’re too busy to date, the small shift in mindset can make a big difference, and the time you do spend on the app will be quality time. 

Try using your dating app at the same time every day, then logging out when you reach your time limit. On average, it takes about 21 days to form a new habit. 

Try this approach to online dating for a few weeks. We bet you’ll be spending less time on the app and more time getting to know people IRL.

Spend more time talking to fewer people

If you let it, online dating can be a major time sucker. By the time you’ve responded to your messages, checked to see who’s viewed your profile and swiped through matches, there’s hardly time to process how you feel. 

Reaching out to and responding to everybody feels proactive, but you could just be spinning your wheels. Instead of casting a wide net and juggling as many matches as possible, focus on chatting with two or three people at a time. Decide who really catches your eye. Try to build a genuine connection with these potential suitors. We bet it’ll feel more productive. 

Delete the swiping apps and hookup apps

At first, using a swipe-based app like Tinder or Bumble might seem like a time-saver: They’re extremely low-effort dating apps that pride themselves on how little you have to do to meet someone. But if you’re looking for something serious, then chances are you’re looking in the wrong place. 

Generally, these apps attract users who aren’t searching for commitment, which is great if that’s what you’re looking for. But if you’re hoping for something more, then focus your attention on sites that connect you with like minded singles.  

Try a different dating app

It’s normal to hit a wall on a dating app. No one special catches your eye, you see the same profiles over and over, or you get bored of searching. If you’re stuck in an online dating rut, you don’t need to give up online dating—you just need a change of scenery. 

There are countless dating apps out there that cater to every preference under the sun! Whether you’re looking for someone who shares your professional ambition or a safe place to meet LQBTQ+ daters, there is a dating platform out there waiting for you.

When the dating game isn’t going your way, it can sometimes feel like a full-time job. And if you already have a million other things on your to-do list than one more responsibility isn’t what you’re looking for. 

But by following these steps then you’ll be in the right place to find love. And that’s the best place to start!

About the author: Elizabeth Entenman

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