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Insider insights: how does EliteSingles dating app & site work?

When you join an online dating website, we understand that you want to know a little more about the process. Online dating can be daunting, and you may be wondering ‘how does EliteSingles work?’ We break down EliteSingles’ approach for long-term relationship success.

Compatibility is key to a happy and healthy relationship. At EliteSingles we have developed the winning formula to bring together compatible intelligent American singles that are genuinely looking for serious relationships. We outline how to use EliteSingles in five simple steps, and explain how EliteSingles works for you.

Understanding how to use EliteSingles for ultimate online dating success

Following the steps to successful online dating, let’s see how to use EliteSingles to achieve your relationship goals. At the heart of our formula is the matchmaking process. By following this simple process and ticking all the boxes, you can prepare to meet your match and make the most of your dating experience. We break down the 5 easy steps to successful online dating below.

Step 1: Register

The first step in the process is to sign up. It may be easy to overlook this step, but to join the EliteSingles online dating community, the first step is to fill in a short registration form. Registration is free, and gives you access to the following step – the personality test.

Ready to join? Register here and take the first step to finding love.

Step 2: Take the personality test

In order to find like-minded matches, we need to know more about what you think and how you feel. The personality test is a fundamental part of our successful matchmaking method as it gives us an in-depth understanding of your attributes and personality.

The personality test is based on McCrae and Costa’s renowned ‘Five Factor Model’. Based on psychological theory of personality, the test evaluates you across five domains: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. It is central to our matchmaking process, and based on these results, the smart profiling can send you 3-7 compatible matches daily. The questions are not difficult, however, put the time aside to answer honestly and in a relaxed manner. Taking the personality test will help us to identify compatible singles, and is one of the principal ways we stand out from our competitors. How does EliteSingles work for you? Now you know!

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Step 3: Complete your online profile

Once you have completed the personality test, it’s time to add the personal details to your profile. Complete the personal information on your profile accurately, and double-check it for any mistakes. Our top tip is to approach this process with a positive attitude, as this will come across when your matches visit your profile.

Selecting your photographs is an important step in setting up an engaging profile. Your profile photographs act as your first impression online, and so it is worth putting some thought into your selection. On your EliteSingles account, you can upload photos in the following formats: JPG, GIF, PNG or MBP, but ensure that your photograph does not exceed 9.7 MB in size. Choose an image that is taken in a good lighting, and preferably one in which you feel comfortable. The best photographs for your profile are images which include only you, as a group of people may be confusing to your potential matches. And lastly, show your face clearly – your potential matches want to see the real you on your profile!

Want to know more about setting up your profile? We have the details covered with these expert tips.

Step 4: Receive profile suggestions

At the heart of how to use EliteSingles successfully is the matchmaking process itself. The matching starts with the personality test, which is used to identify suitable profiles. Beyond looking at the levels of various personality attributes in the personality test, EliteSingles’ smart profiling also looks at what is important to you in terms of lifestyle, location, and relationship goals.

Evaluating your unique details and using an algorithm to compare compatibility, the matchmaking process selects and sends you profiles who match with your preferences. We aim to send you 3-7 personalized profile suggestions daily; however, you can also use our ‘Have you met…’ feature to actively search out additional profile matches for yourself.

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personality test

Step 5: Meet your match

You are now ready to meet your match. To build a long-term connection you need to make the space for a new relationship in your life. Our members come from a variety of backgrounds, many are successful professionals and lead active lifestyles, but whatever it is that’s important to you, you need to create a healthy work-life balance. To be ready to build a positive and lasting bond, ensure that there is the space for a flourishing relationship to develop.

Did you know that good relationships boost your health? Read more about this Harvard research.

How does EliteSingles work for me?

Beyond guiding you through the steps in online dating, EliteSingles works to ensure that you benefit from the process. Try our handy mobile dating app, optimized for smart-phones and tablets for iOS or Android; this should mean your love life can keep up with your busy lifestyle. And bursting with helpful advice and expert tips about relationships, the EliteSingles magazine provides all you need to know about dating. It covers topics from how to flirt online and read your date’s body language, to what to wear on your first date.

Now that you are ready to start online dating, take the first step, and register today!

Uploading photos: how do I add profile photos to my account?

Uploading photos from your hard drive in three easy steps

Step 1Choose a great picture

Pick or scan a photo in which you’re clearly visible, and which you are happy for other members to view. Not sure which photo to pick? Try our expert tips for taking the perfect profile photo.

Step 2: Check the size and the format

It’s easy to upload digital photos from your hard drive to your EliteSingles account – you just need to make sure that they are saved in the right format. EliteSingles supports photos with the following file extentions: JPG, GIF, PNG or BMP. It’s also important to make sure that your photo is the right size: photo files must be no larger than 9.7 MB.

Step 3: Use the EliteSingles upload feature

Log in to your regular account at https://www.elitesingles.com and click ”Profile” at the top of the page. You should now see a silhouette of a person, with a button underneath that says ‘’Upload a photo.‘’ Clicking the button will open a window that will allow you to select your photo from where it is stored on your hard drive.

Congratulations – you’ve just uploaded your first profile photo. Our easy-to-use photo feature also allows you to add up to 23 additional photos using the same process.

Please note: to ensure that the pictures on our site are genuine, the EliteSingles Customer Care Validation Team manually approves all photo submissions. This means that there might be a short delay (usually less than 24 hours) before your photos are approved for display.

Uploading photos using Facebook

It’s also possible to add photos to your EliteSingles account via Facebook. To do so, login into your profile using the steps above, then click the blue Facebook ‘‘Connect’’ image.

This will open Facebook’s login page in a new window. Login to your Facebook account and click ‘‘ok’’ to allow EliteSingles access to your Facebook profile and photos. You should now be able to see the photos and albums your have stored on Facebook.

Select the photo or photos you wish to import over to your EliteSingles account and press ‘‘Save’’. Repeat this process as needed for additional photos.

Choosing your primary profile photo

Having multiple photos added to your EliteSingles account allows interested users to learn more about you. However it’s also important to select one primary photo that will function as your default image when connecting with other users. The ideal primary profile photo will have you as the subject and will clearly show your face with no obstructions.

When you’ve decided which photo you would like to be your primary one, hover your cursor over it. If the Validation Team has approved the photo as a primary image, a drop down menu will appear that includes a picture of a pin next to the words ‘’Profile Photo.’’ Click it to ‘pin’ the selected photo in place as your primary image.

Frequently asked questions

Why was my upload unsuccessful?
In most cases, an unsuccessful upload is due to the file size being too large. The maximum photo size is 9.7 MB. If a photo is too large, it is usually possible to change the original file size youself using the edit settings on your computer.

If the upload still isn’t working, check the file format – to be uploaded, photos must be in the right format (JPG, GIF, PNG or BMP).

Why can’t I see my photos?
To ensure a quality experience, all photos on our site are manually approved by our Customer Care Team. If you can’t see a photo, it may still be in the queue to be approved – in most cases this will take no longer than 24 hours.

What criteria do my photos need to meet?
As a general rule, photos must either have you as the subject or be of something you like in order to be approved. They must also avoid certain banned criteria (for example, photos that show indecent imagery or personal information such as phone numbers are not allowed). For a full list of photo criteria, please see here.

Why can’t I pin my preferred primary photo?
If you are unable to see the pin icon that will let you set a particular photo as your Profile Photo, it is because the Validation Team has not approved that particular image as a suitable primary photo.

To meet approval standards, all primary profile photos must be of good quality, shot in good light and clearly show your face (for further criteria, please see the link above). Any photos that do not meet these standards but are otherwise allowed will be termed ‘‘secondary photos’’ and will be able to be seen once a match clicks into your profile.

How do I delete a photo?
You can also delete any photo at any time. To do so, go into your profile and click ‘Upload a photo.’ You will then see your uploaded photos. Hover your cursor over the photo you wish to delete and you will see a dropdown picture that includes a picture of a garbage can next to the words ‘’Delete.’’ Click and confirm to permanently delete your picture.

Uploading photos to your account is a great way to let other EliteSingles members know more about you (and to increase your interaction potential). Get started today to boost your chances of meeting someone amazing on our site!

How to Leave a comment on your favorite profiles

EliteSingles believes that good communication is the backbone of any successful relationship. This is why we have created a ‘comment’ function on our members’ profiles. If you see a profile of one of your matches who interests you, you can send them a comment and start to get to know each other better.

Once you have logged into EliteSingles you have several different options to get in touch with your favourite matches. All members can begin by sending a smile or some questions. However, with premium membership you can start to get to know someone in more detail by commenting on a section of their profile that has caught your attention.

In this article you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions about commenting on your matches’ profiles.

Why should I comment on my matches profiles?

Members of EliteSingles often write detailed descriptions about who they are, what is important to them and what they are looking for in a relationship. If you have seen a profile of someone who interests you, you can leave them a comment to show that you are keen to get to know more about them.

Perhaps you’ve seen that you have a common interest with one of your matches and you want to share your similar experiences with them. For example, you see that you both like to read science fiction novels and you wish to find out who their favourite author is. Alternatively, maybe you have seen that they have an interesting hobby that you would like to learn more about. By commenting on their profile you can do just that.

How do I comment on my matches profiles?

When you see a section of someone’s profile that catches your eye, just click on ‘Comment’ in the bottom right, and fill in the freetext field that appears on your screen. Once you’ve posted your comment, you and your match will be informed on the platform and via email. You and your recipient will then be able to view the comment whenever you choose.

READ MORE: Learn how to comment on a match’s profile photos

Who can see my comments?

At EliteSingles, we are dedicated to providing the highest standards of privacy and security, for this reason all comments are only visible to both sender and recipient.

What do I do if someone sends me abusive or offensive comments?

All profile information is checked by our team to ensure the highest quality. As part of our security measures, all comments are archived in the communication history between you and your match. If someone sends you a comment which you think is inappropriate, please contact our Customer Care team as soon as possible. We will review the comments and if we agree that the comment is offensive, we will remove the sender as one of your matches and start the motion of banning them from our site.

Break the ice! Sign up with EliteSingles and start talking with your matches by commenting on their profile today.

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