Dating in Your 30s as a Woman: 5 Realities

Despite what you may think, dating in your 30s as a woman can be one of the greatest chapters of your life. 

Your 30s are just the new and improved 20s. By now, you’ve probably cemented a career, found some stability, and learned from your carefree youth. 

Now that you’ve got the basics figured out, maybe you’d like to find a partner that you’d like to share your life with!

However before you begin this exciting chapter, there are some things you should know about it first. 

Dating in Your 30s as a Woman: 5 Things to Consider

The topic of marriage and kids will come up quick

Dating in your 30s as a woman may mean that the baby topic is one you can’t afford to dance around. 

This might be your peak time to think about starting a family so before you dive into the dating world, think about whether this is something might you want.

Each lifestyle has its own perks and neither one is superior. Forget what society expects of you and choose the path that makes you happy. 

If you’re worried about getting invested in someone only to realize a couple of dates in that they’ve different lifestyle aspirations to you, save your breath and start dating online. Most dating websites have advanced algorithms that will only match you with like-minded individuals who’ve got the same lifestyle goals as you.

That’s why one of our top tips for women who’re finding love online is to create their profile properly. 

You’re probably over your family interfering

If you’ve heard a comment like “I don’t know why you’re single, you’re such a catch!” from your family, you’re probably used to dating in your 30s as a woman.

Family can be a wonderful source of support, but sometimes, their comments can feel overwhelming. Our advice? Don’t let the opinions of others get you down.

If you feel like sharing details about your romantic escapades with your family will only bring you upset, don’t share any details with them. Your love life is your business. 

But if you want to let them know you’re searching for love, then fill them in. Who knows, maybe they’d like to set you up on a blind date.

Your confidence is better than ever

When you’re dating in your 30s as a woman, you’re fully aware of who you are and what you’ve got to offer.

Gone are the days of waiting for immature boys to call you back or of playing dramatic games with ill-matched suitors.

You’re now an established woman.  You’ve got more clarity about what’s right for you than you did in your 20s. 

Instead of choosing to people please a man who lets you down, feel empowered by who you are and what you like!

Don’t waste time with men who’re below your standards simply because you’re lonely. Instead, show them the door and dedicate time to self-love

There may be some baggage along the way

While having high standards is important, you may find that what you consider a relationship dealbreaker has changed. Things that constituted a break up in your 20s may not feel like as big a deal now that you’re in your 30s.

For example, remember the guy you broke up with over his poor music taste? Or the one you rejected because of their snoring? Back in your 20s, you might have considered these to be defining characteristics of a suitor, but the truth is they’re not.

These days, you realize that everyone has their own baggage, even you. A lot of the men you date may have children or be divorced, and that’s ok. 

It might be hard to let someone else in

If you’ve been single for a while, you’ve likely established a great single-person routine. You have a mental inventory of what’s in your fridge, and don’t have to choose a side of the bed. 

While these things can be considered individual wins, they’re things that’ll need to change once you begin a relationship. Having a partner around may disrupt your flow, and that can take some getting used to!

Our advice? Only pursue matches that treat you well and make you smile. That way, maybe having to make space for an extra toothbrush won’t feel so intrusive.

Dating in your 30s as a woman can feel daunting, but it can also feel exciting. You’re finally at a place in life where you’re in control.

Deciding that you want to share the life you’ve created for yourself thus far should feel good, great even, and the person you invite to share it with you? Well, they should be even better.

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