The dating advent calendar: 24 tips to keep your love life merry and bright

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The build up to Christmas can feel like an odd time to be online dating: you’re busy with festive errands and so much of the holiday season seems to be designed with established couples in mind. But don’t lose heart! We’re here to help with our specially designed Dating Advent Calendar.

With 24 tips for finding love and spreading joy during the build-up to Christmas, our Dating Advent Calendar is the perfect tool to help you have a rocking, romantic December. By following a new tip each day, not only will you feel your spirits lift, you’ll be giving yourself a head start on meeting someone amazing in 2019.

1st December: Wear a conversation-starting Christmas sweater
It’s finally December so you’re officially allowed to wear your coziest Christmas sweaters! Try wearing your silliest one to spark talk and spread smiles (after all, laughter is attractive!)

2nd December: Spread the love and send a holiday card
For day two, sort out your holiday card list. Not only will you be getting it ticked off before the last post day on the 19th, you’ll be spreading joy and love: a sure way to lift the spirits.

3rd December: It’s not too late to make Christmas cookies
Christmas cookies are always well received. Start the month with some festive baking to get you in the Christmas spirit!

4th December: Get a new haircut to be ready for the party season
If wishes seem too impractical, do something more pragmatic and treat yourself to a new haircut. It will have you feeling a million dollars once the party season starts in earnest.

5th December: Decorate your Christmas tree however you want
One of the perks of being single at Christmas is that you get to have the last word on how you decorate for the holidays. Buy a Christmas tree and have fun dressing it up in your style.

6th December: Ask a friend to help you improve your dating profile over mulled wine
New to online dating? It can be tricky to know what to write in your profile. It helps to get a trusted friend’s advice: just be sure to repay them by sharing holiday-friendly mulled wine!

7th December: Go shopping and treat yourself to a new holiday outfit
When you’re doing your gift shopping, be sure to treat yourself too! A new holiday outfit is the ideal buy: every time you wear it you’ll feel festive, confident, and ready to find love.

8th December: Invite your friends and family to your own Christmas party
Don’t sit at home waiting for a party! Invite friends and family over and bring the party to you. Extra practicality points if you encourage your friends to bring their single friends.

9th December: Ask a friend to take nice pictures of you for your dating profile
You sorted your written profile on the 6th. Add the finishing visual touches by getting a friend to help you take new profile photos (don’t forget to show off that new haircut and outfit!)

10th December: Do something kind and share the holiday joy
Motivational speaker Brian Tracy says “Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.” Remind yourself that love is all around us by helping someone in need. Head to for some ideas on how to help.

11th December: Bring some festive baking to the office
Don’t forget to spread some joy closer to home. Try bringing some festive baking to the office and sharing it around: it’ll banish those winter Monday blues and leave you feeling warm.

12th December: Organize a white elephant gift night with your friends
Keep up that giving mood by organizing a white elephant gift night. For those new to the game, every guest brings a wrapped gift and you take it in turns to choose a random present from the pile and have the option of switching gifts so everyone goes home with something nice!

13th December: Give yourself a gift: book a fun trip away
You’re halfway to Christmas! Celebrate by giving yourself a gift – book yourself a nice trip away. You don’t need a date to have a great vacation!

14th December: Go to your work holiday party and try to talk to someone new
When you’re online dating, it helps to be proactive – e.g. by sending a first message. Practice breaking the ice with new people by being extra sociable at your work holiday party.

15th December: Make a list (check it twice!) of what you want for a future relationship
Being proactive is easier when you know what it is you’re trying to find. Try setting a night aside to make a list clarifying all the things you do and don’t want in a ideal partner.

16th December: Be brave – ask a dating site match on a festive date
Time to put last night’s list into practice! Use it to analyze your matches and decide who you would most like to meet in person, then be brave and ask him/her on a real, festive date!

17th December: Treat yourself with a massage or spa for a relaxed start to the new year!
When you’re dating and counting down to 2019, stress can creep up. Be sure to look after yourself: book a massage or spa so that you’re relaxed and ready to ace the New Year.

18th December: Go to Christmas Lights Across Canada (and smile at one new person)
A benefit to holiday dating is that, often, people are feeling extra cheerful. Make the most of the cheery atmosphere by heading to a winter festival and trying to meet someone new.

19th December: Get into the mood for love by listening to “All I Want For Christmas is You!”
Keep up the cheerful, love-positive feelings by singing along to some romantic Christmas tunes. Don’t know where to start? Try our specially created Spotify® playlist: from Mariah Carey to Smokey Robinson to The Waitresses, these songs put romance back into the holidays.

20th December: Plan a cozy date night to watch a Christmas movie
Music is not the only romantic medium! Even Christmas movies can have great lessons about love. Plan a date night to snuggle up and watch a festive film: it’s a great way to feel cozy.

21st December: Spread Christmas cheer. Call a person you miss and tell them you love them
Expand that cozy, warm, joy-to-the-world feeling by calling a loved one. By letting them know that they are missed and adored, they’ll know how much they mean to you.

22nd December: Have a Christmas wrapping party with your single friends
Finish off your gift wrapping and have a fun night in with your single friends by inviting them over for a wrapping party. It’s the perfect time to pool your best dating tips for 2019!

23rd December: Dating season peaks at the end of December. Start polishing your profile to find love for the new year!
The end of December is the busiest time of the year on EliteSingles. Make sure that you’re in the ideal position to make the most of it by putting the final polish on your dating profile.

24th December: Surround yourself with all your favorite people and know that you are loved

Love, in all its forms, is worth celebrating. This holiday season, the most important thing you can do is to spend time with the people that matter to you; the ones who adore you right back. By surrounding yourself with such genuine affection you’ll remind yourself that you are deeply loved by many. It’s an ideal way to give yourself a boost for finding new love in the new year.

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